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  1. Stayed above freezing which melted some off but temps going into free fall in the last few minutes. Down 2 degrees in the last 10.
  2. You can tell who bothers plowing. Blowing Rock inside city limits is always a mess. Lived there for a couple years when I first moved up here and they had no clue how to handle the roads.
  3. 6.5" and rates have lightener up enough to switch to light rn/sn mix.
  4. Just passed 6" looking like potentially double digits before all is said and done with those returns back in TN.
  5. Over 5" now and still pouring. About time. Winter, I missed you.
  6. 3" and pouring. Just got to the house after shutting the store down early. Absolutely gorgeous snow.
  7. Yep temps still falling here back to 33 and dumping. HRRR is definitely hot garbage on temps.
  8. Temp has stalled at 34.9 at the house. Wife said it is rate dependent. Either moderate snow or drizzle. HRRR had me near 40 this afternoon so we'll see but so far so good.
  9. Good to get that Erwin report. A buddy and I are looking at hitting some waterfalls out there tomorrow (namely Margaret and Bailey) so was hoping they were gonna stay snow.
  10. Temp up to 34 but falling again slightly. Heavier rates keeping big fat flakes coming down.
  11. Temperature spiking up now. Almost 34 as rates have slowed way down.
  12. Temp holding steady around 30.9/31.1 here. DPs rising a bit with the moderate snow but still coming down good. Rates alone should help keep us snow looking downstream.
  13. We've actually dropped to 30.5. 28 here at the store in Blowing Rock. HRRR way off... so far. Best rates of the season so far as well. Very pretty snow.
  14. Light snow with a dusting already. Temp at 31.6 but I am concerned with the warm nose the HRRR stubbornly keeps moving in later today.
  15. HRRR seems to be underestimating the southern and eastern extent of precip, along with intensity.
  16. We beat our forecast high by a decent amount today but already down to 33/24. Falling pretty fast right now.
  17. It's been struggling lately. Tending to be over amped.
  18. NW mountains are in a weird spot. I have no real idea what to expect which is strange this close to go time. Off work Tuesday so I need it to do something good lol.
  19. This is the mountain thread. So yeah, we ain't mad.
  20. Evidently there was some thundersnow up north of Boone today.
  21. Getting some PHAT flakes now. Changed over completely to half dollars for a couple minutes back to a mix now.
  22. Got a rain/sleet(?) mix falling here. Weird, slushy sleet.
  23. 18z GFS gets the border counties sub-zero on Tuesday morning and very close Saturday morning. Interestingly the last two times Boone went below zero it happened in back to back winters. Most recently 13-14/14-15. Can we keep the streak alive with a 22-23/23-24?
  24. This SPC is very optimistic about that warm front progression. Surprised they have anyone North of i-20 in Georgia under a slight risk. NAM has dewpoints around Atlanta still in the low/mid-50s at 6pm tomorrow.
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