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  1. Just started getting some graupel/snow pellets here at 40.3
  2. Left the house at 0530 with 2" and pretty heavy snow. Was dumping when I got into Boone. Roads were pretty sketchy in town.
  3. Not a thing in Boone. Got to foscoe and it is absolutely dumping. Roads are covered with a fresh 2" so far.
  4. Everything is gonna be packed out on a Saturday. If you go either early or later in the day the Parkway Maintenance building where 221 and the Parkway meet outside blowing rock is a good place. Multiple hill options. It'll be crowded for most of the day, though.
  5. I run instacart grocery up there a good bit and it has been a long time since I wasn't trudging through ice. We're liable to go 2 weeks at my house or more with the way the pattern looks. Still several inches from last Friday in the shady spots.
  6. The NAM has a crazy frontal passage with a band of heavy snow. Convective look to the precip on Saturday too. I saw thundersnow out of a frontal passage like that a few years ago. Last time I saw it too, actually.
  7. Flurries currently in Zionville out on the TN line.
  8. Gfs looks interesting. Euro less so but good NWFS on the backside.
  9. I'll have a few more photos later once I have time to edit them but made it to the Viaduct and Boone Fork after work yesterday. Here's one of the shots. Absolutely beautiful snow. Probably the most annoying to hike in too because it was so wet. Came back home soaked.
  10. Got back to the house and 4" there. Not as much as in town. Main roads are clear but I'm not getting back down my driveway. Woohoo I guess?
  11. 5" so far. Easily hit 6. Hoping for a miracle 8-9 with the ULL later. Gonna try to hit up the Parkway this afternoon. Beautiful snow.
  12. Parking lot. Tried to get a video but file is too big.
  13. I'm at Publix. We've had more callouts than show up and about 5 customers to show for it. Gotta love retail. I'm more worried about the drive home than I was the drive in at 430.
  14. Hammering in Boone for the last bit. Definitely picking up. Loving radar. Roads are going to the crapper, though.