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  1. I’ve had over 7.5” inches of rain since yesterday morning with wind gusting I would say 60-65 mph
  2. Tropical storm watches just posted.
  3. Flash flood warning for Transylvania county. Upper end of the county getting washed away with 2-4 inches of rain falling in a couple of hours.
  4. I’m up to about an 1.50 so far.
  5. Looks like a good 4-6+ for the southern escarpment.
  6. Boyer says 6-8 inches possibly more for the southern escarpment. Brevard to highlands.
  7. More heavy rain tonight. Just like clockwork. Lol
  8. Looks like tp13 has the potential to give the southern apps some problems next week.
  9. Looks like flooding concerns for the southern and eastern escarpment coming this week.