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  1. NAM and GFS both showing some wraparound on the nor'easter overnight Monday. Could give the higher elevations another nice shot of snow.
  2. Unfortunately. Not my favorite store by any means. Hoping to find something a little closer to the house soon.
  3. Been flurrying at least all day on the TN line in elk park. Bout an inch or so on the grass. My parking lot is half ice ha.
  4. Had a little dusting in the protected areas around Tynecastle/Banner Elk this morning. Sugar Mt had the guns cranked up full blast.
  5. First flakes here in foscoe currently 36. Decent flurries when I left boone about 30min ago.
  6. Down 10 degrees on the TN line in the last hour at Elk Park. Let winter finally begin.
  7. Sunburst and lower graveyard falls were looking rather spiffy the other day. Also visited courthouse falls just up the road but that one has more rhododendron around it than anything.
  8. Here's a few. Sunrise from rough Ridge, a couple shots from Mitchell and Crabtree the other evening. The colors around banner elk today are fantastic. 194 between banner elk and Valle crucis is absolutely stunning.
  9. Just getting some edits done from Wednesday. Here's a neat shot. The skyline of Charlotte from Mt Mitchell. Takes very dry/clean/cool air to make it naked eye visible during the day. Around 90 miles or so. This was taken at my max of 200mm.
  10. Dang. Im gonna have to head up there soon. Babel Tower will be really nice next week I bet. Hopefully the winds don't strip the upper rim this weekend.
  11. Currently 34 and windy but the color is gorgeous from the black mountain crest. Next stop graveyard fields.
  12. Drove the parkway from Grandfather to Crabtree today and it's really looking pretty good. The area around Linville is the best right now (I think the gorge will be a great spot this year) but elsewhere it's spotty. Still a lot of green left and with the recent rain/cool weather there's some great potential in the 2000-3500ft range. Planning to hit sunrise on Grandfather somewhere tomorrow morning and then head down towards Graveyard fields during the afternoon. Hoping the wind isn't too terrible.
  13. Worth noting the 3km NAM actually shows some flurries on Thursday morning in the high elevations. Tries to get them down into Boone even.
  14. 36 at the house this morning with a solid frost. Car showed a chilly 33 coming through Banner Elk on the way to work this morning. Loving it. Just seen Boone recorded 32 this morning.
  15. Color about 2-3 weeks behind on the upper reaches of Grandfather. Coming along nicely and actually looks pretty good so far.