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  1. Heavy rain and some pretty strong wind gusts. 2.60” since last night.
  2. Man these tropical downpours sound like their beating the roof in. Lol
  3. That’s a lot or water. I’ve heard reports of up to 23” 3 miles southwest of rosman.
  4. Cleanup has begun in and around rosman. It’s gonna be a long and hard one but we’ll get through it together.
  5. My rain total since 6 pm Sunday 14.87”. I’ve heard reports of up to 23” in parts of the county since sunday pm. Back to back 100 year floods in 2 days. Wow
  6. I’ve never seen it this high before and I’m 50.
  7. The lower end of the town of Rosman. Evacuation’s are taking place.
  8. Man this flooding is just as bad as Sunday nights.
  9. River at rosman crested at 13.38” 4 th highest on record.
  10. A lot of evacuation’s going on around rosman.
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