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  1. Webber posted this today other board.
  2. And The Euro says: It approves of the GFS message:
  3. Slopes will be open in a few days. Got dusted up pretty good last night and guns are firing.
  4. White Head Mountain was white today. Least thats what the farmer told me it was called. We where north of sparta getting tree early this year, playoff football on the road black Friday. Anyway tops where white and that was a cold wind blowing no doubt.
  5. 10 Thats how many days in a row RDU has been at or below normal. Fact all have been below except yesterday they ended up at normal. If they can squeek out today and tommorrow, theyll have a shot to really pile on and make a run at a nice record of consecutive days at or below normal. At Greensboro we ended up on the plus side yesterday. But had a great run and time to start a new one. Both locales are about -2 for the month and pretty much guranteed a below normal Nov .
  6. Im going to be suprised if we dont see a miller A type storm/Coastal runner pop between Nov 25-Dec 2.
  7. Had flurries early this morning per met on wxxii 11 winston salem, rural hall area. Warner pool of water west coast mexico is gonna give a nino backdrop as opposed to nina. The cold pool is east and its Nina like affects aren't being felt resulting in west coast trough. Something to keep and eye on.
  8. More Fantasy Snow:
  9. I'm all In.
  10. Today will be the 8th day in a row below normal at PTI. Currently sitting in the mid 40s with solid cloud deck at high noon. We are going in the tank starting sunday with the possible exception of 1 day next Tues or Wed. And the GFS just spit out its 1st of many computer synoptic snows for alot of folks outside the mtns for 11/30.
  11. Delayed but not denied as JB would say. Gonna have to kick my hunch toward middle part next week for the 3500 foot club.
  12. Suprisingly GSP is +3 for the month and Asheville +5 prior to today. But up this way we are -1. All due to having more CAD days/hours
  13. Webber posted on other board. I'm still on board with my prediction last week Joe and Met would have white ground next weekend. Via Tomer Burg's website http://www.atmos.albany.edu/student/tburg/, the 500 hPa anomalies in the base of the trough that will be centered over the Lakes this weekend may push into record territory for this time of the year. The lake effect snow in the wake of this trough will be nuts
  14. Greensboro, Triad region will end up below normal for November no doubt in my mind. Question will be by how much. Edit. Just checked and rdu and pti are -1 for the month already, so the 1st week AN has already been washed out. What happens after 4 straight days of -10 to -15 BN.