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  1. Confirmed F-0 tornado in eastern McDowell on Saturday night. We missed most of the heavy wind here in western McDowell, but not the rain. 2.60 inches out of the storm, and about half of that was in a ~2 hour time frame. Rain guage rolling like an odometer.
  2. A good time to go fishin' is when you can! Glad to see you enjoyed yourself! We'll go one of these first days, hopefully.
  3. I have not done opening day in I can't tell you when. You do any good?
  4. Pea size hail here just east of the escarpment here in MACK-dowell!
  5. Just over two inches here, but half of that's come in the last 3 hours or so. High today of 58, Low 48. So much for fly fishing over the next few days...
  6. A harbinger of things to come?? Coincidence? I think not!
  7. This is not doing much to encourage me to fly fish.
  8. Let's hit it on a slow day, and release some DH trout.
  9. I was there for 21 of my 25 years in the system (but you may have figured that out already). Moved on to other pursuits in 2011.
  10. GSP has put out a SWS for the overnight.
  11. 31.3 at Casa Verde in western McDowell County. And it's a *cold* 31.3. Mercy.
  12. 37.2/23.8 up the hill. I agree. I may hold off filling up the bathtub.
  13. Nice. Love that little part of our world.