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  1. And the gfs with another little system on Wednesday/Thursday now.
  2. Probably overdoing it but the 18z 3km NAM keeps some areas right in the most favored areas along the nw escarpment as ZR until the very end of the precip Friday.
  3. Still coming down decent on the TN line in elk park. Little over an inch of powder on the parking lot. Little more in the grass. Nice event.
  4. Coming down at a pretty good clip in the tynecastle area. Roads were covered again. Actually a decent rate here in foscoe too at the moment. Little grains though vs the gorgeous flakes we saw most of the day.
  5. 0z EPS had quite a few more members with snow for Boone this weekend. GFS seems to be gradually heading in the right direction as well. Could be the first decent storm if things work out just right.
  6. WWA out for tomorrow. I don't see anything on the models to really warrant that unless I'm missing something but here's hoping I guess. Even the 3k NAM barely has anything.
  7. To be fair not all of us even cash in on the nwfs. I'm quite jealous of bucket, moto and snowjoe because they all seem to do quite well. Best I've seen just south of Boone all season is a half inch at most so far.
  8. GFS /euro both with some overrunning late Friday. Gfs is a little more impressive on the snow front but both obviously go to rain.
  9. Just went into Boone and it wasn't bad there. Whipping hard here at the house though. Feels like stepping out into a tropical storm with sideways rain and 60 degrees.
  10. I wish I could say I was disappointed by the rain here but it's really just expected these days.
  11. Just got home. Nice coating in foscoe. Passed a car on its side near Linville.
  12. Absolutely pouring in elk park. Grass already covered and roads slushing up. Little less in Newland but still some on the grass.
  13. We've managed a solid coating out of this as well. Nice little surprise.