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  1. Hopefully it won't be too long before we can more accurately correlate a -NAO and El Nino winters.
  2. Is there no thread for winter 23-24?
  3. I'm just on the other side of 495 right on the edge. Yesterday was the most difficult drive of my life!
  4. Thank you! Those don't look very modoki-like for djf.
  5. Thanks, but I'm looking for one in map form. A couple sources are saying they see models showing a possible modoki nino.
  6. What's the best link for charts for predicted sst anomalies?
  7. I'm not trying to downplay this, but I'm interested to see how well the line holds together without upper 90 temperatures.
  8. The most recent link I have for reanalysis data will only plot maps up to 2015. Is there an updated link? https://psl.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/data/composites/plot20thc.v2.pl
  9. I was referring to cleaning the air. That has only happened regionally.
  10. That effect would be too localized.
  11. Does a nino give us above average or below average summer precipitation? I've seen conflicting data on this.
  12. Would anyone be interested in having a subforum for space weather discussions? I had friends asking me about a recent geomagntic storm and the data out there is sparse. I would love to read some expertise on the topic.
  13. Man, if only we had this pattern a couple months ago!
  14. For what it's worth, CPC shows March Phase 8 tends to be drier than phase 1. Unfortunately, phase 2 is when we get the good stuff.
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