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  1. Well I leave near Columbia SC, cut my grass a month ago and only saw sleet once. For Columbia this winter ranks a solid B.
  2. Well we have sleet in Chapin, SC just west of Cola. Likely the best I am going to see this winter.
  3. 10 days out individual model runs do not matter much as the overall set up. According to all the posts I have seen, it is looking OK right now. Sit back, relax, drink a bourbon and just keep an eye on it. Excitement for me starts 5 days out, and confidence starts to build 3 days out, actual worry, joy, or call to action is at the less than 48 hours to go and much positivity across the board.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  5. It was 86+ today depending on where you were, hot a humid, brutal. 5:30 front rolls through, big storm, heavy rain and the temperatures drop like stones. Currently 9pm and it’s 60, breezy and already drying out. Nice.
  6. Strong storms here, confirmed tornado in Lexington SC near 378 and Rt.1 very windy near me in Chapin.
  7. Confirmed tornado on the ground in Lexington SC, possibly 2.
  8. 10:00 AM, 67 degrees and fog, oh so much fog, fog, fog, fog, thick spooky fog.
  9. Disappointing 0.14 in the rain bucket this morning. Showers still around so hope is still out there.
  10. 0.43 down in the midlands of SC. Had the windows open and it was joyful to hear the rain and thunder outside instead of the A/C hum.
  11. 0.36 so far, hoping for more and that everyone scores something over night.
  12. 63 degrees with a dew point of 57. Yeah it’s humid but I will take it. We actually picked up around an inch and quarter rain so I have no complaints
  13. Well a surprise this morning. 69 degrees, 1.15” in the rain gauge this morning. Light drizzle falling. The gods have not forsaken the midlands of SC after all.