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  1. 13 here in Foscoe. I'm cautiously optimistic about that clipper/NWFS potential next week. Some moderate agreement between the Euro/gfs, although I'm rooting for the Euros timing personally. Would love to hit Roan in the snow next Tuesday.
  2. It was 36 and raining when I got to work this morning. Heck of a day to get in 5 pallets of product, first big delivery like that in months. Only managed 1.09" here at the house. Little underwhelming but still a nice dent in the deficit.
  3. 18z gfs has multiple frozen precip chances. Definitely think the El Nino is gonna take over soon.
  4. Looking like this coastal low into the weekend might finally shake up the pattern a bit. Both the gfs/euro looking much cooler in the extended.
  5. Actually managed 0.32" today. Nice slow soak will help with the fire issues in the county.
  6. 19.2 this morning. Got to the store and had no heat which made for a fun morning.
  7. 22/41 today. Not bad for the first day of November. Saw a little snow up around Moses Cone in that gap this morning. It almost always has some with how the wind comes through there though.
  8. Sitting at 37.8 at the moment. Did manage another 0.04" of rain since midnight which brings me to half a tenth for the event LOL
  9. 0.01" in the bucket so at least I didn't get skunked.
  10. I haven't had a lot of shooting time since I got back from put west but made it out some today. Definitely a good color year and a crazy sunset.
  11. That long range storm on the GFS is interesting. Very close to the first proper snow storm for the higher elevations.
  12. Coldest morning of the season here so far at 33.1 this morning. Getting late to have not see a freeze here yet. Rode up on Grandfather for sunrise and it was 42 up there so nice inversion overnight.
  13. Man I'm jealous. Congrats guys. Only snow i saw today was some leftovers up on Pikes Peak lol.
  14. Here's a few pics for you guys. All taken between 9 and 11kft on I-70. Nice way to spend a kid October day.
  15. I'm right behind ya. Landed in Denver this morning and headed over the pass tonight to Colorado National Monument.
  16. Just spent a couple days down around the Balsams and it was nice albeit more cloudy than I would have liked from a photographer point of view. Mid-40s this morning at sunrise. Ready for the cold. I'll be out in Colorado/New Mexico late next week through early the next, just in time for the leaves to peak lol.
  17. If we keep this dry/cooler pattern it'll be great for the leaves though. Especially if we pick up a couple more CAD events to drop just a little rain/drizzle.
  18. Not sure if there's a corelation between acorns and snow but it sound like a young war here every time a breeze blows.
  19. Whatever happens don't let @BlueRidgeFolklore start it again LOL [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  20. Made 43.5 here. Absolutely phenomenal. Actually had to turn the heat on for the first time.
  21. I was so jealous lol. I've gone sprite hunting several times this year with no luck.
  22. 54/68 today. Not bad. Definitely feels like fall outside.
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