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  1. 6z NAM was about the same as 0z. Current Winter Weather Advisories from GSP weather advisory
  2. FWIW, 0z NAM bringing in precip earlier.
  3. These images from the 18z GFS literally made me LOL
  4. 0z Canadian a little lower on QPF, but temps pretty much the same as 12z.
  5. 0z GFS dewpoints look cooler by a few degrees in CAD areas compared to 18z
  6. Canadian holds serve, in fact, it's a little colder than 12z.
  7. Gotta mention the chance plus cover your ass, but as we know, cold rain usually reigns supreme
  8. 18z GFS brings in some frozen precip the morning of 12/13 for the CAD areas, but temps go above freezing pretty quick.
  9. 6z GFS went all in Hour 222 has a 1050 Banana High
  10. As long as we get there I don't mind if we take the scenic route or not.
  11. If euro calls a major winter storm in the Southeast 9 days out I'm like...
  12. Well... at this point, this is how I feel about winter
  13. Looks about average for MBY. I always hold the rain/snow front lines, being north of 85. Somehow, I pull a rabbit out of my ass every year and get 8-10.