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  1. 27 this morning on Lake Norman The fog/mist rolling off the water was wild. Clear skies for the peak of the Leonid meteor shower
  2. CAT 2 at landfall is my guestimate Structure is solid 100 mph hurricane into Brevard county
  3. 79 here in Cornelius 39% humidity Freaking gorgeous!
  4. High of 88 in Cornelius Humidity was down to 49% at one point this afternoon Gorgeous!
  5. Big busted forecast down here by Lake Norman. Went from 60% chance of thunderstorms with potential for severe weather to one of the nicest sunny days of the summer lol Had some cool gravity wave clouds too.
  6. Winner winner chicken dinner! Around 2.50 inches of rain yesterday in Cornelius, NC Long overdue!
  7. Finally rain! Give it up for your Carolina Wedge!
  8. Can't buy a bucket here in Cornelius, NC. Those tstorms that drift from NW to SE always find a way to break up over the lake. There has got to be some geographical aspect to this. It's uncanny how these storms break up and then reform south of us.
  9. This will be a Top 10 Driest June's on record here in north Mecklenburg (Lake Norman) area
  10. North Mecklenburg missed out again today. Line of storms broke up over us and reformed the line to our south and west. Can't buy a bucket of rain this year by the lake. Driest June I've experienced in the 7 years I've lived here.
  11. Cornelius pretty much missed out on all the good stuff. Severe warned cells all around us and picked up a measly .15 inches today lol
  12. The rain fell everywhere but here (Cornelius) today. Is their a dome over the lake that breaks and diverts storms around us lol?
  13. We are hurting for rain by Lake Norman in Cornelius. The soil is cracked like that of a desert. And this week of 99-101 temps is only going to exacerbate that. Bring on the summer thunderstorms already!
  14. Topped out at 93 today Lake Norman in Cornelius. Tomorrow supposed to top out at 95. No rain chances in sight the next 5 days.
  15. Yep, confirmed touchdown around Harmony. Watched it pass us to the west from Lake Norman in North Mecklenburg.
  16. Tornado warnings starting to light up in SC/NC. Catawba, Cleveland, and Lincoln counties in NC.
  17. Loving it! 81 degrees and 30% humidity by Lake Norman. Perfection!
  18. High of 72 and low humidity by Lake Norman on May 9. Fantastic!
  19. 80 degrees and sunny here by Lake Norman in North Meck. Atmosphere is recharging. Had strong storm this morning around 6AM and another around 2PM.
  20. My parents had a tornado touch down about 5 miles NW of our house in southwestern GA (Colquitt County) last night a little after 11 PM. Some trees down but fortunately it hit a very rural space with mostly farmland and woods.
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