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  1. I read those, mostly innuendo and fluff. Small events on the surface (hurricanes are tiny on a planet scale) might cause small shallow eq’s, maybe, Haiti, no. Listen I get it, the coincidence seems odd but that is all it is. I am not disparaging your curiosity. It was an excellent question to ask. Being a weather noob, it was nice to be able to respond intelligently for once. no to air pressure but that another good question. The forces and masses of the objects involved are truly massive. I mean how much does tectonic plate weigh? I could look it up but its a lot and the forces involved are huge. So things on the surface that seem impressive to us are tiny and generally insignificant to tectonic plates. Air pressure changes are too small to kick one off. oh and I like the dead, not as my wife does but I like them. I am building up my vinyl collection and American Beauty the first dead LP on my list.
  2. The short answer is no. I have a Ph.D. In geology, and these two events are not directly related. Earthquakes caused by fracking, excess rain, landslides etc would be small, shallow and highly localized. The Haiti quake was really large and deep. So small shallow quakes can happen due to heavy rain etc. but the monster in Haiti was due to tectonic forces and was going to happen storm or no. Any pattern in storm and this type earthquake occurrence is coincidental.
  3. Heck, I just checked back over the month and I am over 6” for June. Dang no wonder my yard a soggy mess.
  4. 2.27 in the bucket this morning, pretty good haul. Damage minimal as far as I can tell, had few strong cells roll through yesterday but made it through ok.
  5. Ip over an inch but it’s pouring too hard to go read the rain gauge to get a more accurate estimate. I can hear my grass and bananas sucking up the moisture and growing.
  6. 0.87 in the old rain bucket this morning, not too shabby. Sun has appeared for a bit and we have a chance for a bit more. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads.
  7. Is it too early to get excited that the NWS is starting to talk about rain next week? A significant amount of rain possibly? Am I setting myself up for disappointment and despair yet again? I can't imagine that rain in the forecast now is like snow in the forecast in early december around here. It can happen, right? Yas?
  8. This when being a CoCoRaHS member reporting 0.00" of rain everyday, day after day can get truly demoralizing. Everybody knows we need rain, but when you are recording all of those zeros it really drives the point home. I remember the epic drought of 2002 when wells in the low country went dry and lakes in the upstate were at their lowest possible levels. Essentially the lakes were dry with a trickle at the bottom going through the dam. That was a depressing year. Then a year later drought was gone, it was like whiplash from bone dry to normal plus. I wonder if this year to year behavior is the new normal of a warmer world?
  9. If we get enough rain to stay out of drought conditions then I can live with it. (This good because I don't have a choice) Watching everything dry out and die is brutal.
  10. Hopefully this is a temporary hot spell and not the start of a long term death ridge event. I can live with 10 days of hellish temperatures and dry but weeks on end are demoralizing.
  11. Amen sister, 90's on the way and my water bill is going to be brutal.
  12. Well, when I started growing banana plants outside, hot and humid weather was a bit less annoying. Zone 8 climate too cool to get bananas out of them but there are ways around that. Still when it's hot at least my plants are growing well. You would be surprised how much it does help.
  13. 0.0 in all categories including fantasy storms to watch.
  14. My definition of a good winter has changed, I don’t really expect snow but cold rain is ok by me.
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