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  1. Tornado watch for Central FL extended until 7 AM. I was surprised by the moderate risk for EF2+ and words of a few intense tornadoes. Atmosphere must be ripe.
  2. Freeze warnings being issues for Orlando area. If this is radiational cooling I like my chances as I'm on the SE of side of a large lake. I maxed at 54.1F today. I do not plan on protecting my coconut tree as it already has Christmas lights wrapped around the base. Dewpoint is currently rising. At 38F.
  3. Live report from Orlando. We have a gust to 10 mph and about 0.02" of rain today. Sure does sound like Tampa got some big rains today. I hear some places are up to 6 or 7".
  4. Dundee is surprising. Well inland. Almost 20 miles E of Lakeland.
  5. 69 confirmed? Thats pretty impressive.
  6. Not surprising. Schools close now for a light breeze. I remember in my day... lol
  7. Not sure I understand the rain comment. The winds are onshore from the Atlantic early this week. Local weather says 2-4"
  8. It's 2020. Why not a mid-Nov cane moving SW in the Gulf.
  9. No kidding. The heat is relentless this year. Next week looks to break the humidity which will be nice for me to go running outside.
  10. Lol. Yet my home insurance will somehow go up in FL next year. Quite interesting to see a storm projected to move northwest this time of year in the Gulf.
  11. Central and Southern Florida new tourism ads should say tired of hurricanes...visit us!
  12. I thought I remember lots of fantasy storms early this season. Maybe I'm confusing with last year.
  13. It always has a storm > 300 hrs. I had patio work done in Aug and kept a lot of things inside. I'm putting them all back outside this weekend. Door is shut IMHO for CONUS landfall. I believe I read 5 landfalls in Nov since 1850.
  14. Been wet recently or for the summer? It's been very dry the last couple weeks in Orlando.