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  1. Curious what is ahead of us. Weird to me that so many what should have been perfect eyes never materialized. Maybe that is why the ocean could not get rid of its heat?
  2. December 12, 2020: I thought Cameron would post it's wind data by now. But no. Does anybody have the super secret access to share what the peak winds were here? It was recorded, but who knows what Cameron experienced. They are not posting.
  3. "C" has had five, but all but four were before 1960 counting 45 years of storms ("Cuba" 1924 to Camille 1969). "I" and "M" are tied with four each within the last 22 years. Letter "I" had four in 17 years (Isabel in 2003 to Iota in 2020). "M" has had four in 20 years (Mitch in 1998 to Michael in 2018). Basically from the 7th to the 14th storms of the are the ones that become Cat 5s in the last couple decades.
  4. Allen - 1980 Andrew - 1992 Anita 1977
  5. Which makes me curious, what letters have had the most Cat 5's?
  6. Being in the eye might give you a break to survey damage and make a preparation for the worst to come. I would imagine a wind blast from the opposite direction would be devastating with everything already broken and weak from the first eyewall. Myself, if I am in a hurricane, being in the eye is would be a preference. Or...being far away from the eye altogether.
  7. Wonder if 2020 will bring snow to Tampa Bay. I'm always eager, missing the ski areas out west.
  8. @KoalaBeer Devastating video of Provencia. I think it did get spared from the actual southern eyewall, not that matters much with a storm like this. I can't imagine what the island would look like if it passed just south.
  9. Count on it. Just look at the past few years. I should know this, but what is considered the be the most powerful and destructive hurricane to hit the US coast in modern history. Camille is what I remember growing up. Andrew with my wife's stories going through it and scenes of destruction, Michael watching online. Sandy?
  10. I remember Hurricane Agnes when I was a kid. Not a landfall in Tampa Bay, and not a Cat 5, but the highest storm surge around here for maybe almost 100 years (80+ anyway). Being in something makes it real, builds those lasting memories. The sounds, sights, the feel, whatever panic or scrambling that has to be done, ignoring Hollywood Squares on TV because something more important is happening, etc. Life experience rules.
  11. I don't see any threats looming. 2020 has been quite a year, but I am not concerned about any tropical threats right now for us. Waiting for cold fronts to come down and give us rain now...
  12. I've been saying for a few months that we in the Tampa Bay area won't consider ourselves out of the woods until Thanksgiving. Granted Eta was a visitor and I look forward to some time this week to finish cleaning up. But maybe the season is over for us.
  13. I'm surprised how dry the area is. Obviously a lot of vegetation was stripped away, but it looks pretty brown and barren anyway. I pictured a lush tropical jungle. I'm sure it has be deforested horribly.
  14. I'm sure it is legit footage from past storms, maybe some from Eta, possibly a clip or two from Iota. Probably too soon to see a lot from Iota. Still a good view of what they go through there whenever they get hammered with tropical systems and seasonal monsoons.
  15. " Ninety-eight percent of the Colombian island’s infrastructure is damaged and one person has died in the category five hurricane, government says."