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  1. To his credit he has been giving fairly consistent updates with this storm even when things were pretty much nothing for RIC. Posted about that last night/early am
  2. Swing and a miss - think that’s the worse output this week of any run
  3. 2-4” still seems like a good bet. Everything seems to show low end 1.5-2 and max has been 3.5-4” central/eastern Hanover and eastern henrico
  4. Ignoring everything above - here's hoping the GFS pulls us back in
  5. 12z 3k NAM at 60 looks a bit WSW compared to other models (12k NAM included) with the low closer to GA/FL (a much larger precip field than GFS at the same time as well). Not sure if that means anything
  6. so all models show the 'flare up'? sweet - we're back in it for a good snow!
  7. DTs first call start times. Looks to be about 9pm your way
  8. was just about to post this as well - definitely intriguing
  9. Not sure if anything is falling in these areas?
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