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  1. Dodged a bullet with this one. Thank god...
  2. Down to 34 now. I’ll take any and all warm nose I can get. Don’t have a good feeling about this one.
  3. Already down to 39 at the house. Maybe the weenie coming out but, starting to get nervous!
  4. Me too. I cannot recall ever seeing that much ice forecasted especially along the escarpment. It would be devastating
  5. We shall see. When it comes to ice, I'd rather be an alarmist than anything else. If you're caught by surprise with it, it can be very serious. I hate the stuff.
  6. Sorry for the map overload. But equally as concerned about this.
  7. Could be. The NAM looks more reasonable. Not for my area. I am rooting for cold rain.
  8. Certainly not what I wanted to see.
  9. Things are looking bleak. Truly hope we don’t get as much ice as the models are showing. Might take a half day to get some prep done.
  10. Praying the 00z NAM runs are incorrect. Horrifying.
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