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  1. They are already "interesting!" Better stock up on TOILET PAPER!! LOL Half-n-half is hard to find some days.
  2. Love the storm and rain reports! Nice start to the season! @captcatz: Over 8 inches of rain in a day is significant. May be the record of the season even for south Florida with an occasional Hurricane to come by. Tropical Storm Debbie years ago dumped 16 inches of rain in Gulfport over a couple days which I think is the record since I have been here. I woke up to light rain for a few hours this morning up here in Gulfport, FL with the Tropical breeze. Wind has actually picked up this afternoon and rain is done. Nice to be back in the season.
  3. Sitting outside tonight is nice. Nothing like a breeze from a tropical system. 5 to 15 mph at best, but it is everywhere. Not just waves of gusts and winds we see all the time. It is like an ocean moving over us. Even little winds sound amazing they are everywhere. The sky is moving over us. Palm trees, Live Oaks, everything is dancing. Looks like rain is out. No strong winds. But tonight is a tropical system night and it feels great.
  4. I took down umbrellas, even way up here in Tampa Bay. Put a few yard decorations in safer places. Right now, nice and calm, slight PTC1 breeze. Will be asleep when something could blow through. No concerns, but always better safe than sorry.
  5. Well, still the first of the year. In my backyard, a few sprinkles. But the steady breeze is from this first PTC of 2022. The breeze is strong enough we can hear it inside our home. Outside it is fairly warm, and steady. It is not a "sea breeze" like we have almost every day in July, it is not an out-flow boundary from a big thunderstorm coming across Central Florida, it is definitely the outer swirls of some kind of Tropical system. It is good to feel, and also good to know it is nothing to fret. We could use a little more rain up here, but this week was a break from the dry season with 3 or 4 inches of rain as the sun set a few nights. Hope it gets a name, but if not I'll remember it for a little while as the "first" this season.
  6. So far we in Tampa Bay are north. Could be some thunderstorms pop up, we even had a tiny tornado last night. You will probably be fine. Still pay attention...
  7. Here in Gulfport FL (Tampa Bay), we could always use a real soaker in June. It has rained the past two nights, everything got a needed drink. But it is the early Tropical systems that make us a real tropical paradise!
  8. Hermine was one of the three most impressive storms here in Tampa Bay over the past ten years or so. Barely scraped us, but trees and power went down. I still remember it like yesterday. What a mess!
  9. I've been watching it. Thought I saw a LITTLE SPIN...
  10. Entertainment back on here in Tampa Bay. Little rain here today, but we need a soaking rain.
  11. Even if totally wrong, I'm a fan as having something to see a couple or so times a day for a couple weeks. My first 2022 season excitement! I am voting for GFS, but not betting money on it. Still worth coming to see every day what it's model predicts. Later on may judge by what happens now, but for today, I love the Spring energy!
  12. My wife puts on the Weather Channel for her daily afternoon nap while she is comfy in her recliner chair. I'm on my PC in my office in the next room, but in the background did I hear them talking about Tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico (based on GFS)?
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