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  1. Long range looking sad AF. Ready for Spring at this point. Haven't even seen a dusting this season. (WEENIE POST)
  2. Just checking in even though it's crickets around here. At this point, hoping for a late season SMASHER. Time will tell... Hope y'all are doing well!
  3. 34 here with a little sleet. Thought I'd at least get a snow shower
  4. Unfortunately it’s a slider. Maybe I’ll catch a streamer tonight or tomorrow morning. Congrats to y’all up there again. I need to move to the high country ASAP. .
  5. Snow down to the SC coast on the 12z GFS HR186… phew! .
  6. Not going to lie, 65 degrees feels nice at the moment. .
  7. Congrats to everyone who cashed in! Amazing pictures! Ended up with less than a dusting here overnight. This cold and sun is a slap in the face without snow [emoji23] .
  8. Finally some decent showers down here. Not expecting accumulation but hell I’m just glad to see it falling!! 1 perfect streamer setup overhead LOL. .
  9. 421/1 here. Maybe I will see a flake fly! LOL. Advisory says a trace to an inch. Safe call.
  10. Congrats to everyone who cashed in yesterday and last night! Nada at the house. This morning temp dropped from 37 to 28 within 90 minutes! .
  11. Down to 37 here. Precip looked like it was moving south and then said NOPE.
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