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  1. Any of the other models showing this? I am always skeptical of a single model showing something solo.
  2. Schools in the Columbia area dismissing early tomorrow. I had scheduled a test, oh well.
  3. Amen! Late spring freezes are now a yearly occurrence.
  4. Amen to the A/C marathon, 6 to 7 months a year here in the middle of SC. Personally I think we are heading toward a North FL weather regime with slightly more frequent cold shots to cause killing frosts. Not falling into climate despair is a full time job for me here. Hey, at least I do not have to worry about sea level rise, look to the positives!
  5. March is here and spring around the corner. This is the time of year around here were everything buds out and start growing anew. Then gets hammered by that last late hard frost. Curses abound across the land and then it get actually hot. Life in SC.
  6. No offense but I feel we expect too much out of these winters. The trend is against snowy winters overall and we need to adjust to that reality. I had a good winter with actual snow on the ground, twice, for one day. Hey I will take it and be glad. I am also looking forward to spring, and if I can get to May without turning on my A/C for more than a day. I will call that a win as well.
  7. Can somebody call the NWS-CAE office in Columbia. They haven't put out a forecast since 3:38am and I am worries they are a victims of foul play. (The butler did it in study with the lead pipe.)
  8. You are right that your average is starting to change. Our climate zone has changed here in the midlands of SC. We shifted from a 7b to an 8a. Not a huge change but since the change is based on 30 year averages, I suspect we are closer to 8b. So in general it is just a bit more difficult to get snow in the south east. https://e360.yale.edu/features/redrawing-the-map-how-the-worlds-climate-zones-are-shifting
  9. Schools around Columbia are doing a two hour delay to due possible severe weather and high winds. Is this the new snow day for schools? I am not complaining though, just never saw this before.
  10. I downloaded the PDF and sent it to all of the Bio/AP Environmental teachers in my HS. Thanks.
  11. Thank you. I really needed this. I looked on the NOAA Climate site and things look good for the next few weeks, and then turn the other way. Am I reading that correctly?
  12. I was reading that the La Nina may be moderated because of a weak polar vortex that may allow colder air to slip south. This was noted as an influence last season. Living in the midlands of SC you always assume the worst but it sounds like we will get a few storms to at least follow along with. That all I can hope for down here so I might as well enjoy it. Otherwise, why the hell would you be on this forum? So enhance the level of disappointment in your life? Expect the worst, hope for the best and enjoy the show.
  13. I read those, mostly innuendo and fluff. Small events on the surface (hurricanes are tiny on a planet scale) might cause small shallow eq’s, maybe, Haiti, no. Listen I get it, the coincidence seems odd but that is all it is. I am not disparaging your curiosity. It was an excellent question to ask. Being a weather noob, it was nice to be able to respond intelligently for once. no to air pressure but that another good question. The forces and masses of the objects involved are truly massive. I mean how much does tectonic plate weigh? I could look it up but its a lot and the forces involved are huge. So things on the surface that seem impressive to us are tiny and generally insignificant to tectonic plates. Air pressure changes are too small to kick one off. oh and I like the dead, not as my wife does but I like them. I am building up my vinyl collection and American Beauty the first dead LP on my list.
  14. The short answer is no. I have a Ph.D. In geology, and these two events are not directly related. Earthquakes caused by fracking, excess rain, landslides etc would be small, shallow and highly localized. The Haiti quake was really large and deep. So small shallow quakes can happen due to heavy rain etc. but the monster in Haiti was due to tectonic forces and was going to happen storm or no. Any pattern in storm and this type earthquake occurrence is coincidental.
  15. Heck, I just checked back over the month and I am over 6” for June. Dang no wonder my yard a soggy mess.
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