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  1. Got blanked yesterday at the house but managed 2 tenths today. Big totals keep missing us. Blowing Rock has been racking up though with torrential downpours at the store the last couple of days.
  2. Did a little better this morning at 57.5. Looks like the heat is back though, unfortunately.
  3. Only made it to 59 here but fantastic for July. Way better than what my family down in GA is dealing with lol
  4. Well, it rained. Not even enough to register 0.01" on my gauge but raindrops nonetheless.
  5. Congrats. We got jipped again. Hasn't rained since we moved the vegetables into the ground.
  6. Hopefully we get some rain, I'm only at 0.58" for the month.
  7. 49/66 for us. Keep this rolling all summer and I'll be a happy camper.
  8. Models completely missing these storms coming across the border. Even the 0z HRRR doesn't have them which is impressively bad initialization. Looks loud for the next bit if they don't fall apart.
  9. Driving down 40 between Asheville and Old Fort this afternoon was not fun. Ran into quite a bit of pea to dime size hail and strong winds with zero visibility coming down the hill. Saw several cars that had hydroplaned coming through a downpour in Asheville too.
  10. I don't think the weather gets much better than today. Looks toasty next week.
  11. 32.0 yesterday and 30.9 today. Loving this weather.
  12. Don't worry the NAM still tries to get some flurries in for ya.
  13. Over an inch of rain with this cell so far in the past couple hours.
  14. Air temp dropped from 55 to 39 in half an hour earlier today. Saw some snow mix in with the rain this afternoon in Blowing Rock, looks like the Parkway saw some heavy stuff up around the Viaduct and up.
  15. 3.5" since midnight so far. Local streams were rocking when I got off work. Had some straight up mini tropical depressions rolling through this afternoon. Definitely not helping the 105 mess they're trying to clean up.
  16. I rented a telephoto lens and dealt with some serious light rings/abberation which sucked. Still managed some solid pics out of it and it was an absolutely amazing experience. So much better than 2017 if nothing else due to the length. At 4m 8s of totality I really had time to enjoy it. These were all taken from Herrin, Illinois. I hope to have a time lapse video together soon as well.
  17. Solid half inch on raised surfaces like the porch and cars but nothing sticking to the ground. Had a couple of decent showers roll through in the last little bit.
  18. I saw thundersnow in April of 2016 or 2017 (one of my first couple years up here anyways) from a similar system. Honestly it can do whatever it wants as long as it's clear wherever I wind up at on Monday lol
  19. Bottomed out at 25 with heavy frost this morning. Already back to 50°
  20. 32, windy and where did the warm weather go.
  21. Hit 21 with enough flurries on the ground to call it a trace this morning. Interested to see how the pattern shakes out over the next month with a Nina coming in hot. Wouldn't be surprised to see some big severe threats in April.
  22. My whole yard is coming up daffodils. Looks like some of my removal efforts last year may have made the problem a bit more widespread. LOL
  23. The Euro partied too hard the night before CAD day in college.
  24. Crazy thick fog Tonight. Worst I've seen in a while. When the sidewalk is foggy you know it's thick.
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