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  1. Moderate snow here in Pleasant Gardens the last 15 minutes. A bit of a 'pleasant' surprise! Temp has fallen from 33.5 to 32.9 with the onset.
  2. It's been snowing moderately here Pleasant Gardens (Western McDowell County [NC] for the last 15 minutes.
  3. Moderate snow in Pleasant Gardens in Western McDowell County.
  4. weather station went on the fritz today...
  5. Yep. Hope y'all get the 'rona whipped in your family, BTW. County numbers here, via WLOS, are at a ~30% positivity rate. That just won't do. And we still haven't seen a Christmas bump yet...
  6. 1.71 inches out of this storm here in beautiful 'downtown' Pleasant Gardens.
  7. While I wanted just to idly sit and watch it fall, I had a recording session (tomorrow) that I needed to set up for... It snowed here right up until around 4. Might have been a bit of rain mixed in once when I stopped to look. Still snow on the decks. Sure was a nice, purdy surprise!
  8. "Bust" should be on the list. Somebody make a list of the list.
  9. Icing on trees and some elevated surfaces in western McDowell County, NC along the escarpment.
  10. GSP afternoon disco: .SHORT TERM /FRIDAY NIGHT THROUGH SUNDAY NIGHT/... As of 215 PM EST Thursday: The latest trends suggest more of a warm nose developing in model profiles for the weekend wintry weather event. This will toggle our forecast a bit further toward the freezing versus frozen end of the ptype spectrum, but still with a very mixed mag of ptypes across mainly western NC. We expect this event to unfold from the influence of a 500 mb trough deepening slightly over the southern plains on Friday night. The resulting upper trough is expected to remain strongly positively tilted, with the main shortwave and associated DPVA moving toward the southern Appalachians Saturday through Saturday night. A coupled upper jetlet structure will set up east of the trough to provide the best deep-layer forcing Saturday night. Isentropic lift could start up from the south a bit earlier on Saturday as southerly flow sets up over a developing surface-based cold layer strengthening from 1033 mb high pressure over Pennsylvania. The Friday night through Saturday forecast remains difficult because profiles will be far from saturated, but the cool and dry air could wet bulb down to support some sleet and snow at onset across a good chunk of the western Carolinas and northeast Georgia, especially if moisture flux from the eastern Gulf of Mexico arrives at lower levels a bit sooner than expected. However, the deepest moisture and forcing should begin to arrive Saturday evening and cross the region overnight through Sunday. Although the upglide diminishes a bit as winds turn more westerly through the day on Sunday, steeper lapse rates under the lower heights aloft could increase precipitation rates under redeveloping showers. Regarding the thermal setup, the 1033 mb surface high pressure will provide a very favorable cold air damming setup by daybreak on Saturday. Surface wet bulb temperatures will become increasingly critical Saturday night as the wedge becomes entrenched. The cooler raw model guidance will be followed in this regard. A NAM/GFS blend on profiles will bring a more robust warm nose across the region to trend precipitation from frozen to freezing Saturday night from south to north, with the best chance of advisory level, or better, snow/ice accumulations occurring along and north of I-40. Since the heaviest of the wintry precipitation will occur in period 5, and we are we still bouncing around on QPF and ptypes given the likely transitions, we will hold off on any Watch issuance for at least another model cycle and keep the Outlook information going. Mid-level dry slotting will likely wrap in from the southwest late Sunday through Sunday night. In addition, the briefly warmer temps and profiles by Sunday afternoon will start cooling again from the north through Sunday night as the surface low pressure system gets wrapped up offshore and begins to pull away. This could lead to a transition back to snow showers from north to south across western NC for late weekend. Additional vorticity will remain very channeled south of the elongated trough axis through Sunday night, so precipitation rates should be a bit lighter.
  11. I have around that many guitars myself, mostly electric. For some reason, I thought Fender kind of overdid it on the headstock proportion change. Kinda wane all "Gumby" on us. On the other hand, I'd love to have one of those Hendrix model Voodoo Strats. Haven't seen one of those in a while... Post a pic of your new guitar when you get it...