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  1. 12z NAM totals for the border counties... incredible! Have fun up there y'all!
  2. 0z CMC is ... a DREAM. I've been bored so far this winter so I am going to hug that one for a few, lol.
  3. Sitting at 37/21 here. Happy it is cold at least. Smell of fireplaces in the air. Itching for some flakes though!
  4. We've done this time and time again. It's fun to watch. And we're 5-6 days out. Let's keep watching!
  5. All weenie-feelings aside, the pattern looks incredible!
  6. Well, THAT certainly got my attention, lol. Cue the social media hype... sigh....
  7. Nasty ice storm showing up on the 06z GFS for next week.
  8. Happy first day of Fall my friends. Cheers to an amazing winter season ahead!
  9. This NFW means business. Heavy snow all the way down here. Not sticking, but wild to see! Enjoy fellas!
  10. Work has been insane but just caught the GFS. Let's reel it in!
  11. Who's excited to track next week's ice storm? Haha!
  12. Went for a drive around town. Coming down at a good clip in Hendersonville!
  13. Woke up to a solid dusting and it’s snowing moderately at the moment. Nice surprise!
  14. Just exited the main precip here. That NWF looks like a BEAST.
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