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  1. Flood watch hoisted for the mountains foothills and ne Georgia through noon Friday. Looks like another solid soaking of 2-4 inches with possibly more for upslope areas. I'm not going to complain we need the rain down this way.
  2. That's just right down the road from me down 221. About 15 mins or so depending on what part of Chesnee it hit. Weather was pretty tame up here at the time it hit but you could tell sky's looked bad to the south toward Chesnee Sc. Possible EF-2 is what I'm hearing as of now.
  3. 31 degrees with a heavy freeze this morning in the southern foothills. Pretty cold for the end of April.
  4. Very frosty again this morning here to with a low 31 degrees in the southern foothills. Pretty cold for the end of April
  5. Yes it has. I agree completely. Any time you can hold off the heat mid to upper 80s low 90s and humidity until the middle or latter part of May is always a win win in the south east because we know the heat and humidity is coming like you said and usually will be with us through the end of October if not later some years.
  6. I sure hope so. Hold off the heat and humidity as long as possible because you know it's coming soon than later. Keep the cold fronts coming through May.
  7. Low of 35 this morning with some pretty good frost after a predicted low of 40 last night just outside of Forest City. Temperature really dropped quick after midnight when the winds went calm. Surprised how much frost formed so quickly. If the winds die down tonight probably looking at a solid hard freeze tonight and Saturday night for the southern foothills and surrounding areas. Frost advisory already issued for Rutherford county and surrounding areas.
  8. Yes sir your exactly right especially at your elevation. You will be measuring snow well into spring up your way. Beautiful area up your way.
  9. The mountains will have more chances of snow and cold even though we are going into a area wide warmup the next two weeks or so. There may not be a sleet pellet or snowflake for anyone outside the mountains in the foothills piedmont or upstate SC or ga the rest of this winter and into spring I hope I'm wrong but who knows but the mountains are not done with winter type weather snow chances or cold at the least through mid May. They usually never are done with cold snaps in late winter and spring and at least nw flow chances through until the middle of May at times and remember May 92. It's pretty much common sense not to write off the mountains for winter weather on Feb 13th. Way to early even though the next two weeks or so doesn't look promising for any winter weather threats in the southeast.
  10. All light flurries now with what precip is left. Down to 33
  11. Quick dusting here also. Tapering to flurries at the moment.
  12. Nice. At least we're back in the game so to speak of for now. Who knows how far that northern edge precipitation shield will push back west tomorrow but it's sure looking better right now than it did earlier today.
  13. Warm nose over estimated for once in yesterday's storm in the southern foothills. Just changed over to sleet for a short time then back to all snow for the duration of the storm. No freezing rain at all. Usually the warm nose all ways wins out in these areas but wasn't as strong in this storm thank goodness.
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