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  1. Popped up to Roan today. Not a terribly large amount of snow, 3-4" on Roan High Knob and just a couple elsewhere for the most part. Even the rime ice melted off quick. Still nice to get a snow hike in.
  2. Got a few flurries here this morning. Nice to finally feel like winter out if nothing else.
  3. It's been trying to mix in here at the house all morning. Mostly just a sleet/rain mix. Edit: now some snowflakes finally.
  4. The run for Boone since 2015 has been pretty crap outside of the 2018 storm which fell in an otherwise fairly unremarkable season. The airport has recorded only 0.5" through January 31 which as best I can tell has never happened before. 2020 was close with only an inch, but before that you have to go way back to find anything similar.
  5. If y'all south mountain folks cash in again while the northern are just dry I'm gonna move in with one of you.
  6. Well looks like I might get a snow hike in finally. Off on Friday, looks like I'll be heading up early to Roan Mountain.
  7. Another dusting here. I think that makes 5 or 6 snows of less than an inch this season. I think I had more accumulation of limbs and sticks overnight. The difference in wind here at the house with W vs NW is wild. Not nearly as protected with W as NW.
  8. I like a more westerly flow here at the house. We tend to get down sloped a little bit less for some reason.
  9. I will gladly punt the rest of this winter if I don't have to see this piece of junk pattern again for another decade.
  10. We got some sun and lost our half inch but have picked up another solid dusting since sunset now.
  11. Maybe a half inch here south of Boone. Pretty snow though sticking to everything.
  12. The 12z Euro really doesn't look terrible for NWF mid-week. I'm curious to see which model winds up right with the clipper on Saturday morning. GFS would be a nice little snow hit but the Euro is like "what system".
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