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  1. Debris ball sig now east of Thomaston/Lincoln Park. Huge!!
  2. Small debris sig to the west of Waleska, GA inside the TOR warned storm.
  3. Pulsed up on Velo over Cartersville. Nothing on CC yet.
  4. Storm tightening up near Eclectic, AL
  5. Atlanta metro and most of north Ga stream.
  6. All metro ATL in a TOR watch till 7AM
  7. James Spann's live feed has been a dumpster fire the last hour. Smh
  8. A couple of discrete cells firing up in lower Alabama need to be watched. Not the greatest time for the KEOX radar site to be down...
  9. Trenton, GA is getting a direct hit on this one.
  10. Just not getting much in the way of discrete super cells forming tonight. Still a long ways to go though.