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  1. Well that's the solution. It is 2020 after all. The year of the rain.
  2. Another low of 36 with more frost than the other morning. Also quite a bit of fog down along 105 to go along with the frost which was kinda weird.
  3. Done been there ha. Interested to see how low we can get tonight. Was surprised that we didn't get into the 30s last night. Down to 54 already right now.
  4. Only managed 41 this morning oddly enough. Seen more monarchs headed south today than I've seen all year. Telltale sign of the end of summer.
  5. 36 with patchy frost at the house this morning. Felt nice. Bring on the leaf season.
  6. I prefer the scout side access myself. If you go make sure to take the Nuwati to Cragway up to the DBS. And swing by Storyteller Rock if you have time. I love that view in the fall.
  7. First worm of the season the other day. Idk what it means but I hope it says cold.
  8. No complaints from me. Just don't let whoever started the 12/13 thread do it.
  9. Actually stayed dry at the house yesterday for the first time in a while. Certainly won't be the case today but it was a nice break.
  10. It's been raining here almost nonstop since noon. I'd gladly trade.
  11. Just lemme know. I highly, highly recommend Babel Tower next. It's a fairly easy/popular hike and a great intro into how steep the Gorge trails can get. Hawksbill is the best peak view although Celestial Point up at the north end is also good. I scrambled/bushwhacked down into a hard to reach spot off the LGT back in the spring for this view. Your best resource by a long shot is Avenza. There are high res maps of the Gorge on there put together by the Gorge Rats (namely the Massey family).
  12. Was this your first trip to the Gorge at all? If so Wisemans is just the start. I've hiked all over that place and done a little climbing/rapelling. It's insane.
  13. That's some wild iridescence. I ran into this bizarre 22° halo and a weird concentric white halo up on Roan the other day.
  14. I was up on Roan on Monday evening. They're peaking right now on the Balds.
  15. A friend of mine is finishing up her capstone and could use some replies on this survey. If you or someone you know is afraid of severe weather feel free to fill out this questionnaire. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdY4nTH8acbokjwXN-4xdaSHL8A0bWOUONOVCx_IHZxGUzLIQ/viewform