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  1. Where is that pic at met?
  2. Finished up with 6.04 inches today.
  3. Scanner really lighting up roads being closed a lot of trees and power lines down.
  4. Flash flood warning out for us now I've had 4.80 inches so far today and the wind is rippin.
  5. Send some good vibes up the mtn and help us get our power back on. Lol
  6. Bottom half of the county is still out of power. The local emc said may not be back on until Wednesday. Lots of reports of downed trees from last night still coming in.
  7. Gettin bad here in transylvania county power out everywhere trees down with lots of reports of trees on houses.
  8. Gettin bad here in toxaway and all of transylvania county. Power out and trees down everywhere. I hope these winds start to die down soon.
  9. And there goes the power. Lol
  10. Wind really starting to rock. Reports of downed trees on the scanner.
  11. Winds really starting to pick up here reports of downed trees.
  12. Southern mtns under a high wind warning and flood watch.
  13. Guys the southern escarpment looks to get a lot of rain from this hurricane if this track holds.
  14. This track looks bad for flooding rains in the southern mtns of North Carolina along the southern escarpment.
  15. Man it's pounding here over 2 inches in 45 minutes.