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  1. Does the tight pressure gradient/high winds ahead of the Low help to push the warm nose at the 850mb level? Sorry if this is a sophmoric question
  2. 75/25 snow sleet mix in Simpsonville S.C. just southeast of I385/I85 interchange
  3. 20 degrees now at 815 pm in Simpsonville about 10miles due south of GSP
  4. Can confirm light snow and sleet south of GSP in Simpsonville
  5. Ripping big flakes in Gray Court, SC south of Mackeral Sky's Simpsonville home 74593D14-7E14-49A3-B948-647810B90730.MOV
  6. Any chance for sleet at onset of precip today south of 85 in SC?41/28 in Laurens SC now. Thanks
  7. 36 rain/sleet near back gate of Hertage Park, Simpsonville, SC
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