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  1. I like a more westerly flow here at the house. We tend to get down sloped a little bit less for some reason.
  2. I will gladly punt the rest of this winter if I don't have to see this piece of junk pattern again for another decade.
  3. We got some sun and lost our half inch but have picked up another solid dusting since sunset now.
  4. Maybe a half inch here south of Boone. Pretty snow though sticking to everything.
  5. The 12z Euro really doesn't look terrible for NWF mid-week. I'm curious to see which model winds up right with the clipper on Saturday morning. GFS would be a nice little snow hit but the Euro is like "what system".
  6. Yeah when a track like this upcoming weekend brings rain to all of us you know it's a crap pattern.
  7. 18z GFS is a beautiful run from mid next week onward. Unfortunately it's the GFS. And mid next week.
  8. Blew the forecast low of 20 out of the water last night and made it to 14.7. A little snow cover and calm winds goes a long ways.
  9. Just got back from a quick walk on the Parkway up to Rough Ridge on Grandfather. Very little snow on that side, maybe an inch at most. Several sections were mostly bare ground. The wind was absolutely insane, however. First time I've ever been sitting on a rock outcrop and been scooted sideways along the ground in a gust. Easily 60-70MPH up there.
  10. About 2" south of Boone. Looked at webcams this morning and you could still see some grass in town. Definitely a southern mountain special. Congrats guys!
  11. Been a dusting to sunshine to bare ground to dusting and rinse, wash, repeat here so far. Just can't break far enough below freezing to maintain between showers with the downsloping.
  12. Finally down to 32 even with a solid dusting in the last 15 minutes. Absolutely dumped there for a bit.
  13. Been snowing here all morning but hovering just above freezing so no accumulation yet. Currently 32.7
  14. Road conditions should be decent. The traffic on the roads will be the headache. It gets backed up big time on the holidays around Sugar and Beech.
  15. Yeah not terrible. Unfortunately my wife just tested positive for COVID so we have drastically changed our weekend plans in the last hour. We will be sitting here at home for the next few days and going down there another weekend.
  16. Good luck to all you guys. I'll be heading to the North GA mountains on Friday morning so I'll be out of here before the fun stuff starts. Gonna try to get up to the higher elevations on Saturday and enjoy whatever little bit they get down there, though.
  17. 25 here. Station about a half mile up the hill in Seven Devils is reporting 36.9 What I've always found interesting is the wind right along the top of the inversion. It's very breezy just at the treetops here but calm right on ground level.
  18. Getting some flurries here at the house. Cute little snow pellets. Had some road issues around the county this morning from what I read.
  19. 34.7 and rain. Still zr over towards Blowing Rock. How you doing @Buckethead?
  20. Down to 30.9/26.9 HRRR verifying 2-3 degrees too warm right now at the surface. 0z run had me at 33/34 at this point. Mostly clear skies definitely helping maximize radiational cooling right now.
  21. I just wanted to pop by and say a big thank you to all that info you are posting lately. I find the climo/history stuff absolutely fascinating and incredibly useful, I just don't have time to dig it all up myself. So thanks a ton for what you are doing over there! You're the only thing keeping me checking that thread amidst the doom-n-gloom that tends to bleed into it. :)


    Hopefully this works, it wouldn't let me send a message. 


    1. GaWx


       You're welcome, Tyler, and thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoy the climo/history. I really enjoy looking back in wx history, especially for the SE, and sharing what I find when I think it would be interesting and/or useful for looking ahead. It's nice to know that others like yourself also enjoy it.

  22. WWA up from RNK. Color me surprised, I figured they'd wait this one out like they usually do.
  23. We spiked to 48 earlier and holding steady about 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the county. Had a good bit of sun but clouding back up now. Pretty much par for the course in downslopeville.
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