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  1. I love it. Keep the cooler weather coming. I've just hit 90 once so far this spring and summer in the southern foothills of wnc. Can't complain.
  2. Looks like several places area wide are going to hit or get close to the century mark next week in the southeast. Man what a pattern this spring. Extremely cool to cold for the 2nd spring in a row and now record breaking heat in less than a week. I was hoping we would gradually work our way to 90 this summer. Not going to happen. Not ready for 95 yet. Living here my entire life for the last 38 years i should have known better. Got spoiled with the cooler weather as of late. No good rain in sight for the next week either. We need some. Getting awfully dry out. Let's all get ready to sweat it out until October.
  3. Low of 27.0 this morning just sw of Forest City. Should be a record breaker for this date.
  4. Down to 27.0 this morning in the southern foothills. That's some no joke cold for late April.
  5. Looks like some record low temperatures possible also. Bitter cold for April 1st.
  6. Sweet. At least there is still some fantasy snow on the map. Might be the last fantasy snow this year.
  7. Getting close to 5.0 of rain and no signs of letting up at the moment.
  8. Had some sleet earlier tonight mixed with rain at 45.0 degrees.
  9. Man, I sure would have loved to have went with you out there. Awesome insight. Thank you for sharing with us.
  10. Man, I loved that snowstorm/blizzard. Everything came together for what is probably going to be once in a lifetime storm. I was 10 years old at the time living in sw Rutherford county a few miles west of Forest Cityty. Still dreaming for another one like that. I remember when the rain turned to snow that Friday night at 9.30. By 2am there was 6 inches on the ground. I got out on my bike and road in the tire tracks down our road at 10.30 that morning and the snow had turned to sleet but you could feel it getting colder by the second, and when I was riding back the wind was starting to pick up. By 1pm-5 it was a full blown blizzard 60 mph winds. My Dad and I went out to get the dog in the house at the peak of the storm and all we did was barely find our way back to the house it was such a whiteout. You couldn't even find your way around in your own yard. Couldn't see 5ft in front of you in the peak of it. Ended up with 16.5 inches of snow but the drifts were solid 2-4ft around the yard. Lost power around 1:30 Sat afternoon, was out till the following Monday. Cooked off the kerosene heater for 9 days. No school for 2 weeks. What a storm. If this kind of storm happened in this lifetime, I couldn't imagine. There would be a panic thread, the whining thread would be off the charts and I would be saying I want another foot of snow. Wish I was in Denver this weekend.
  11. Sw Rutherford County Danieltown Community Average winter snowfall (1980-21) 7.5 inches Total snowfall accumulation 1.0 inch total winter 19-20 Seen snow one time last winter 1.0 inch on Jan 31st 4.5 inches total winter 20-21 (2) half inch snows (1) 3.5 inch snow Seen flurries (4) separate times Seen sleet (2) separate times Still (3.0) Inches below average for the second straight winter but still better than last winter even though this winter has been a winter of almost and what ifs. Still hurts to think if that arctric air would have made it to our neck of the woods with all those 3-5 Inch rainstorms one after the other. I know some folks didn't get a flurry, so I'm very thankfully for the snow we received this winter.
  12. Your right. Very true. Pretty close to the same climates. You went from a north pole type of climate to almost a tropical paradise in the winter months down there.
  13. I would think your location is the new Florida north with around 9 months of summer and 3 months of spring. The new norm is one meaningful snowstorm every 10 years or so. Nov-March a couple days of highs in the 40's and lows in the 20's. Great place to avoid any winter weather in the southeast and yes you will be having summer weather in your neck of the woods in no time.
  14. I know it's not going to last long but these sleet pellets are huge. What could have been if only 50 miles to the north.
  15. Cool man. A little winter still in the tonight.
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