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    Hurricanes and blizzards are my primary interests relative to a specific atmospheric phenomenon. Tropical meteorology was, and has been, my focus since my first hurricane experience at the impressionable age of 14. It was this fateful encounter that led me to pursue a degree in atmospheric sciences. While in college, I was most fortunate to have interned at the NHC (by way of a student internship) with the late Bob Case as a mentor. Although I no longer work in the meterological field professionally, I still enjoy helping others by sharing the knowledge others have so generously given me. Thus, one is most likely to see the vast majority of my posts being centered on tropical meterology.

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  1. Mid-Atlantic "March" & "Spring" Snowfall Data (1884-2018):

    Here's a screenshot of a post provided by Donsutherland1 to my request for these lists, if he already had them. Excellent work, he did, putting it together!
  2. NYC/NNJ/CNJ/LI "MARCH" & "SPRING" Snowfall Data (1869-2018)

    Thanks so much! Saw you posted the top 10 April snow storms for Baltimore in another thread from the 5th, onward. Can you please post the top 10 for that city for the entire month, in the mid-atlantic climatilogical thread, if not too much trouble?
  3. NYC/NNJ/CNJ/LI "MARCH" & "SPRING" Snowfall Data (1869-2018)

    Awesome! Thanks, Don!! I can only find snowfall data back to 1931 for Newark. May I ask where you were able to get it further back?
  4. Mid-Atlantic "March" & "Spring" Snowfall Data (1884-2018):

    TOP 10 "SPRING" SNOW STORMS FOR WASHINGTON, DC (1884-2018): 1) 3/27-28/1891 = 12.0" (6.0" on 27th & 28th) 2) 3/29-29/1942 = 11.5" 3) 3/21-22/1943 = 6.0" (4.0" on 21st) 4) 3/30-31/1964 = 5.8" 5) 4/01-01/1924 = 5.5" 6) 3/21-21/1924 = 5.3" 7) 3/21-21/2018 = 4.1" 8) 4/06-06/1889 = 4.0" 9) 3/22-22/1914 = 3.8" 10) 4/03-03/1915 = 3.5" Note: For events that lasted more than one day, but didn't produce measurable snowfall on a second day, only the day with accumulating snowfall is listed. Additionally, there were a total of 20 separate storms delivering >/= 1" of snow. 14 of which brought 2" or greater to the city. April: Only 8 individual storms produced accumulations of 1" or more, in the month of April. Total of 15 respective storms delivered 0.5" or more.
  5. Purpose of thread is to provide an easily obtained resource to historical snowfall data. In particular, this thread will focus on climatilogical data for various official observational sites throughout the Mid-atlantic region of the U.S. This will be an ongoing endeavor that I'll continuously update, as time permits. That aside, please feel free to share any relevant data or observations, here, as well.
  6. NYC/NNJ/CNJ/LI "MARCH" & "SPRING" Snowfall Data (1869-2018)

    Don, Uncle, CP, or any others: Was/am planning on gathering a list of top 10 "Spring" events and "April" storms for both Newark and Islip. Before I do so, wanted to ask if anyone has already done this research? If so, please consider posting it here, in the thread. TIA
  7. NYC/NNJ/CNJ/LI "MARCH" & "SPRING" Snowfall Data (1869-2018)

    Likewise, I can most certainly understand that legitimate perspective, as well. Upon further reflection, may revise list inclusive of the totals on 3/20/58. So happy for you, and the others in this subforum, who got to experience a top 10 April event, this morning. My wife was in NYC and took a couple pics and video for me; although she hated it (says it was very wet and slushy at Chealsea Market)!
  8. NYC/NNJ/CNJ/LI "MARCH" & "SPRING" Snowfall Data (1869-2018)

    Thanks for posting those, Uncle. That's the same ones I had compiled, last night, but didn't post the full list of April exclusive events. Moreover, I stopped at events of >/= 3". Greatly appreciate the work you, Don, and CP each put into such research. It's very time-consuming, as we all know. Thanks again! Edit: just noticed a minor omission. The 1875 storm accumulated the 10" total over 2 days (13-14).
  9. NYC/NNJ/CNJ/LI "MARCH" & "SPRING" Snowfall Data (1869-2018)

    Hi Don! I didn't include the 4.7" that was recorded on the 20th...since the equinox didn't begin until after 10 pm (less than 2 hours accumulation of the entire days total would count toward Spring). Unless we can determine how much fell between 10 pm and midnight, It's arguably more accurate to exclude the totals on the 20th...rather than include them...as it's unlikely more than 2" (of the 4.7") fell in those 2 hours. That's why I put the disclaimer as to all events have a 3/21 start date to be considered a "Spring" event. Unfortunately, it's not completely accurate, either way. Edit: link for Spring Equinox start times in NYC. https://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/seasons.html?year=1950
  10. NYC/NNJ/CNJ/LI "MARCH" & "SPRING" Snowfall Data (1869-2018)

    You're right! Thanks for the info/catch. Overlooked it when transferring written notes to the thread.
  11. NYC/NNJ/CNJ/LI "MARCH" & "SPRING" Snowfall Data (1869-2018)

    Hi CP! Struggled with whether to include the 20th for the 1958 storm. However, the equinox didn't begin until 10:05 pm EDT on 3/20...so I decided to use just the totals on 3/21...as I'm not sure how much snow accumulated in the 2 hours on 3/20. Obviously, more than just the 7.1" on the 21st. As for April events of >/= 4"...I counted 1875, 1915, 1917, 1924, 1938, 1944, 1956, 1982, and 2003.
  12. NYC/NNJ/CNJ/LI "MARCH" & "SPRING" Snowfall Data (1869-2018)

    TOP 10 "SPRING" SNOW STORMS FOR NYC, NY (1869-2018): 1) 4/03-04/1915 = 10.2" (10.0" on 3rd) 2) 4/13-14/1875 = 10.0" (8.7" on 13th) 3) 3/21-22/1967 = 9.8" (9.0" on 22nd) 4) 4/06-06/1982 = 9.6" 5) 4/01-01/1924 = 8.5" 6) 3/21-22/2018 = 8.4" (8.2" on 21st) 7) 3/21-21/1958 = 7.1" 8) 4/08-09/1917 = 6.5" (6.4" on 9th) 9) 4/05-05/1944 = 6.5" 10) 4/06-07/1938 = 6.4" Note: The start times of the Spring Equinox varies year to year, but generally occurs either late on 3/20 or early on 3/21. For this list, simply used data beginning on 3/21. Additionally, there were a total of 20 separate storms delivering >/= 4". 13 of which brought 5" or greater to Central Park. April: Only 10 individual storms produced accumulations of 4" or more, in the month of April. Edited to include an additional storm I overlooked.
  13. April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Hi Paragon, JFK officially recorded 0.2" on 4/9/82. Not 1", but measurable snowfall, nonetheless.
  14. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Agree, wholeheartedly. Thinking 2-4 is still a good educated guess, at this point. Just need those higher rates moving into the city. Was there at Central Park for the last event, and can appreciate the sentiment and frustration regarding official measurements at the park.
  15. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Instead of myself covering this event, my wife is in NYC (Chelsea Market area) on a business trip, ironically. She will be up at 7 am and walking a mile to a class by 9 am. When we said "goodnight", I asked her to take a couple pics, and to expect around 3" of snow...give or take an inch. Fully expect higher totals outside the metro areas. Edit: While I wish I was there (love the relatively rare events), she is hating the idea of snow/cold in April.