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  1. Nice job. Wish we had all this technology,wxboards from Jan 2000-March 2004. Those would be awesone to go back and see. Crusher,2002 epic ice storm and the Late Feb 2004 ULL mega dump.
  2. 12z GEFS looks Good for next Th/Friday. Hopefully EPS will continue its stellar 0z look
  3. Both 0Z Gfs back on for next Thurs/Fri
  4. Yea and its cold tonight. Wind chill isnt mia like last night I can assure you. Car feels icy as moisture is starting to spit again in the wind.
  5. Everything is on schedule here. Coated up and heavy bands getting ready to roll through 9-12pm. Then anoyher round in the early morning tommorow.
  6. Ive noticed this alot on models past couple of days. It makes sense,cause the artic air is shallow,why we cant tap east of the blue ridge. But it will no doubt seep all the way to the western escarpment. Has no choice and might dam up high enough. Was very discernable.
  7. Most of the Ice is Friday Deal east of Raleigh area
  8. ROUND 2 FRIDAY KEEPS POPPING UP: Keep an eye out
  9. Watch the wind gust maps. Do the math. Seeing wind gust map , ne winds mid- high 20s. You get.5-.75 and those winds , with our sponge ground. Its cat4-5 on this chart.
  10. world Famous 18z GFS comes south/Lines up with the Canadian Suite now
  11. Outside the 1st hour, I hate to say it, but you , alot of us can forget sleet. Unless the warm nose shrinks. right now on soundings its slam dunk frzng rn. This is as close as I can find, off anadian close to your area:
  12. 12z GFS has high north like 0z euro. So good news if you dont want ice. Also keeps the 33 degree rain streak going lol.
  13. 0z Euro was futher north with HP, and Thursday ice was confined to VA
  14. IT aint a rabbit. Some of the folks this frzng rn is about to splatter are sitting in the dark tonight. Snow is another story
  15. Bingo. That K vegas is how you get ice both sides of the apps
  16. Right on que,just like the gfs. Lp is getting ready to roll North,HP sliding into NE
  17. 0z Canadian wed. This look use to be a slam dunk snow NC. LP will ride western spine of apps where artic boundary is. See if HP builds into Maine region here and funnels CAD
  18. when you got a tpv parked on the other side of the apps western GL causing snow down to south texas and LA. Then you have a 1040 HP in Maine,almost Banana HP. Storm rides up apps where shallow cold air boundary cant cross over. We get waa over top of stout CAD from HP in NE.
  19. It ends before change over. A 1040 HP sitting where models show is a recipe for a hard face slap in the frzng rn dept. We all know Cad will be deeper futher south as we get closer to thursday on models. This will be like last night on a ne wind,not se wind like those other minor insitu, hybird deals.
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