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  1. Light flurries in Blowing Rock currently. If we get some snowfall after midnight, that will be five or possibly six consecutive days of snowfall coming up…can’t remember the last time we saw that.
  2. Started as sleet here near Blowing Rock, and that keeps mixing in, but at the moment it is mostly or all snow and POURING. Road is already white.
  3. When freaking Blacksburg has us getting over a foot, and it’s 48+ hours out, it’s probably going to be a big event. They are conservative to say the least, though that’s not always unreasonable.
  4. Here in Blowing Rock it has really picked up in the last half hour. Sounds like there are a lot of problems on the roads in Boone.
  5. I would want to arrive before sunset Saturday, though an hour or two after sunset would probably be ok. Timing isn't nailed down yet, but the heavier stuff seems to start Saturday night through Sunday and possibly the first half of Monday. There are bridges and significant elevation gain between Wilkesboro and Boone (the last 45 minutes of the drive).
  6. Boone was getting it pretty good when I left work at 7. Let up considerably as I got close to Blowing Rock, though the wind certainly did not. 15 degrees at my house.
  7. Having 40+ mph wind gusts blow across my still iced-over home and yard is a scary sound. Lived here for a few years, we've had the ice and we've had plenty of wind, but this is the first time they've been simultaneous. Still, it's been a fun night. Rain changed over to snow on my way home as I drove through Blowing Rock, and has been snowing pretty regularly since. It looks quite pretty outside...now if I can get through the night without power loss or property damage, that would be great.
  8. Pouring snow a couple miles west of Blowing Rock.
  9. Another nice squall here over the last 15 minutes. This is my third winter living right along the Blue Ridge. NWFS events usually don't amount to much in this part of the county, but tonight has been fun.
  10. Fort Myers metro area has ~725,000 people. Naples metro is ~370,000. I get what you are saying here, but I want to remind people there is not a path up South Florida where this storm does not have dangerous impacts for a large population.
  11. Seems to be most powerful in the Atlantic proper, not including Caribbean or GoM.
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