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  1. To anyone still tracking Friday's storm...
  2. FWIW, the High Res NAM is a lot further NW than regular NAM
  3. How I feel tracking two decent hits in less than a week
  4. As usual, the precipitation battle lines will be drawn, and we won't know them until it's nowcasting time The warm nose loves us so much, it'll make an appearance.
  5. Euro bringing the love for Friday! Looks like a fresh 6+ inches for I-85 corridor. Raleigh gets a foot.
  6. And fantasy range has a storm coming the next week. 3 storms in 3 weeks, Maybe we can go for the triple crown!
  7. See yall back next week, same time same channel
  8. Some nice 24 hr totals on the gfs Some of it will be mixed around and east of 95, verbatim
  9. Looks like front end snow for you and then a sleet fest. As for MBY, it’s a freezing rain storm. Ready for some power outages.
  10. I will once I put the ice melt on the driveway.
  11. Miller time? You probably don’t even want to hear the word miller
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