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  1. I can pretty much guarantee something epic will happen this winter (whether it be torch or winter storms). It's 2020, the year of insanity. But I agree, let's take this shi* pattern during the period we hardly ever get winter weather outside the mountains. It can only get better from here. The GFS in the past day or two has relaxed off it's torch the entire run.
  2. I updated with High Res NAM, and it's about the same. With the way 2020 has been, and the fact it's on all the models I've seen, I'd say its the real deal.
  3. 68 right over MBY, going to be a fun morning High Res NAM very similar
  4. I woke up to a tropical storm warning on my weather radio, I thought they made a mistake. This hurricane season is an odd one, to say the least.
  5. Some fantasy stuff showing up within 10 days
  6. With the winds 175+ just above the surface, it wouldn't take much.
  7. I'm surprised Reed isn't on a moped
  8. I love storm chasing, but when it comes to Laura, I'm good. Wind doesn't scare me, storm surge and drowning does.
  9. I've never heard a sound quite like that in my life.
  10. That whistling of the wind where Jim Cantore is at is creepy!
  11. Actually I think that was the same cow
  12. Winds over 170mph ~ 1000ft off surface
  13. I'm hoping the track at least keeps the storm landfalls a couple hundred miles apart. Imagine the rainfall totals with two storms in the same area.