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  1. Well the forecast high is a bust here today. Was supposed to be 71 degeees but we’re are 58 at 3:45.
  2. To be fair he’s not alone. A lot of meteorologist were forecasting a block buster winter. The west sure has done well and continues to. Just epic for them. Definitely let’s you know man is not in control of weather. Only the Lord above knows what’s in our future.
  3. From what I’ve heard the cold front goes through first then the moisture. Kinda backwards if you ask me.
  4. I’d take this in a heartbeat and be good with January. Have to say when I heard the winter forecast I was expecting some measurable snow in January. Kind of disappointed on this month. Weve had cold enough temps and plenty of moisture. I still have a good feeling about February.
  5. Now if this was a snow storm map for us everyone would call this a clown map. So why is this not a clown map. It’s 10 days out. How many maps shown on this site have stayed the same as forecasted 10 days out? I’d say very few if any. Just because the GFS and Euro showed a warm up this am doesn’t guarantee it will happen. Just like when those models shows a snowstorm for us and then backs off.
  6. I’m just saying it can still happen. Remember February 12/13 2014 storm? I had giving up on getting anything before that storm. We would up with 14. Frosty who is in Surry County as well got 21in. I hope everyone in then SE gets snowed in before winter is done.
  7. Wehas a mild February last year and a cold March. 3 tines iit snowed in March last winter. Last one was over 4 in. The first 2 were just a dusting. Oh and the last one was on the 24th of March.
  8. I still believe we will get cold and snow in February. That’s usually our best month for snow anyway.
  9. We’ve had colds temperatures but can’t seem to get the moisture here at the same time. Not yet anyway.
  10. He said there would be a warm up back in December and then mid to late January winter would come
  11. Did you see JB Saturday summary? He optimistic about cold and southern track setting up.
  12. A meteorologist I’m subscribed too today said there could be thunder snow with this too.
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