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  1. Yes! Wish I could join you. Hope for the best!!
  2. Are we done in raleigh? Has not snowed for a couple hours. Yet radar is showing returns!
  3. Glad you can finally get it on the action. I know your pain!
  4. Any chance the low throws precip back to wake co? Or is the low forming too far north?
  5. Snow is very light here for the past 20 minutes. Need it to pick up so the melt does not start. 35.
  6. If comma head forms, will it finally drop our temps? If it had only been below freezing I would easily have 5 to 6 inches by now.
  7. Dude...it is 35 to 37 for many...wake up...many have not seen a drop of snow. They are still under WSW
  8. I do feel horrible for you. Believe me. Just don't ever trust anyone on this board when they say "temps will not be a problem" lol...yeah...ok.
  9. Nice for sw wake then...SE wake again getting the screw job. We have 2 inches on ground only because of rates. You can see the lighter rates not far away. Snow will start melting when that happens. Already sounds like it is raining because of water falling off roof and gutters. Still 35.
  10. Yeah...once it lightens up...snow.will melt at 35 degrees. Lol at sw wake.getting six inches??? That model is wrong
  11. Where are all the experts that said...Temps will not be an issue! Lol...wrong. I feel bad for Fayetteville area. Problem is everyone concentrates on their own backyard. Temps will.go below freezing when the precip stops
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