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  1. 33 by Lake Norman this AM Cold out watching the meteor shower
  2. Speaking of pollen... Yellow Tide-Lake Norman
  3. 84 in Cornelius today. The boat parade has begun lol
  4. That may be it for this cell. But there will be terrible pictures at daybreak.
  5. This storm is cycling intensely. As it weakens, it takes a breathe and gathers strength.
  6. It literally bisected the downtown district of a city of 40,000 people. And heading towards more suburbs. Crazy.
  7. Praying for those in Newnan. Lots of folks having gone to bed for the night may have been blindsided by this.
  8. Downtown Newnan going to take a direct hit. Tornado taking a left turn into a more populated area. God help them.
  9. Anyone with a stream of the Tuscaloosa storm?
  10. March 6 extended forecast here shows overnight rain changing to snow showers at 38 degrees. This winter continues to tease lol
  11. Only snow we saw this winter here in North Mecklenburg/Lake Norman 2/6-2/7 12-12:30 am...30 minutes of bliss Bring on the thunderstorms Spring!
  12. Bring on the Spring. Those weenies belong on a grill.
  13. Cornelius 33 DP 32 Rain as well That freeze cut off should steer clear of North Mecklenburg