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  1. Yeah I was working at the Port when the storms came. With lightning being so close we had to stop working for about an hour.
  2. I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw hours 228 to 240 lol
  3. Personally I want that storm to not trend to Raleigh (I live in Savannah) but I understand your point lol
  4. Look I'm down in Savannah I lose my mind when we get flurries lol
  5. Yep. Here in Savannah that was the best Christmas of my life
  6. Can someone from Savannah send you guys well wishes? Rooting hard for you NE GA/Upstate/WNC folks.
  7. Damn!!! Even I (Savannah) have seen snow since then. I'm rooting for that area....and myself of course
  8. Well I'll gladly take what e4 is drinking.... Along with a shot of whatever member 18 from the 12z euro had lol
  9. With a high that strong a low MAY get as far north as Fort Lauderdale
  10. Where is that area of snow in E Ala/W GA coming from and what needs to be done to get that blue over coastal Georgia
  11. 1.5 inches officially at Savannah/Hilton Head International. About what I received on the Westside of Savannah. The western suburbs got around 2 inches. All in all a fun storm to track.
  12. A few of my classmates in Pooler are live on Facebook. It's coming down at a good clip
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