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  1. Light snow started here about 10 minutes ago (10 mi south of Winston-Salem, NC).
  2. Sleet mixed with snow started here, 10 miles south of Winston-Salem NC.
  3. Moderate snow here, 31 degrees. Sticking to trees and ground. Starting to accumulate... Correction - 34 degrees.
  4. Light snow just started here (10 mi. south of Winston-Salem NC) , with temp at 41. No rain or sleet before it started.
  5. I saw something during the snow that was even more unusual than an April snow in NC. I work at a college and I saw a maintenance person mowing the grass during the time of the heaviest snowfall. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that - certainly it would've made the front of the local newspaper !!!
  6. The ground is turning white here, and it has picked up. The snow is covering windshields - wild for April in NC !!!
  7. I'd like to see an in-depth analysis of how the various models did in the lead-up to this event. It could be helpful in anticipating the next storm this winter - hopefully many more snow storms!
  8. As the storm pivots, and we get on the backside of it, does the HRRR indicate it'll turn back to all snow (although light) for the Piedmont of NC?
  9. Rates have increased; turned back to snow. Whew!
  10. For the Winston-Salem / G'boro people: Sleeting here now, not a lot of snow mixed in. I hope it doesn't reach up to you! Is this the warm nose pushing through, or is the CAD eroding? Edit: I hoping it's just that the rates have dropped and it'll switch back to snow...
  11. Yep, it's headed your way! Very heavy snow here now. Huge flakes, low visibility.
  12. Well, for the first time in my life, I'm seeing light snow falling in April - incredible!