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  1. That's some wild iridescence. I ran into this bizarre 22° halo and a weird concentric white halo up on Roan the other day.
  2. I was up on Roan on Monday evening. They're peaking right now on the Balds.
  3. A friend of mine is finishing up her capstone and could use some replies on this survey. If you or someone you know is afraid of severe weather feel free to fill out this questionnaire. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdY4nTH8acbokjwXN-4xdaSHL8A0bWOUONOVCx_IHZxGUzLIQ/viewform
  4. Finished up with 9.75", just shy of the double digit stuff. Hit up Linville Falls today and it was raging, though.
  5. Another 1.8" overnight brings me to 9.2" storm total. I'm absolutely amazed how relatively low the rivers are around here. The long duration and new spring growth are no doubt helping.
  6. Just dumped the gauge at 7.4". Lots of new development trying to get going to the SE.
  7. Yeah we may see an uptick overnight if the NAM is right. ULL rotating back west just a tad before lifting out.
  8. Up to 6" despite measly radar returns most of the night. Should easily eclipse 10" and may make a run at a foot today/tonight. This south/southeast flow slams my location.
  9. Just shy of 2" today up to a storm total of 5.25". Plenty more to go.
  10. 3.4" IMBY. Ephemeral creek next to the house is roaring.
  11. Almost an inch here in foscoe already. Absolutely dumping with more development downstream. I'll be surprised if we go more than a couple hours without precip through Thursday.
  12. I'm over this week's weather and it hasn't even gotten started. Long range looks unsettled, too. Really hope this doesn't ruin rhododendron season. Early blooms have been really nice.
  13. Seen some video of light snow west of Boone around 4AM this morning. Ready for the warmth later in the week.
  14. NAM/GFS have some light snow above 5kft again on Monday morning.
  15. Nice. Been wanting to get to Grayson in the snow for a long time. Haven't made it happen yet but one of these days...