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  1. Same here. It's just as bad. I thought the early 90s were bad 89-93 before the blizzard hit but no this takes the cake. Early 90s I considered a dusting or watching it snow for a few hours but not stick was awful and we got several coatings and dustings then and at least a few ice storms in those years but boy was I wrong. I would give a lot just to see something frozen or just see it snow for a few minutes. It's that bad and I am at a loss of words. I don't see anything changing going forward.
  2. Yeah I'm going for the triple crown next year. 3 straight snowless winters. Might as well. I don't see anything changing to break this pattern the rest of this winter or next.
  3. Yeah this patten east of the mountains is making me sick. Hard to stomach watching that one today. The short lived cold coming up is just a waste in my opinion then back to warm and rain. I don't have a clue anymore what it's going to take to get snow in the foothills anymore. Seems impossible right now.
  4. Going on 2 years here in Forest City without a flake of Snow here in a couple of days back to January 2022. I remember the first time I seen Snow falling that I could remember I was like about 3 in 85-86 and I instantly fell in love with Snow and Winter and I remember my dad saying son we live in one of the hardest places on the earth to get Snow. Everything has to be perfect around here to get Snow and it's just as true today as the day he said it almost 40 years ago. Only my second time in 41 years I have seen 2 year stretches without a flake of Snow. I don't know what else to say about it anymore more. It's like there is a wall up east of the Apps. I know the storms get broke up going over the mountains some as always to get into the foothills but this is just crazy. When we are waiting for February for Snow around here it's a pretty bad sign of the times.
  5. Same here. I came from the old Eastern forums in the early 2000s. Just can't remember my handle from all those years ago. Been a pleasure talking with you guys and look forward to a lot more down the road.
  6. You guys don't know how lucky and blessed you are up there to be seeing snow. I haven't seen a flake of snow down this way in almost 2 years coming this January. I'm glad you guys are getting it. Were in a horrible stretch east of the mountains with no snow. Absolutely terrible. Hoping for better days in the near future.
  7. Worst severe storm I've experienced in the last 20 or so years today in sw Rutherford. It was bad. Trees down everywhere. Lots of damage.
  8. Man we got hammered here in sw Rutherford today just south of 74 bypass right off of 221 south. Worst severe storm I've seen in the last 20 or so years. Trees uprooted everywhere. Tops of trees snapped all around the community. Trees blocking the road on all ends. Had to be 70mph winds and just under golf ball size hail for at least 10 mins straight. I had a standard size refrigerator propped up against my building in the back yard and it ended up 50 yards away in my neighbors yard. Our neighbors trampoline ended up flying through our yard and ended up about a football field away in pieces. Just south of 74 bypass to the SC state line seemed to be the worst. North of 74 bypass just a few rain drops. Luckily no damage to the house or vehicles and the power stayed on but not everyone was so lucky in the community. Worst storm I've seen around here in a long time.
  9. Pretty good thunderstorm overnight with some loud thunder a few hours ago. Picked up a quick inch of rain during the downpour. Surprised it held together this far east with as much strength as it still had. They usually don't after crossing the mountains and coming this far east.
  10. Awesome story. That was a big time arctic front right there. Wish I would of been around to experience it. That's the stuff that gets me through these hot and humid summers. Love those old winter storys. Hoping to add some new ones this winter hopefully.
  11. It's been great not having to feel the real summer heat and humidity until almost the first week of July this year. You don't get to say that hardly ever around these parts in the southeast. I can say 2003-2013-2023. 3 out of the last 21 years counting this summer. I'm enjoying it.
  12. Picked up around 5.25 so far since Monday morning.
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