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  1. ZCZC MIATWOAT ALL TTAA00 KNHC DDHHMM Tropical Weather Outlook NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL 800 PM EDT Sat Jun 19 2021 For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico: The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on recently downgraded Tropical Depression Claudette, located inland over western Alabama. Tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 5 days. $$ Forecaster Beven NNNN
  2. OK, Claudette will be remembered by some. I accept the name was justified. Did not expect it to happen, but I know when I an wrong!
  3. Strongest winds I've seen so far is on the water off LA at SW Pass with a 52 mph gust earlier today: Yea, a storm, but I see so many storms around there from fronts and typical monsoon waves. Any storm chasers down there LIVE? I haven't searched web cams yet, but might be worth while if I get a few minutes...
  4. I remember a hail storm in Colorado Springs around 1970 that we saw coming while hearing a terrible loud roar from a black wall coming from Pikes Peak. Baseball sized hail pounded on us and ruined cars, destroyed trees, damaged houses, and left 3ft of ice in our yard in mid-August. Then all that ice melted and created flash floods in town that was as worse. If hail storms had names, it would have been historic and still compared to anything today. Hail Storm Andrew?
  5. If it deserves a name, give it. But if is barely or questionably a name and nobody will ever remember it, let's not waste names anymore. How many names we have had here over my home that nobody will never remember. I do remember the ones that actually created a memory, and even then might have to Google to remember what name that was and what year it visited. I do name my photos, so have my own archive of photos and videos of waves crashing over seawalls or debris in my yard, but even then when looking at them I have to remind myself how the experience was. So many to remember, so many to visit. TS Debbie was one to remember for sure. Or, maybe someday we can name thunderstorms that pop up over here. Some are more intense and exciting than some Tropical Storms. Hey, we name winter storms now, right? Why not afternoon thunderstorms?
  6. "The season peaked in May with a near-record of 392 tornadoes that month. June brought over 200 tornadoes, including several that became famous for their videos. The death total for the year was relatively low at 30 (fewest since 1986)." Wonder if JB said the wrong year.
  7. Lot of rain for New Orleans as well, and MS and AL, and mountains of GA. I feel like it might drift east more towards the panhandle of FL. That would better as for valley flash floods in the hills and mountains, but low flat areas could still be under some water.
  8. Any thoughts on the mess off of the Yucatan Peninsula that is not 92L?
  9. Yea, for Mets I know this is "Banter" talk, but hey no Banter forums yet and many of us are really longing for storm dialog... The worst power outage and miserable time in my life was after an ice storm in Michigan in 1975 or 76. Ice on trees branches was so heavy it basically took down every power line in the county. My Uncle and Aunt in a farm house had a wood furnace, and it became a crowded local family shelter with a bunch of my cousins and more for a place to live and share one bathroom for two weeks with no electricity. Ice was no problem, I don't remember toilet paper situation, but do remember the small dark farm house bathroom that was overwhelmed. Granted the two weeks of no power after Irma was no picnic and cost me a fortune in lost business while trying to work off my laptop running on my car power and what cell phone access we had.
  10. We never let our guard down on the Florida Gulf Coast. Definitely not feeling any threat right now, but a slow moving anything out there can be last minute wake-up call to action. This year we are well stocked on toilet paper still from the COVID craziness. As if toilet paper was ever the issue when a tropical storm or hurricane came by and knocked out power. I wish we could stock up on a couple weeks of ice to last when power is out, but no. Weenie(wish)cast? Becomes a major spinning around aimlessly in the Gulf making it rain and giving some tropical wind everywhere but no damage or costs, then shear kills it a few hours before landfall when it is heading right over my house... Yea, sick I know.
  11. Waiting to be over hot humid swampy land to fire up? Can it get a name after landfall?
  12. Amateur hour cont... I'm not sold on this one getting a name. Maybe, yet the models I see do not bring it into much in the Gulf. We'll see, but I'm still tired of seeing TX/LA getting storms from last year and would rather wait for something more interesting. Bill surprised me as I was not expecting a Bill for a while. But how many times a week do I get surprised by unexpected Bills. I should have known. Might throw my predictions off by one for sure. Rain is welcome here, and we have had a little the past two days from the Gulf which is not typical May weather pattern without tropical systems, and we welcome all we can get for now (within reason). But we are not in the TX/LA area...
  13. Laura posed a remote, possible mild threat to NYC for a moment, but a stronger cold front came through and was more of a weather event. Laura appears to have been on the local news for a few days even though no tropical warnings were posted. A severe weather warning did come up with the cold front though after Laura went south with little affect.
  14. Do they ever hit? Maybe it is just for entertainment for some of us. Wouldn't want to be on a Navy ship if this is all they use.
  15. And then there is the NAVGEM: Yea, go ahead and tease me! LOL