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  1. Thunderstorms on the Gulf coast , probably robing moisture as well as warming the Atmosphere
  2. I remember being on wright weather as well. This has the potential to be historic for sure. I have never seen this many model runs with this much snow, never !
  3. I'M with ya as well I call it, Mountain Shadow effect.
  4. One is 6z less snowfal in NC, 12z more snowfall NC
  5. No High at HR.120. Bogus run
  6. Its part of the system pivoting to go NE eventually depends how fast it happens for you as well as anyone, but you look to get several hours of good rates
  7. Looks like UL is going negative. Packing the gradient up against the mountains. Hence back building and more moisture . also notice the fire hose in Central NC
  8. For those in the triad area Ratios Per BUFKIT mainly 14:1 and as high as 19:1
  9. Only thing these models are doing out in the foothills and mountains is saying the highest peaks are getting nothing. it seem to be shutting down the moisture with elevation.
  10. If it drops much farther south, it could be a bigger surpise!
  11. I believe it is according to what model you were using. It did show this coming in around Ark. At one point yesterday or Sunday . Days are running together !
  12. Been watching JB since late 90's early 2000's he is a pattern guy and Tele Connections . Does not always go his way but, he is very good at it. Some say he always says its going to snow. But, the problem is he is not forecasting for 1 spot like where your house sits at. That's where most people have to read and listen to what he is saying not just what they want to hear.
  13. One Model the NAM is showing a eastward move off the coast of FLA. and up the coast to Outer banks of NC . Not the most reliable model for hurricanes