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  1. Temps will be shaded below guidance as cold air damming develops Friday from 1040 mb high pressure over New England. The wintry precipitation will continue into the early extended period.
  2. VA is part of the South. Moreover, there are people who argue NC or Portions of it are in the MA. It’s subjective identity. No harm to be inclusive
  3. He is only reporting what models are depicting now, which is not an endorsement of a forecast. The contact is clear here.
  4. It’s a tough call. The mass access to and distribution of model outputs create a dilemma for meteorologists, especially tv Mets. They are constantly bombarded with questions about model outputs. It would be difficult to not Acknowledge models. Most tv Mets now are publicly interpreting different model depictions when major events are likely.
  5. Wdrag: East coast snowstorm potential 21st-22nd Atlanta to NYC-Boston: Uncertainty exists on best target, and also where its all snow or freezing rain-sleet. The greatest uncertainty for me is the NYC-BOSTON-I84 corridor. No matter, there does appear to be a strong likelihood of a 5-10" snowfall, especially NC-VA-MD-DE. The snow could fall as sleet-freezing rain Raleigh east. Even Atlanta may see some snow from this. A better idea of timing and target will post tomorrow. If you are interested: The European model has been targeting the entire corridor with a snow storm from near Atlanta to NYC-BOS for a couple of days now, while othermodels are relucant, so uncertainty exists.
  6. NAM hands out goodies to Triad, SoVA , and RIC Thursday night and Friday morning
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