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  1. 18z GFS totals really went up for the NC Piedmont. MBY is showing 8.5 inches QPF thru Friday on both GFS and Euro. NWS GSP Rainfall map, thru 5/21
  2. If we get another North jump from the NAM neither will I.
  3. I see Upstate Flurry from Simpsonville, is that you?
  4. Love the trends today... looking good for us NC folks
  5. Bless you for trying to keep the discussion thread informative... I'm going to sit back and watch the fun. If you need booze, I can make a liquor store run.
  6. I think I'm ready to call this "winter". End the misery.
  7. 0z has a nice little storm for the NC Coast.
  8. Maybe for us folks east of the mountains, our old buddy Lee can give us some enhancement.
  9. We're 210 hours away... Feels like a milestone this winter On the Canadian, SAME TIME
  10. 0z Euro has pretty healthy rainfall totals.
  11. I would hold off... NAM has a tendency to go crazy on Precip.
  12. 0z NAM is really going gang busters on the rain totals! All of that east of the mountains, in NC and SC, falls within a 24 hour period.
  13. And this is what happens when we recover the ball
  14. At least this fantasy storm is at hour 240
  15. It means no one cares about your backyard
  16. FWIW, Canadian still looking good for NC folks
  17. The Canadian trying to toss us a bone.