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  1. Yet the official totals for KSAV does not reflect your reality ( I don't have official totals in myb but I'm sure I'm closer to your total). This leads me to believe that SAV needs more than one official station like Charleston.
  2. Was just telling a friend of mine that Masters weekend is usually our last cool weekend until October.
  3. Bring it!!!!!! This heat and pollen had me congested for almost 3 days last week lol
  4. I live in Savannah and just seeing flakes is a win lol
  5. From NWS Charleston LONG TERM /WEDNESDAY NIGHT THROUGH SATURDAY/... An arctic high will drop out of the Northern Plains Wednesday night, pushing a cold front into the area on Thursday. There looks to be enough moisture and forcing for scattered showers to accompany the front. The front is expected to stall just off the coast and transition into a broad baroclinic zone. A potent upper shortwave approaches on Friday, causing cyclogenesis either in the eastern Gulf of Mexico or along the Southeast coast. There are significant model differences regarding the location and track of the coastal low. The ECMWF and CMC have a much wetter solution with the low developing over the eastern Gulf and tracking up the coast. The 00Z GFS was considerably drier than its 18Z counterpart and has the low developing well off the Southeast U.S. coast, then tracking northeast. The QPF late Thursday night through Friday night will be critical because thermal profiles support some wintry precipitation. Model soundings and partial thicknesses show the potential for some freezing rain over northern and western zones late Thursday night as surface wet bulbs steadily drop. On Friday, the predominant p-type depends on which model you look at. The GFS, with its offshore low track, indicates mainly snow would occur across the majority of the area. Meanwhile, the wetter ECMWF/CMC and its closer low track show mostly rain or freezing rain on Friday, then some changeover to snow Friday night. All models show drier air moving in from the west Friday night, ending any precip by daybreak Saturday. Given that this potential event is so far in the future (Day 6), we kept things simple by introducing some freezing rain over northern areas late Thursday night, then a combination of rain and/or snow Friday and Friday night. So they're saying it's a chance for the Lowcountry
  6. How about it stays right where it's at so I can enjoy my 2.7 inches lol
  7. I use to love those type of days growing up because they were so rare. As an adult who just had to work in that crap I was MISERABLE LOL. The analogs and long term forecasts may say otherwise but maybe a similar low can pop up with artic air in place and we can have some winter fun.
  8. Yes it is. I stayed home and didn't go to work last night because I didn't wanna drive on the Port with the constant stream of rain. Hopefully it slacks off this evening.
  9. Yeah I was working at the Port when the storms came. With lightning being so close we had to stop working for about an hour.
  10. I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw hours 228 to 240 lol
  11. Personally I want that storm to not trend to Raleigh (I live in Savannah) but I understand your point lol
  12. Look I'm down in Savannah I lose my mind when we get flurries lol
  13. Yep. Here in Savannah that was the best Christmas of my life
  14. Can someone from Savannah send you guys well wishes? Rooting hard for you NE GA/Upstate/WNC folks.
  15. Damn!!! Even I (Savannah) have seen snow since then. I'm rooting for that area....and myself of course
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