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  1. Not sure if there's a corelation between acorns and snow but it sound like a young war here every time a breeze blows.
  2. Whatever happens don't let @BlueRidgeFolklore start it again LOL [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Made 43.5 here. Absolutely phenomenal. Actually had to turn the heat on for the first time.
  4. I was so jealous lol. I've gone sprite hunting several times this year with no luck.
  5. 54/68 today. Not bad. Definitely feels like fall outside.
  6. Saw this neat rainbow yesterday. Coming from the tiniest little shower.
  7. Welcome to WNC! That whole area is absolutely beautiful. Tons of waterfalls, very close to the BRP and you aren't too far from great hiking in NE GA too. That area always does well during Miller As so here's hoping you get a big one this winter.
  8. Down to 63 so far. Hoping we make a run at 49 tonight.
  9. Looks like the Yancey one was actually on August 7th? Weird theyre just now getting around to surveying. Exact same location as the cell I was watching last night though.
  10. Absolutely gorgeous this afternoon. DP has dropped almost 10 degrees so far.
  11. Storm North of Burnsville got real wrapped up for a little bit, surprised it didn't get warned. Maybe a quick TDS, too? Hard to tell around here.
  12. That tornado warned storm looked like it had a TDS for a couple scans there.
  13. More storms moving in from TN. Line looks stout.
  14. Yeah pretty nice day out. High of 67 makes the 2nd day this week below 70. Don't know when the last time that happened in early August.
  15. High of 68.4 today. Very nice for early August.
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