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  1. All things considered, this is not a bad comparison! Two great snow seasons
  2. I'm really struggling to find analogs for a nina that had low heights over the northern plains along with above normal heights over northeast Pacific in October. Also, Europe tends to be above normal.
  3. The was the greatest end to a World Series game!
  4. Here is a good simulation of how the GEFS has trended west overtime with the cooler weather.
  5. How strong is this nina supposed to be?
  6. I would much rather have a warm October for winter's purposes.
  7. This is pretty far out, but it's looking more like October won't be so chilly after all!
  8. 70 years of data is not unreliable. I don't appreciate you always criticizing my work.
  9. Since 1950, only one cold October weak nina year had slightly above average snowfall at DCA. Most decent winters with cold Octobers were ninos.
  10. Our last October trace on snow was 2011-2012. Cold Octobers are bad for our winter.