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  1. Happy Phase 2! I mean, warmest day of spring...
  2. This just proves how poorly that model performs in our region!
  3. Next week the MJO swings into phase 1, so it's possible!
  4. We're finally swinging into phase 1 and it matters
  5. I'll let the speculators discuss the wintry mischief at the end of the 12Z euro.
  6. That looks like the complete opposite of support!
  7. Amazing how the MJO has found every way to stay in the warm phases.
  8. Any tips on searching for jobs outside of weather?
  9. No consistency, but definitely a big improvement. Thanks
  10. Pivotal has D.C. has rain, but nw is mix. No all snow areas.
  11. Phase 8 is on the map! (click the image for the latest update)