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  1. 1/16-1/17 Event OBS

    Light snow in NW Greensboro
  2. Wed Feb 18th Convective Snow Shower Chances

    Flurries in Guilford College area in Greensboro
  3. February 16th - February 17th Snow/Ice Storm OBS

    Flurries in the Guilford College area...
  4. February Obs

    Flurries and wind in NW GSO.
  5. The Big Dud Observations

    Light snow and 36° in NW Greensboro. Pretty.
  6. 3/3 Winter Storm Obs

    wind cranking and light snow in NW Greensboro.
  7. February Banter II

    There was a huge storm in late Feb. I remember it b/c I was in grad school in east central TX at the time and we had a monster ice storm - the only time I saw freezing precip in 5 years there. And if you think folks in Atlanta (or anywhere else in the SE) don't know what to do when it's slick, you ain't seen nothin' until you've seen Texans when the temp drops below 32. After it left Texas it went up the east coast and I remember being very jealous that I missed a huge snowstorm at home in NC....I think I remember my grandmother in W-S telling me it was up to her knees!
  8. The Big One - Observation

    Snowing now in NW Greensboro.
  9. Burns' Big Banter Bonanza

    I know what you mean....I saw a comment on a similar page (with a snow forecast map of NC) "can you tell me where Greensboro is on this? I've never been good w/ maps haha". I clicked on her profile...you LIVE in Greensboro and you can't find Guilford county on a map? Argh. I hope you don't leave the house much.
  10. 1/28-1/30 SE Winter Storm OBS

    I like how you think...
  11. January Banter

    Tru dat!
  12. 1/28-1/30 SE Winter Storm OBS

    Very small flakes of light snow in NW Greensboro. Thanks to the woodpecker banging on the side of the house I went out and saw them!
  13. SE snow threat 1-15/16?

    Snowing in NW Greensboro!