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  1. Other than Tuesday, it's way above normal, even into fantasy range
  2. Anyone looking at the 18z GFS might need to put some welding goggles on first.
  3. Start the thread... Just trend a little colder
  4. Exactly. When I go all in, excluding banter thread, I usually feel pretty good about a storm.
  5. The last one I started was "The Big one" from probably 2013 or 2014, which did well for a good chunk of us. I actually feel good about this one (knock on wood). If it's still showing early next week then I'll start the thread. I rarely start threads, but I will spread the love for an end of season blockbuster.
  6. 38/26, NE Wind ~ 5mph, mostly cloudy now
  7. 39/25, North wind picking up to around 10mph. clouds coming in!
  8. I thought I was out of the woods, but the trend is putting me in the cross hairs now. Going to get some fuel for the generator, just in case.
  9. This is our storm in NC this time, no more getting the football pulled out from under us!!!
  10. I see why GSP issued the Watches as far south as they did, with these trends.
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