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  1. mclean02

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

  2. mclean02

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    Good point 11 degrees with snow on the ground then
  3. mclean02

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    Whew not sure if that has happened in Greensboro before 10 degrees and snowing ! lol
  4. mclean02

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    So it looks like it's time to create a thread?
  5. mclean02

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    It looks like most of it is over Europe am I reading that right ? I hope I am wrong lol
  6. mclean02

    December 8-10, 2018 Winter Storm

    Was that a Gso sounding ?
  7. mclean02

    December 8-10, 2018 Winter Storm

    I according to his Twitter he was sick. I hope you are getting well soon and back to making the winter videos Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  8. mclean02

    December 8-10, 2018 Winter Storm

    Yeah I hope they are wrong but normally when they are meh or have low confidence about a storm they are right quite a bit. I hope that changes today !
  9. mclean02

    December 8-10, 2018 Winter Storm

    As long as I have lived in Greensboro sleet has always found away !
  10. Just saying hello from NC wishing you guys luck up there! We went through the same back in 2010 heavy snow with unprepared public is a fail everywhere. This is the photo from Raleigh that day!
  11. mclean02

    November 2018 Observations

    Yeah I went for a run this past weekend and was hit on the head so I second this concern ! But bring on the winter
  12. mclean02

    Winter 2018-2019 Speculation

    Winter of 2009 -2010 sign me up !
  13. mclean02

    Major Hurricane Michael

    I saw this part and it took me back to an episode of weather brains with James Spann https://weatherbrains.com/?p=7193 WeatherBrains 656: Mike Dropping Moment Mr. Radney, 37, said he had told his father — Sarah’s grandfather — that he should consider leaving, but his father had reassured him: Modular homes like his were built to withstand 150-mile-per-hour winds. So Mr. Radney relented, and decided he would call to check in at least once every hour, and sometimes every 15 minutes, on Wednesday. Everything was fine at first, he said; family members would send him photos of trees falling down around the home, which at least initially was “a sight to see,” Mr. Radney said. And not that they mislead on purpose i think some of the commercials and an famous you tube video kinda get this wrong info out there
  14. mclean02

    Michael Banter Thread

    So sad glad see that but with the changes in the world. We really need to start thinking about if its going to cost effective and/or safe to rebuild I really hope to see more planning for the future to make sure its up to code and able to be ready for the next cat 5 or 4 Praying for all the people there.
  15. mclean02

    Hurricane Michael

    Guilford county state of emergency