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  1. what are you talking about? This storm is performing like it was predicted to. 2-4 inches around the triangle, 3-6 inches points northeast. No one predicted a foot of snow anywhere in NC or VA. you can't hug models when they're spewing clown maps and choose to ignore experienced mets who predict reasonable totals. Thats on you.
  2. where do you see that? if anything, its playing out as expected and its trending towards more snow.
  3. From Robert. thinks the nam is too warm temp wise. Someone is getting 10+ inches out of this
  4. i'm not trying to get my hopes up too high as many of us know..but i will say that in the past, alot of storms trended warmer and less snowy the closer we got. this is the opposite. it's been trending snowier and storms that trend snowier the closer you get tend to verify. local mets and NWS will always be conservative until the signs are too strong to be denied. Always easier to bust with higher totals than getting cold rain when you predict 10 inches. I like Eric Webb's take on this. also WXSOUTH, one of the mets i respect the most had a great discussion on why this thing might overperform.
  5. yep sounds like he's all in. Putting all my chips in too
  6. RAH Wont bite unless every model is showing 5+ inches within 12 hours. i don't blame them we've all been burned so many times being conservative just makes sense
  7. after some sleet and a lull in precipitation snow is picking back up again.. which i didn't expect. the HRRR was on to something here
  8. just changed over to sleet/snow mix. Folks in N Wake co it's coming..
  9. east raleigh close to knightdale. it's calmed down a bit tho
  10. HRRR was showing the sleet line holding and not getting through wake until 7 or 8 this morning. You guys should have atleast another 4 hours of all snow after that so i can see it being a reality.
  11. moderate snow here in east raleigh. cars getting covered quickly. per radar there is a heavy band moving NE that should hit Wake in about an hour or so
  12. Due to it's history yes the NAM has been great sniffing out the warm nose. But that doesn't mean it isn't prone to mistakes. The HRRR has a good record too in this time frame. could go either way