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  1. Up to 3.81. Really been coming down last couple of hours.
  2. Good soaking rain last night and this morning. Picked up .68 so far.
  3. Picked up .41 Tuesday night. Hopefully we can double that this weekend.
  4. When is the next round of rain coming? I’ve got food plots that need planted.
  5. Been raining hard all night 4.28 since midnight and 6.98 since midnight Saturday.
  6. Picked up 1.20 since midnight and 1.00 yesterday bringing my weekly total to 3.99. Looks to be a good southerly upslope through at least Monday night if not most of the week.
  7. Picked up 1.85 from a frog strangler around 2:00 last night.
  8. Picked up 1.63 yesterday in some slow moving storms.
  9. Had a low of 46 this morning and it felt great. I’m ready for fall and winter.
  10. Getting a good thunderstorm. Temp has dropped into the low 70’s.
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