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  1. Radar velocity scans were showing 3 couplets with TDS. That was a potential trio, one of them would of been rain wrapped.
  2. We are all focused on the current, on going major outbreak. There will likely be no post made until after this current outbreak is over.
  3. Confirmed by Brandon Copic, dual tornadoes on the ground near Keota
  4. The 00z HREF spits out a “super outbreak”. Curious to see the next updated HREF run.
  5. 09z RRFS-A is insane, don’t really have the words to describe that scenario. About as high end as you can get. Even tries to get some supercells going out east from northern VA up into PA.
  6. That is pretty extreme. Between the HRRR and the rest of the CAM, this is as an extreme/high-end as you can get outside of a super outbreak scenario. The parameter space and warm sector is indeed impressive.
  7. Dynamics can compensate for lack of instability (high shear/low cape outbreaks). In fact some of the higher end, more substantial outbreaks have featured such setups. Though I live in the Midatlantic (Virginia), I can testify that overcast and 60f temp means very little in the way of hindering the setup. I chased the 2/24/16 outbreak here in VA. There was an overcast all day and temps were bouncing between 50-70 all day. 2 devastating high-end EF3’s struck Appomattox and Essex. Also, our state record tornado that struck Petersburg on 8/6/93 was a high-end F4. That day also featured an overcast and thick cloud deck.
  8. Florist shop in Rolling Fork, made of brick, completely slabbed. Most of the slab was wiped clean. One of the anchor bolts was completely removed from the slabbed and bent. Also notice the tree damage in the background.
  9. A vehicle got sucked into the tornado and lifted into the upper most portion of the vortice. Adam Lucio has video of the vehicle getting sucked into the vortice, won’t share it due to sensitivity but here’s a screenshot of the vehicle going up into the upper most portion of the vortice.
  10. The fact it was close to the radar yet still getting 260mph+ velocities is ridiculous.
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