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  1. Here in Gulfport, FL, we have had just over 4 inches of rain and gusts to 44 mph. The Gulf is splashing over the seawall, and a few trees down. Basic Palm and Oak tree debris is scattered about, with some power outages. But nothing too extreme. It's been totally dry for a while, so the rain is welcome. These late season tropical systems are usually our only source of rain from September until the cold fronts come down in November. It is about high tide on Clearwater Beach and you can see the water is high, the surf tumbling, but not quite up to the dunes. After midnight it will be a little higher, but the winds are dying down so may not be higher than now (6:20 pm on Saturday, October 19): Clearwater Beach Live Webcam For us in the Tampa Bay area, this is likely the storm of the season. It's not without a tornado and several homes and businesses destroyed, but not bad for a typical hurricane season.
  2. Wind is getting a little stiff at Calibogue Sound.
  3. On the west coast of Florida on Clearwater Beach, this afternoon has been the peak of this storm. We have had a steady 25 to 29 mph winds with a few gusts over 32 mph today since about noon. We are a couple hundred miles away from the eye in the southwest quadrant, but feel the cyclone even here. It's not a big deal, but noticeable for sure. The surf is kicking up, but nothing like the east coast of Florida. Here is a link to our live beach cam: Clearwater Beach Live Webcam in HD If you check out the cam, we are setting up for a beautiful sunset again tonight. Also notice the beach is mostly deserted. Many visitors cancelled last week 5 to 6 days out with all the media attention, but it has been gorgeous here all weekend. Today is the peak of Dorian effects.
  4. I only saw it once and briefly when my wife was on CNN and said, "Look at this!" I just thought what a horrible graphic, nothing matched up; streets, landmarks, etc., didn't see debris, down trees, wild surf, it just did not make sense. Lot of people fell for it, for sure. I just kept thinking it was a horrible graphics that did not makes sense. LOL
  5. West Coast of Florida tonight, looks like the bands are staying east of us. Tonight was the night we've been anxiously anticipating for a week now. Will go to sleep tonight relaxed, maybe slightly disappointed we didn't get a "tiny" bit more, but very happy we didn't have to board up the windows or even pick up the projectiles that decorate our backyard. Whew. Watched every WSW wobble, read every post on this and another forum, and stared at the Dorian spinning graphics for hours and hours, and hours. It's almost over for most of Florida. Power is out and going out on the east coast in scattered places, but I am sure few will be out for more than a day or two. Irma left this home without of electricity for over two weeks. Horrible couple weeks, but our house was still here and the two trees that came down with Irma missed our home.
  6. OK, just learning the territory of this playground. Will say that sat comparison of the Bahamas was not impressive at all from someone who does some graphic design. Accurate I could not tell, the two images should have been in scale and up-to-date. Obviously there was a vast difference on many levels, very unprofessional and almost worthless as far as a true comparison. Not to say the island is not a lot different from a few days ago, but that graphic was a very poor representation. Give me a recent before and after sat photo, I'll produce you something that you could refer to.
  7. Not sure I get the gist of what you are saying, but curious. You claim Global Warming is a hoax? Still getting a feel for who is who around here, and it may take a very loooooong time. But among people who study the weather and climates, does anybody aware of how the planet works truly believe Global Warming by humans is a hoax? Granted those who are blind, or paid to be blind might say so, but people who are educated, intelligent, pay attention and study? No way. I'd have a hard time believing it. OK, yea, I know, we humans are like tiny ants on a HUGE GIGANTIC orb floating around in space. How could anything we do affect Earth's climate? Silly to think so. I am sorry, maybe this fever I have from a small bacterial infection is making me grumpy...damn little tiny microbes...
  8. Dream job, even more Nekkid. In fact, I'd pay to do that...even pay more to do it Nekkid! Get paid to do what one wants to do anyway, paid to follow your passion? Even if you die doing it. That's life, pure and simple. Living life! If other's enjoy experiencing what you do from their sofa or PC, then you have hit the jackpot we all seek. A 9 to 5 job, five days a week, security, fluff, being a sheep, following your leader when they cannot remember hearing of a Cat 5 after comforting homeless Americans in Mexico Beach just months ago after a Cat 5, UGH. Give me Liberty, or Give me Death. SENC, you may be making a joke, but you are speaking truth. Josh was crazy, brave, hit a jackpot if he is wise. I'd do it without a blink. (My wife would not approve, but hey we have to juggle our priorities.)
  9. Not sure whether to say Thank You, or not. But thanks for now. Nothing like jumping into a nest of rattlesnakes. Having fun reading, censoring my thoughts as much as I can for now. I am not a met, but a storm fanatic since my first one in Charleston, South Carolina in 1966, I think. Still see like last night our lawn furniture taking to the sky like butterflies...giant trees falling down...
  10. Josh Morgerman is my new wannabe person. Jim Cantore held that title for so many years... I have never met him, never heard of him, maybe never seen any of his videos and barely anything he has written except a little with this storm. He is like a brother to me now, so happy he lived. Josh, my new idol. Jim Cantore is out. Yea, my preferred way to die is in a big tornado watching it approach with nothing left to cling onto (recurring dream). Hurricanes are second best, but I'd prefer the "moment" to be a little quicker. I'd rather be sucked up and hurled into the sky rather than beaten to death in a storm surge by debris. But either is way better than dying in a car wreck, by cancer, old age, or my least favorite concept, "To die in my sleep." Aurggh! Stumbled on this "Banter" thread after joining AmericanWX with Dorian, so I am so such a newbie. But I tell you what, this Banter is a new home for me. I will be attacked for sure. But what fun, you all are insane as hell! Almost as good as an approaching tornado... I may drive a few of you nuts as well. What fun!!!!!
  11. I hear "The Other One" in my mind watching this storm spin in place, but Wheel has also been in my thoughts since I woke up this morning... The wheel is turning and you can't slow down, You can't let go and you can't hold on, You can't go back and you can't stand still, If the thunder don't get you then the lightning will. I know one thing, I'd be getting very annoyed if I were on the edge that eye after so many hours...
  12. Well we all in Florida remember Irma's turn oh too well.