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  1. Soon I'll be going into my "Hope it snows down here in Tampa Bay this year" mode.
  2. We can hope. I know that is inappropriate, but still it is always a long wait before the next season.
  3. Seems a little odd for this far into October with nothing to watch. The fluffy clouds against a crisp deep blue sky down here looks more like the high country in Colorado during July than a typical October in Florida. I am enjoying of course. It is gorgeous. But kind of longing to follow something even if I have to even pick up my yard!
  4. Maybe we'll have something to watch for Halloween...
  5. 2021 had its moments. I thought August would be dead and October hopping. I was wrong. November is never a "give up" in Florida, but not complaining at all. It has been comfortable around Tampa Bay this week, even had a good solid rain a few days ago. Miss tracking the storms, but kind of nice to relax and chill in October. Seems that has not been the norm the past few years...
  6. Beautiful, I could watch that all day long...
  7. That was a year I'll never forget. Charlie, Francis, and Jeanne all had impact in the Tampa Bay area, and actually within a short period. Preparing, anticipating, experiencing, clean up, and weeks without power for many of us combined with those storms. Seems like even later in the season we were impacted on some level as well. Charlie was not worst where I lived. But took out power and trees were down all over the place. But it passed during the daytime and I watched from my porch as shudders bounced down the street and shingles flew off of roofs across the street. Roof vents were also flying by like metal pelicans during the worst. It was not Cat 3, or even 2 where we were, but the wind was strong and consistent, the clouds blowing past, when it rained it was sideways, very awesome to watch. Jeanne was worse, but it was 3:00 am in the total dark with no power at the peak, so all we could do was see the damage after the sun came up. The sound was impressive though.
  8. It was the sloppy eyes for me! Edit: Except the Yucatan eyes which were amazing...
  9. Been a while since we've seen NOAA map like this.
  10. Looking forward to a very long sat animation from start to finish.
  11. Dead and Company cancelled their Florida shows next week, so I guess I'm ready now for an early October storm in the Gulf as I need some entertainment.
  12. "Teresa" had to have a storm this year. (My mother-in-laws name). I say better a minimal Tropical Storm out at sea than a Major anywhere. Seriously!
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