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  1. Don’t want to monopolize the thread, but do want to personally thank all of you for the thoughtful posts regarding the video. Since I’ve yet to do so, I wish to convey my genuine appreciation for the kind words offered by both Kamu and Birds, as well! I will continue to monitor this thread...while rooting for all of you to get some additional snow this season.
  2. Hi Wentz! My wife’s parents live in Lancaster, I drove there through the night of January 31, into the morning of February 1. Took a quick nap and left their house around 1230 pm, driving through Reading and on into Allentown. From there, I was just watching the radar to see where I felt the CCB was going to pivot...which led me to Easton. You definitely picked a great location! I recall the PNS listing a 35.1” total for Mt. Arlington, NJ (which would apparently be a record for the state)...which is less than 5 miles to the NW of Dover. If accurate, it’s likely you also saw totals upwards of 30”, if not possibly a little more?
  3. Thank you very much for the kind words! It took me about an hour. I had slide way off the interstate. I deserved it since I was driving too fast for those conditions, foolishly.
  4. Hi everyone in this excellent sub forum! I enjoyed the discussion here during my recent chase event in the area. Finally put together a relatively short video summarization of that historic event; link provided below. Based on all the information I could find, it appears that the 36.1” measurement obtained in Nazareth correlates to the largest single storm total ever recorded in the Lehigh Valley.
  5. I would highly recommend those interested attend those spotter training classes. They've been around a very long time and are a huge asset to the various NWS offices. Not to be confrontational, unintentionally with anyone, getting a spotter certification doesn't automatically correspond to accurate measurements being that I've often seen spurious totals being sent to the I'm sure many of you, too, have noticed. My guess is the human tendency for a few to exaggerate those amounts.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to post that info. For the record, I'm very familiar with how the measurements are taken as well as what's involved in being designated a "trained spotter." I used to work at the NWS myself way back in the mid '90's. Let me clarify, my own personal opinion that it's highly likely ABE received more than the official 27.3" amount is based primarily on my own observation of the snowfall rates and accumulations that occurred in Easton...while seeing similar returns on radar at ABE throughout Tuesday (2/2/21). Consequently, I can't conceptualize how ABE could've legitimately only received a total of 0.4" from midnight on 2/2/21 through 9 am on 2/3/21...despite a total of 23 "light snow" hourly obs during that time period. All that aside, I want to convey my appreciation for the excellent job you and your office did during this particular event!
  7. Just measured the current snowpack again this evening. Ironically, there is only a 1.5" reduction (1/2 of what we lost during the preceding day) despite highs above 40 and sunny skies this afternoon! Sitting at an average of 21.7" in the vicinity of my hotel here at the Nazareth/Easton border.
  8. Absolutely, I definitely think that the "trained spotter" was way too high when he/she made that measurement! Seriously, I don't see how there was a 10" difference between that ob and all the others in that specific county. Also, don't believe the 36.1" report from Nazareth, either. On the other hand, I think the official measurement at ABE is missing a couple of inches in their 27.3" total.
  9. Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment! I feel the exact same way about the unexpected misfortune with my truck. One, it can/could always be worse and second, I was able to still document an historic storm before my truck's transmission had given out.
  10. Based on the aforementioned, it's conceivable this specific location may have had a storm total snowfall somewhere in the 30 to 32" range, but still don't believe Nazareth got more than 3'.
  11. Ok, I just spent the last two hours walking a one mile perimeter around the general vicinity of the hotel. The depths varied greatly from a low of only 17.3" on up to a high mark of 24.7"! These measurements were taken in completely open and exposed areas well away from buildings and roadways. The vast majority of readings were between 22.3" & 24.4". In all, I took 18 different measurements. Discarding the highest and lowest (considering such significant drifting occurred here), I get an average current snow depth of 23.2". Based on the visual observations from more than 30 hours ago, late Tuesday night, I'm going to estimate we lost roughly 3 to 4" in pack during that time. So, the peak snow depth could've been as high as 26-27" late Tuesday night IF the peak didn't actually occur prior to that time (maybe 12 hours earlier on Tuesday AM). Lastly, I want to genuinely thank you for inspiring me to do a very extensive and thorough measurement process rather than simply relying on that singular reading I made a few hours ago...which was an inaccurate representation of what actually remains on the ground, here!
  12. We had light rain here for about 4 hours (1130-330) before precip finally ended. That and temps above freezing most of the day here really did a number on the pack. As I noted previously, I don't buy those 3' reports...but certainly believe this area exceeded 30" totals, without any doubts; of course, snow pack would be significantly below that over a 3 day storm. To your point, that does seem way too low. Consequently, I'm going to measure again up the road in a neighborhood as opposed to what I measured here at the hotel. Edit: Important to note that I didn't measure the snow pack last night, but the difference relative to 24 hours ago is very substantial.
  13. USnowpack update from Nazareth/Easton, PA line: After temps above freezing, light rain, and further compaction, the snow depth is down to 17.5". Big reduction from 24 hours ago! Edit: Please see my second post below for an accurate measurement. This wasn't!
  14. Was/are thinking the exact same thing, it appears! Seems a virtual impossibility than KABE isn't up to at least 29".
  15. Anyone know why KABE continues to record no additional accumulation on the PNS despite light snow during the majority of obs listed, since? Did they just go home and said, "screw this!"?