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  1. Kraychav

    Florence Observations

    The water has risen significantly in Lumberton in the last 3 hours. Some of the heaviest rain of the storm for that time period. Several boat rescues. Street in front of my house is flooded, which didn't happen during Matthew. Hard to believe this is happening again less than two years later. People were more prepared but the damage will be catastrophic.
  2. Kraychav

    Florence Observations

    I'm a Robesonian and proud of it. We get a bad rap lots of times and sometimes deservedly. However, our people came together in a wonderful and powerful way after Hurricane Matthew, and we're going to do it again after this storm. Already water rescues starting here. Many of the same areas flooding as two years ago. This is what folks came together to do yesterday to try to protect our community. https://www.robesonian.com/news/115395/5000-sandbags-two-berms-in-place-at-i-95-bridge
  3. Kraychav

    Florence Observations

    Would you mind posting a link to this graphic, please? Thanks.
  4. Kraychav

    Hurricane Florence

    Yep, some of the strongest gusts in Lumberton have been in the last 15 minutes or so. Looks like the center of circulation is 55-60 miles SSE of us.
  5. Kraychav

    Florence Observations

    First squall moved through a short time ago. 55 mph gust!