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  1. Never post... Mostly just lurk and learn, but I will say, regardless of what the predictions were, this is an over performer... Beautiful powdery snow accumulating on everything in Manhattan with an absolute snow globe feel to it. Steve D had this one nailed from yesterday and may even bust on the low side if we get this band to pivot just a bit
  2. Midtown has flakes mixing with light rain... Everything wet, no white
  3. Media still calling for less than an inch today! Are they looking outside???
  4. Mods asleep, Mikehobbyist out. Lol.. all in good fun. Your posts make me laugh
  5. Anyone doing pbp for Euro? Eartlight, PB, or Yanks still up for this run?
  6. Are the media outlets being overly conservative with this storm afraid of busting high and creating histeria? It seems like with all of the guidance the calls I am seeing for NYC East are on the light side and almost ALL include changing over... it seems like many of the models are showing and trending otherwise or at least minimizing the effect of the changeover.
  7. I went from showing lows in the single digits to the forecast calling for teens now. Also, 37 was supposed to be the high today, it's 38 here now. I think the cold had backed off just a bit. Nothing drastic, but definitely noticeable. Anyone care to share their thoughts on this?
  8. I am seeing the two band look as well with nyc right in the middle. Anyone have input as to the movement of these bands? Are they setting up shop our will they continue to waiver back and forth?
  9. Coming down good on UES, sticking to all surfaces, light coating on all.
  10. I read it on one of these forums... so you never know what to take from here with all if the non red taggers that add stuff that is simply not true.. this is why I was asking and thank you much for your response.
  11. Sorry for the question if it does not make any sense, but I once read that often times with a really cold air mass in place, radars have a harder time differentiating between light and moderate echoes. Could this be why we are seeing many of the echoes rapidly weaken on the radar image as they move north into the frigid air?
  12. Almost entirely sleet in midtown, any reason radars still show the mixing line way south yet the snow seems to have cut off?
  13. Nice big flakes coming down at a nice clip. Starting to accumulate on all surfaces except roads.
  14. Light fine flurries on the UES. Wind blowing pretty good. Not accumulating yet, but should start soon on colder surfaces
  15. Temps are hanging on WAY to long/high in midtown. I dont think we get down to 25 like is forecast. I think this keeps totals on the lower end of the guidance. Hopefully they plunge quickly, but im not sure that will happen.