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  1. Looks good for Eastern folks. They may be hates, but they deserve a good one LOL
  2. If the on-air mets thought the last one was hard to forecast... this one will be a treat.
  3. Looking forward to tracking Thursday - Saturday. EURO v. GFS
  4. GFS has storms back to back to back to back . This pattern looks amazing!
  5. Ending (my) day with 12.9in.. He’ll of a storm! Let’s do it again soon!!
  6. Think this last little pop coming into Henderson might be things wrapping up. Holy hell what a storm! I’ll measure after that’s done with. Cheers!
  7. Radar coming in from GA looks solid. Let’s see what it does!
  8. I think most of us can squeak out another 2-3in before the end. It has been a wild ride!! Live for this sh*t! Could be in for a surprise though. Here's to hoping that moisture pouring into the mountains pivots and keeps it going for a few hours!
  9. Heavy fatties pouring again. Anyone tired of me posting yet? LOL
  10. Anyone ready to do this again next week? GFS did sniff today's out first...
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