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  1. A 1993 repeat for our area would be nice. Leave off the severe part and tornado. Nobody want's the severe storms.
  2. How many days out does the run go?
  3. Any chance that moisture make it our way? We could use it.
  4. We can definitely get cold ,and big time snow in late February and March too
  5. Noticed SOI Index dropped to -40.11.
  6. I did not realize 2014 was a Nino winter. That was a good winter for cold and snow.
  7. Is Still JB still using March 1960 antalog? I've looked at stories on that winter of 1959 and 1960 and Dec,and Jan were above normal temperatures. February started out somewhat mild before turning very cold. I wouldn't mind a little March 1960 return this year.
  8. Last time I remember one it was April 3rd 1994. Snowed all day. Had 2-3 inches but just in grass and trees. Roads were fine. Only reason I remember was it was my dads burthday.
  9. Wouldn't at all be surprised to see fruit trees bud out then a killing frost.
  10. Anyone wanting to see who's getting snow look at Telluride live web cam.
  11. Well temperatures have dropped over 20 degrees. Bad news it's still In the upper 50's
  12. A world of difference between today and 4 years ago. 2014 on this day and the next day one of the best storms ever.
  13. I know im probably grasping at straws but February 1993 was warm like this. Then the March 12th 13th storm. Everything came in at the right time for that one. Would like to see a repeat.
  14. Big frosty weather related. What has happened today with the models? Thursday they was showing - AO and +PNA and of course strong phase 8. Models were showing cold eastern trough and west ridge not nothing.
  15. Yeah I'm getting a Thunderstorm too up my way on Haystack Road. My German Sheppard is scared to death of storms. We put him in basement