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  1. Sorry to bring back an old tread but just saying the one year in my life that move to Charlotte.. Greensboro finally gets a huge snow lol I hope we get something like this in 2020
  2. I am back again for another winter of disappointment! Just wanted to say hi to everyone and cant wait to follow the fantasy storms hopefully we can all cash in this winter !
  3. Right I put a post yesterday telling my family in Wilmington and Jacksonville NC that it's going to curve and may affect them. I guess because NC sticks out in the ocean we always take a hit with these type of storms.
  4. Yeah i was thinking the same thing till i saw the visible sat showing that clearing working its way north
  5. Yeah it looks like WTVA has a nice live stream going with the storms tower cam and chaser video
  6. Wow anyone else seeing snow/sleet I am in downtown winton and it's coming down
  8. Good point 11 degrees with snow on the ground then
  9. Whew not sure if that has happened in Greensboro before 10 degrees and snowing ! lol
  10. So it looks like it's time to create a thread?
  11. It looks like most of it is over Europe am I reading that right ? I hope I am wrong lol