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  1. Interesting NOAA NHC 5pm discussion. Ophelia to continue intensification into landfall. No mention of impacts from shallow shelf waters, seems to indicate Gulf Current to mitigate shelf impacts.
  2. That is enough for Ophelia to maintain intensity
  3. Ophelia is west of the upwelling and has warm waters until landfall
  4. Lee did not touch the waters Ophelia is in now, or about to enter.
  5. Another tidbit of information came out. Shortly after they canceled, they were having discussions with local emergency management and put the blame on the local NWS offices, local forecasters in the region, and local news weather outlets for not properly forecasting the storms in advance. For anyone living in the midatlantic region (such as myself), we knew days in advance that storms were expected. To blame professionals who forecast for their lack of planning is astounding. My coworker where I work does concert prepping on the side. The company he works for was contacted Friday night about having their guys work the stage Saturday and Sunday. When they asked why they were needed, the reasoning was stated that since the current stage crews quit after Thursday's hail storm they were in need of a stage crew. He did some more research, contacted the crew that quit. They stated that they quit because they had no showers and camping established for the stage crews and they were not feeding them. When the hail storm hit, the stage crew knew in advance what was coming but BRRF continued on and the admin failed to address the need at hand. They waited minutes before the hail to tell people that along with rain and winds, hail was moving into the area. The warning was already issued and in place far in advance. Now concerning the stage crew not being fed, Slipknot's vocalist Corey Taylor ended up paying to feed them and was going to pay for their room and board. They quit soon after, only learning how BRRF was blaming the stage crew for inconsistencies regarding Thursday's hail and high wind situation.
  6. Mind you, the person commenting is a good friend of mine. A local chase partner, and he works in OSHA and is trained in emergency management. The fact he’s questioning their protocols and practices should say something.
  7. Since this is weather related, I wanted to make this post and get everyone’s opinion here. How do you logically have a 4 day rock festival, with 200,00+ people attending and have zero plans in place? I get there are risks and you get what you paid for. The other night, 75mph winds and hail struck the venue. They of course waited last minute to do anything about it and people were stuck. People were in lines, waiting for shuttle buses, 3+ hour wait because they oversold the event and did not have enough buses running. People showed up yesterday, and were turned around at the gate…ticket purchasers…because they oversold the event. Now today, a severe thunderstorm with lightning impacted the venue. Last minute decisions were made and people were instructed to shelter in the woods underneath trees. How do you not have logistics and emergency planning in place?
  8. Lee might very well surpass Wilma as my favorite cyclone. This is truly remarkable and special, a very rare meteorological event that we all got to witness.
  9. Have to disagree and say Wilma is the upper echelon of RI cyclones in the Atlantic Basin. Nothing Lee is doing surpasses what Wilma achieved. It’s impressive, no doubt.
  10. Endeavors? Nah, I’m staying put. Now, on to the next topic of discussion. Big slow down as Lee gets north of the islands. Very little progress in 2+ days time.
  11. And there’s a clear and evident SW shift, both the forward speed and track to the islands will have implications for areas west of 60W.
  12. There was no wishcasting in that post. And no, they are not virtually identical. You can clearly see the SW shift in location on tropicaltidbits when switching frames. This is an important trend to follow for numerous reasons. Any shift, in any direction, will have repercussions on Lee and his eventual track. More importantly, the farther south Lee tracks it opens the possibility to Lee tracking underneath the trough and potentially stalling.
  13. Thanks for the help on this, you could be right and if so that would make sense about weaker storm staying south.
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