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  1. Bro dont even go there he has a reputation in SE forum. My best advice is to walk away. No need to get banned
  2. Everybody breaks a law every now and then. Did you know it's illegal to mow your grass towards the road (NC). Also you can still whip your wife on the steps of the Durham courthouse on Sunday. So my men out there with a disobedient wife you can start whipping
  3. Ok the story behind this pic is. I saw my 1992 cub scout trophy floating away. I jumped into the river and saved it. You can call me a hero if you want too. #hero (The shirt is ripped because of the raging flood waters)
  4. Ok so they broke the record in 1877. I would say more than likely this is easily a 300 year event. So there is a .33% chance of this hapenning every year for the next 300 years. Me winning the lottery or a mega tusnami wiping out the eastern seaboard in the next 300 years is like .00001%. Am sorry, but it's all about numbers bro. A minor event in the large scale of time.
  5. Did the best I could. Took 45 minutes to make it less than 1.95mb. Approaching 5 inches here NE of Greensboro
  6. The recorded time on this earth that we have is small. The level of Katrina is considered great in current thinking. if you wanna see a serious event go here. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Molokai_Volcano
  7. First off don't blasphemy the lord in mocking his great power. Second if the levees would have never failed it would only be remembered in south Mississippi.
  8. In the bible of our lord. It rained 40 days and 40 nights. Maybe what SE NC got like 2-3 days. It's a flood but nothing like our lord did. Low end event.
  9. There is a story behind this scooter. It was stolen from a store from someone I know who is a part of this site. I have to get more information first, but I'll let you know soon
  10. The dollar general in Wilmington was looted and the management was like let them be. It could have changed by now, but was posted on the Twitter account. (Sheriffs office)
  11. Yes I will agree this is a significant event for NC, but with that being said If you live near a river or the coast line this is to be expected a few times in your lifetime. There is going to be massive flooding. I dont know am just not impressed yet. That opinion could change over the next few days but so far am like meh...
  12. No matter what happens the sun will still rise torrommow. Not like this is a extinction type event omg
  13. Man has balls of steel. Alot braver than me no doubt. His luck will eventually run out. Let's just hope its not this time.
  14. I was gonna post my thoughts, but the heat is on in here. I'll just come back later. Am on thin ice already.
  15. No reported deaths, no one on top of roofs, no piers gone, no major damage reported. Just a typical Carolina hurricane. They was talking like another Hazel. #joke