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  1. Mostly sleet now, with some snow mixed in. Ground turning white...
  2. Quarter-sized flakes here now, very little rain in it.
  3. Snow (half-melted flakes) beginning to mix in with the rain here.
  4. Nothing falling here, 10 miles south of Winston-Salem NC, though clouds are getting thick.
  5. Mostly snow now, huge flakes. They're the size of half-dollars.
  6. Big flakes mixing in with the rain now.
  7. Raining here, but half-melted snow flakes mixing in now. I'm 10 mi. south of Winston-Salem NC.
  8. Light snow started here about 10 minutes ago (10 mi south of Winston-Salem, NC).
  9. Sleet mixed with snow started here, 10 miles south of Winston-Salem NC.
  10. Moderate snow here, 31 degrees. Sticking to trees and ground. Starting to accumulate... Correction - 34 degrees.
  11. Light snow just started here (10 mi. south of Winston-Salem NC) , with temp at 41. No rain or sleet before it started.
  12. I saw something during the snow that was even more unusual than an April snow in NC. I work at a college and I saw a maintenance person mowing the grass during the time of the heaviest snowfall. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that - certainly it would've made the front of the local newspaper !!!
  13. The ground is turning white here, and it has picked up. The snow is covering windshields - wild for April in NC !!!