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  1. Picked up just under a hair under 4 inches.
  2. Currently 50 with heavy rain at the moment. Just approaching the 2 inch mark. Might pick up another couple of inches this afternoon if these heavier bands keep reforming over the same areas. Will see.
  3. Glad it took till the first week of June for the real heat to arrive. Always a win in my book if you can hold off the heat around these parts till June.
  4. So far this pattern has reminded me of the spring and summer of 2013. A lot of cloudy gray rainy wedged in days that summer that kept it cooler that year. We are well overdue for a below normal summer in the temperature department.
  5. Lost power for the last 4 hours due to the high winds. Just came back on. Thank goodness.
  6. Looks like some flakes maybe flying in the high elevations next week.
  7. Great read. Love old weather history especially when it pertains to cold and snow. Thank you.
  8. They got around 1.5 inches of snow and the temperature dropped down to 32 degrees 113 years ago tomorrow. I sure wish it was happening again tomorrow but pretty unbelievable it happened in Atlanta at all so close to May.
  9. Yeah good riddance on this past no winter. Filed away right beside 2011-12. Burn baby burn. Hoping for it to never return.
  10. Yeah it's been a disaster. Only my second snowless winter in 42 years. Pitiful.
  11. Yeah this is the time we really need it but will the cold still be cold enough to avoid another cold rain if tracks far enough nw. Hasn't worked out once this winter but I'm still all in. I want losing any sleep over it not working out.
  12. I'm with you brother. This winter has hurt big time. Nothing has worked out outside of the mountains and they haven't seen much either compared to averages. I'm on the brink of getting blanked for only the second time since 81-82. The only other time was 11-12. I'm just wanting to see a flake at this point. Seen about 9 sleet pellets so far. I'm hanging in till the bitter end as always like you. I always do. Thank you for all your insight and the anylasis and the hard work you put in to your research. I always look forward to reading what you have to say. I really enjoy it. Hoping for a miracle.
  13. Yeah. Real cold even down here. Sitting at 23 currently with a real hard freeze. Coldest morning since Feb 4th.
  14. I bet next winter will be the same. Probably take another winter like this one before we climb all the way back out of the crapper. Nothing tells me next winter el nino or another la nina 4th in a row if that happened will be any different. Just a bad vibe this winter pattern will continue for awhile for us and out west will reign supreme and if the cold does come south it will go due south straight to Texas. I don't know if we ever break out of this kind of pattern in winters to come. The way it's looking and feeling it might take years to break. I have no idea how that Christmas cold snap materialized. I bet we don't sniff cold like that again for another 5-10 years if we're lucky.
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