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  1. With the winds 175+ just above the surface, it wouldn't take much.
  2. I'm surprised Reed isn't on a moped
  3. I love storm chasing, but when it comes to Laura, I'm good. Wind doesn't scare me, storm surge and drowning does.
  4. I've never heard a sound quite like that in my life.
  5. That whistling of the wind where Jim Cantore is at is creepy!
  6. Actually I think that was the same cow
  7. Winds over 170mph ~ 1000ft off surface
  8. I'm hoping the track at least keeps the storm landfalls a couple hundred miles apart. Imagine the rainfall totals with two storms in the same area.
  9. GFS has both storms hitting Louisiana 3 days apart. Scary, but amazing, that 2 hurricanes could potentially landfall in the same area in the same week.
  10. Felt two quakes, first baby one ~ 2am, then the good one around 8am. All the ceiling fans and light fixtures were swinging. I was half asleep, felt like one of those old vibrating beds in a motel room for a sec No rain IMBY today, stormed all around me tho 83/71
  11. With the way 2020 has been, I expect plenty of tropical trouble. The environment is favorable, too.
  12. 71/67 and Thunderstorms. My area seems to be stuck in a conga line of storms
  13. 6z NAM is even cooler... Our area would be the coolest place east of the Mississippi, Eastern Canada included. A 1031 High over New York State and a Low off the coast, would be great, in January
  14. 0z NAM cooler than 18z, where were these anomalies in January