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  1. Crazy thick fog Tonight. Worst I've seen in a while. When the sidewalk is foggy you know it's thick.
  2. Nice squall coming through Blowing Rock right now. Absolutely dumping.
  3. Been snowing on and off all morning. Big flakes but too warm to stick. 37 and snow is better than 37 and no snow, though.
  4. Had to drive down to Charlotte this morning for a bit. Went from 25 at the house to 50 near the airport. It's always a bit warmer there but usually closer to 10-15 degrees rather than 25. Impressive.
  5. Fell off a cliff for a few minutes here with this line of showers. Went from 48 to 42 in about 8 minutes. Might have heard little hail but I didn't hop outside to check.
  6. 0z GFS is SO CLOSE to a nice mountain thump this weekend. Unfortunately temps look close.
  7. Imma need this weekends system to trend NW. Currently no snow AND a rained out 500 is not acceptable lol
  8. GFS is trying so hard. I think we are still definitely in the game. Also I wouldn't be surprised to see the SW mountains get a surprise dusting or inch Tue/Wed if the GFS is right with the cold wrapping around the backside of the low.
  9. Oh yeah I'm not super concerned. Hell even if we don't I'm good with this winter. Beat the crap out of last year.
  10. Really disappointed that this next system didn't work out. Did enjoy the warmer weather the past couple days.
  11. Stuck at 32.7 all night. Barely a dusting. Grandfather will probably be gorgeous once the clouds break later today with the sticky nature of the snow though.
  12. 34 with fat flakes. Hopefully can pick up an inch or so.
  13. No advisory increases the chance of an over performing system by at least 50%. They're just playing reverse psychology to get us some snow.
  14. I'm curious to see how tomorrow night plays out. Been a bit since we had a legit clipper.
  15. Wondered when that run was gonna come. Had been brewing for a couple days. Let's reel it in now.
  16. Just drove up to Tynecastle and holy cow it was dumping. Near white out at times with the wind. Probably a couple inches on the ground.
  17. Finally down to freezing with a sold half a dusting on raised surfaces. The true NW direction should help us overnight. Upstream looks good.
  18. 12z GFS is a couple NW trends away from something big. Been steady light snow here all morning but stuck at 36 with no stickage. Was really hoping it would wait to get started tonight but short range models still look good overnight and first half of tomorrow.
  19. It likes to do that. Definitely take it with a grain of salt. Probably cut those numbers by 1/3 but still a solid 8-12" event.
  20. 18z GFS certainly wasn't bad. I have a hard time buying any long term torch given the Nino and the fact that the models blasted a January torch back in December that never really materialized beyond some short warm ups. If a February "torch" gives me another foot of snow I'll be thrilled.
  21. Only 3/4" here today. Feels eerie outside, though. 58 degrees, almost up 60 degrees since Sunday morning.
  22. It better. I took next Tue-Thu off when I wrote this schedule a while back hoping there would be some snow hiking involved.
  23. I took a far less scenic hike up Grandfather this morning after the mall shut down due to a busted water line. Was hoping for a little more rime ice but the wind and sun had taken care of most of it by 11am from Storyteller Rock.
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