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  1. Picked up 1.85 from a frog strangler around 2:00 last night.
  2. Picked up 1.63 yesterday in some slow moving storms.
  3. Had a low of 46 this morning and it felt great. I’m ready for fall and winter.
  4. Getting a good thunderstorm. Temp has dropped into the low 70’s.
  5. Picked up 9.59 from Wednesday night through this am. 15.09 since Saturday.
  6. I should be approaching 12” since saturday. I’ll h ave to add it up after work.
  7. Flood warning western Transylvania up to 6” already fallen.
  8. Pouring rain all morning. Flood advisory posted 4” of rain since this morning.
  9. 1.25 last night and still pouring. Looks like we’re gonna make a run at 5+.
  10. I’ve picked up 5.40 since yesterday afternoon.
  11. Just had some rough storms roll through with high winds and hail. I’ve also had 6” of rain since midnight.
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