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  1. Twc tornado confirmed in Selma on tower cam
  2. Yep with the Scientific method we were able to confirm that there is no Jinx and honestly this feels like its just been that way this winter
  3. Watch LA end up with 3 inches of snow the way this winter has been going lol
  4. 30.1 degrees and light FRZ rain NW GSO hopefully it bust here would like to have power this weekend.. update cant tell the wind because my new weather station is frozen lol
  5. Sorry for the stupid question so would that mean colder air for northern piedmont of nc ?
  6. I would love sleet over frz rain anyday edit.. in northern GSO
  7. I keep trying to ignore the weather but keeps laying out all the dream weather weenie scenarios that I thought would never possible as an adult smh... Just makes it hurt even more lol
  8. Yeah i guess its time to buy a ups and lte failover router I still dont have internet in Greensboro since mid day
  9. Late to the party i guess this will be the only one that verifies...
  10. Agreed ! is there an app or web page that has a really good radar mosaic ? weather.gov used to be great but i really miss the old style before the upgrade of the site last year..
  11. Yeah while i love snow in March just really be nice for once in my life to see a snow I could enjoy for a few days vs the 70 degree week before and after a 2 inch night snow in late march when i am ready for spring lol
  12. Playing this every morning for the next week
  13. Stupid question maybe but why is there a gap between the rain and snow ?
  14. Took this from the Mid Atlantic forum theres hope for GSO nc lol
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