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  1. I actually saw snow 0x this year in Charlotte proper. Last year was the same. Funny how much difference a 30 minute drive can make.
  2. Going to be more 35 degree rain for Charlotte it looks like
  3. Models in agreement that there is lots of (relatively) cold rain coming
  4. My older neighborhood in Charlotte is surrounded by massive pine with willow oak trees all around with atleast 20 50+ foot trees surrounding my property and backyard (with powerlines running through a line of trees) . A ice storm would absolutely devastate the area. All the established neighborhoods of Charlotte are very tree heavy. I remember the terrible ice storm years bac in 2014 when I lived in High Point NC that knocked out power for 4+ days to most of the city.
  5. I wouldn't be overly bullish about this. The chance of marginal temps making this a potential bust is pretty high.
  6. Even half this storm would paralyze the south (ala Blizzard of 1993). Here in NC they atleast have plows but Georgia has almost none.
  7. "In the contiguous U.S. the highest barometric reading is 1064 millibars which was measured at Miles City, Montana, on December 24, 1983" So not impossile but extremely unlikely
  8. Already have lift tickets for Beech Mountain on Sunday. Really hoping for mostly all snow event at that elevation (4500+) as that sleet / frozen rain / ice is not fun. Drive up there will certainly be interesting as will hit different types of precip if these models verify.
  9. Its a shame Charlotte looks to be to be totally out of this. Since I moved from Greensboro had to watch Greensboro cash in while Charlotte keeps missing out.
  10. Can i cash out now here in Charlotte
  11. Looking at radar there is light snow just west and north of the lake so should eventually start snowing there soon. Too warm to really do much.