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  1. The South of the Border Crusher: Actually just misses to the north. Pedro would have been happy in 9 days. Is that place still open??
  2. Anyone got access past hr 120 ukmet? Or is 120 as far out as it goes?
  3. Neighborhood road is almost all the way white. Getting ready to hit 1 inch mark. Still pouring
  4. Getting it pretty good here . The Hrrr spot on, everything is covered, take another 90 to 120 minutes to cover grass blades. Doubt it will last that long. The sleet pre sunset did the trick, helped catch the goose feather flakes.
  5. Youll get sleet 20-30 mins or so (cool column), then 15 min to complete flip. Its coming.
  6. Heavy Snow PTI Now. Last Report from work today.
  7. Switch over is complete here GSO airport. Quater to small cotton ball size flakes
  8. ice just started hitting windows with the wind past 10 mins. Im up at the airport, seeing mod to heavy snow Statesville,MT Airy coming out past 1/2 hour. Edit: sleet becoming more pronounced/visible (melted flake look)
  9. To be honest this has behaved right on que for my location. Im suprised at Mt Airy switching over, struggling. Northern/central NC Mountains are gonna over perform no doubt. Most ,almost all the accums east of the mtns, definitely foothill region was to come from the backside band latter this evening.
  10. The ULL opened up, was modeled to always be a risk at this juncture of hapening. We can thank the confluence getting screwed up in the NE. Should close back off this afternoon and deepen as it exits the coast. Look for things to fire up for a couple hours for mostly everyone. Supose to get a 10-15 mb drop into the 990's.
  11. Just started flaking here at Greensboro Airport. Bone dry ground up here ,nada last night.
  12. King street webcam Check out beech mtn summit cam. Lights on and guns are off. Picturesque 5000 plus feet up.
  13. Seeing alot of stars outside.
  14. Important on the 18z Nam. The 3k only goes out to hr 60. The Nam crawls the LP off the NC Coast and Friday night it snows into Saturday pre dawn across eastern /central NC. Pressure dropping below 1000 into the 990's. So the 3k clowns would be a lot more. Gonna be lot of sleet, but this is going to end happily on the backside Friday night for a ton of folks that arent expecting it as the storm pulls away. Seeing this sign on a lot of models, agreement. Devil is always in the details as usual though.