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  1. 18z’s look great for here. Upping totals by a bit
  2. Looking like a 1-3 type event (with upside of 3-5). GFS seems a bit more precip. than others but everything has at least 1"
  3. ICON's out here saying, "yeah, we'll just skip this, we have no idea what's going to happen so we're just not even going to try"
  4. Definitely looks like it’s trending more to the GFS in terms of when and where the frozen precip is at 60
  5. Slowing up a bit- really confused cause multiple radars show nothing overhead (or even very close) but still coming down as at a nice light clip
  6. Right around 3” in Ashland (grass measurement). Shaded pavement areas caved
  7. Right around 3” in Ashland (grass measurement)
  8. These are the 2 I use. They both have shown super light but it’s been steady for a bit during the light showings
  9. Radar depiction definitely doesn’t show the surface level. We’ve been under a super light area and coming down good. Probably up to 2”
  10. And as I say that I look out and it’s coming down at a decent clip
  11. Decent front end, looks like things may be winding down though unfortunately. Think it’ll tough to get much more. That western edge is coming in quick on the radar
  12. Seems like some some rain mixed back end with the lighter stuff now
  13. Looks like another decent band is forming just west up towards Montpelier and should make it’s way this way in 30
  14. Little bit light now but nice cover on non paved surfaces. Eyeballing grass stickage is about and inch to inch or so (can really see the tips) Really good band that came through
  15. Good rates. A bit wet but heavy. Seems like we’re in a nice band at the moment (Ashland,va)
  16. Good rates at the moment, wet flakes but piling up decently. Roads still not caved
  17. Radar looks like the banding is setup through us or portions of us as well. This could end up pretty decent if that holds
  18. Flipped to all snow about 15 min ago in Ashland (about 10-15 miles north of Richmond city)
  19. Should be flipping yalls way shortly based off here and radar. Mostly all snow now
  20. Got some flakes mixing in (Ashland) Hopefully completely flips soon and squeeze out what we can
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