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  1. Disappointing 0.14 in the rain bucket this morning. Showers still around so hope is still out there.
  2. 0.43 down in the midlands of SC. Had the windows open and it was joyful to hear the rain and thunder outside instead of the A/C hum.
  3. 0.36 so far, hoping for more and that everyone scores something over night.
  4. 63 degrees with a dew point of 57. Yeah it’s humid but I will take it. We actually picked up around an inch and quarter rain so I have no complaints
  5. Well a surprise this morning. 69 degrees, 1.15” in the rain gauge this morning. Light drizzle falling. The gods have not forsaken the midlands of SC after all.
  6. Observation: It's HOT here in the midlands of SC
  7. So this tropical storm Karen is supposed to do a loop, turn west and possibly head our way. Is this really a thing?
  8. We have a blip of potential rain for Friday. Yeah, not betting on it but man do we need that rain. I am now looking up how to do Pagan Ritual Sacrifices in order to apeas the various rain gods just in case it might help. All Hail Freyr!
  9. jpbart


    Sure as heck have..... So far this has just been a FL thing.
  10. Living near Columbia I have already switch to snow denial mode in a feeble attempt to reduce the severity of the inevitable let down. Heck one year it snowed west of me then east along the coast. Felt like I was living in a weather related practical joke. The emotional toll (and resulting liquor expenditures) for every missed snow chance was more than a little frustrating.
  11. 1.23” in the old rain gauge this morning. A small thunderstorm rolled over us last night and we got lucky.
  12. Score! 1.0 yesterday, one 30 min storm.
  13. Too muddy to fish. Did get some casting lessons in and grabbed lunch at a nice restaurant so it was a an ok day. We will try again soon.
  14. Well I am going to get fly fishing lessons Sunday at Davidson River Outfitters. Yeah it’s gonna be rough for fishing but what the hell. I have two teenaged boys who are going to learn the basics with me. Hey a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.
  15. Well we had a very brief shower here in Chapin SC. I been seeing dust devils lately with it being so darn dry so even a little is appreciated. Of course I am going to Brevard this Sunday to fish on the Davidson River, I hope it's not a wash out. I will fish in the rain so long as its not a thunderstorm.