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  1. HRRR has been awful with this storm so far (at least for our area). it has wanted to continue to push the precip more due north than a more ENE direction which is what we saw all day. I feel like every run they had precip out of our area within the hour
  2. Finished right around 3” in Ashland between ric and kings dominion. Looks like a shot later with the stuff in NW NC but other than that appears done. Definitely over performed the short range models and the southern edge of precip
  3. Looks like we have another little shot with this
  4. Currently at 3”- definitely better than models were showing!
  5. Looks to be filling back in around Danville but a dry slot between there and Lynchburg opening up
  6. Same on both- back to all snow and coming down pretty good atm - probably sitting at 1.25” to 1.5” on the surfaces that accumulated first
  7. Hoping that band south of Roanoke and Lynchburg doesn’t move too far north and we can get some of that. May be pushing north too quickly though
  8. Still snow in Ashland (just north of Richmond). Walkway and driveway starting to cave a little. looks like we have maybe another . To 1” to go before it moves out
  9. Still coming down decent and all snow in Ashland. Driveway and sidewalk starting to cave a little
  10. 18z NAM giving about an inch or so over the next couple hours- fingers crossed
  11. Sticking minus concrete/roads- hopefully can pick up and have those start to cave too
  12. Finally some flakes in ashland. Looks like it should stay snow for a bit and pick up based on radar
  13. Seeing the same, looks like Danville area is seeing snow make it down per traffic cams so hopefully a good sign for us
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