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  1. Durmite

    Hurricane Florence

    Heyyyy.... I resemble that remark!!
  2. Durmite

    Hurricane Florence

    With this latest advisory, would that mean damaging winds for the Raleigh/Durham area or are we still mostly talking extreme rainfall?
  3. Durmite

    March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    All snow in huge flakes in west Durham. Roads are just wet but ground is beginning to turn white.
  4. Durmite

    March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    Wet snow starting to come down in west Durham.
  5. Durmite

    March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    Rain only in western Durham off MLK.
  6. Durmite

    1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    I'm in west Durham and just have wet flurries with nothing sticking.
  7. Durmite

    Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    I don't wanna spoil any surprises but Durham is a lot like rain right now.
  8. Durmite

    Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Most of Durham roads appear to have been treated already.