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  1. It does not want to let up here in Centereach. Bands are colliding, pivoting, not really sure tbh... but whatever it is, it seems like it just wants to sit it here for HOURS.
  2. Does the training line running from roughly Scranton, PA to just south of Hartford, CT give us a good idea of the northern cutoff?
  3. All snow in Centereach. Had no problem sticking to grass (I still had snow in parts) and is just now starting to accumulate on pavement.
  4. Eastern LI definitely busted high... but I don't think many saw that coming. Even @Crankywxguy who was among the coldest and furthest east, was probably low out here.
  5. Crazy sleet here in Suffolk. Regardless of totals, cool to see the evolution and all the reports of Thundersnow
  6. Moderate rain Centereach, but as soon as intensity picks up, big fat flakes mix in. Definitely going to be a battleground here.. counting on strong dynamics to help out.
  7. Grass whitening and colder surfaces starting to accumulate. Expect this to be a battle ground tomorrow, but certainly nice to see flakes flying now.
  8. Light snow here Centereach. Cool mix of small, medium, and bigger flakes. Calm wind so just floating down to the ground.
  9. Anything to these pressure falls happening pretty far south?
  10. Gfs inside the benchmark.. verbatim, probably too close for the immediate coat. Looks like it goes negative and closes off just south of the east end
  11. Ja643y

    -NAO Coastal Bomb March 1-3, 2018 Disco

    The great thing about DirecTV, even if it goes out, you have the App... if connected to WiFi in your house, you have almost every channel on the App anyway even IF (mine rarely ever goes out) the satellite is out!
  12. Ja643y

    -NAO Coastal Bomb March 1-3, 2018 Disco

    Anyone notice that the 6z Nam (really all guidance for that matter) at hour 7 which is essentially now is way less intense than current obs? I think this thing is coming together quickly and we're in for a storm that verifies at the higher end (not necessarily snow, but overall strength/impacts)
  13. Ja643y

    Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    It' dumping on the North Shore.. accumulations seem to be held down by warm ground and marginal temps, but the visibility is low with bug fat wet flakes
  14. Ja643y

    Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs

    The difference between the LIE and Port Jeff Station was pretty crazy. Only a few miles north making a HUGE difference in rates/mix
  15. Ja643y

    Jan 29/30 storm threat

    This little light/moderate band from Smithtown out east is interesting. Still accumulating here in Centereach. It diesnt seem to want to go away and was in fact strengthening for awhile.