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  1. I'm not entering the contest. I just want to predict DCA: 4".
  2. I was thinking that a good day to try this out would be the start of meteorological winter unless someone has a better suggestion. Maybe we'll have a Dec 5 threat to track?
  3. You know what the forum hasn't done that should've taken place ages ago? A ZOOM call! We should totally set something up! I genuinely want to get to know people from here in real life.
  4. I have a cool idea for forum members to collaborate on an ongoing project. What if we collectively did a blog on the most memorable events our forum has covered! Anyone can participate. The idea would be to write a brief summary for each event and include links to articles and data from the event! Anyone interested?
  5. One thing that gets my hopes up this winter is we're coming out of a solar minimum and historically that has led to some really snowy winters! 1965-1966, 1986-1987, 1995-1996, and 2009-2010 (1977-1978 had lagged more following the minimum)
  6. I can't stand Davey Martinez's managing style!
  7. The I270 corridor looks impressive on radar!
  8. There seems to be something about La Ninas that negatively affects operational nwp. Could it be the faster zonal flow?
  9. My predominant precip type had been zr.
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