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  1. MBY October 30th
  2. After last weeks swamp weather, anything else is preferable.
  3. Fantasy range is finally showing our old friend, the 540 line!
  4. Nate is prepping us for winter, since the Low is pretty much an apps runner
  5. 12z is starting to show a dry slot in the upstate... Stop me if you've heard this before
  6. Fantasy cold/wedge
  7. And then people will be pissed cause it didn't hit their back yard.
  8. Warm in the east and cool in the west is the official weather pattern of the continental US.
  9. If the HP over the Atlantic keeps trending further west, I don't see how either storm could go OTS.
  10. Ya, you can easily get whiplash on this forum.
  11. Maria will have to ride the coast or hit land, that HP over the Atlantic keeps trending a tad west each run. As always, still a lot to be determined.
  12. 0z Canadian landfalls Maria @ 198 into SC, again.
  13. Southeast is spared on the 0z GFS, but I see no reason why it won't adjust more to the west. No big ole High Pressure like we had with Irma. @ 156, there's a 1021 over Northern PA, but it's retreating.