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  1. Snowing great in uptown Charlotte! Maybe a couple inches on the ground.
  2. No one has whines as hard as you on these boards. You will get snow. It may not be as much as some models had but the triangle is going to get over an inch to several inches which is a win anytime.
  3. Here is hoping Charlotte can score decently with this setup with atleast a few inches
  4. Getting some insane winds keeping me up. Easily gusts over 50mph with white out conditions which is very loud blowing all the snow around. Waiting for a tree to come down
  5. Black Mountain a little higher up has been getting quarter sized flakes for well over an hour now. No evidence of the few times I have been outside as it all had been covered. completely dumping right now
  6. In Black Mountain it’s been dumping quarter sized flakes for well over an hour now
  7. Got some flurries in Black Mountain but temps are still much to high in the mid 30s
  8. Still about 12-13 hours to real go time but it’s getting there.
  9. The Charlotte area is going to be hit really bad by ice. There could be a few hundred thousand without power if it verifies. Most of the older neighborhoods of the city close to the urban core are extremely tree filled and it won’t take many of them to cause a large disruption for days. im going to ride this one out in Black Mountain near Asheville where I can enjoy a all essentially all snow event and not deal with ice and power loss.
  10. Riding this one out in Black Mountain. Feeling good that it will be atleast a foot when it is all said and done! NWS is saying 10-17.
  11. If that holds up that looks catastrophic to Charlotte
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