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  1. Good for you! I'm in Portsmouth and I think we are between 1-2 inches. Hard to tell, its blowing and drifting here everywhere
  2. Very light flurries started about 10 minutes ago in Portsmouth, VA
  3. Its ripping in Portsmouth, quickly down to 36
  4. Yeah, really heavy snow now. Already have over 1 inch and the roads are covered
  5. Moderate to Heavy snow now in Portsmouth, 35 degrees. It transitioned quick!
  6. Sleet now mixing in with the rain in Norfork. 41 degrees
  7. Im sitting between 3.5 to 4 inches of snow in Portsmouth but it is really picking up. You may want to hold off on that Norfolk Total for a few hours
  8. Just starting here as light snow with a temp of 32 degrees in Portsmouth, VA
  9. Just beginning to lighten up before ending. Its impossible to measure but last one was 10 inch's early morning and we got good rates today. I would estimate at least 12-13 inch's.
  10. I measured 10' a couple of hours ago, but its drifting and blowing everywhere. It is snowing again at a pretty good clip so I think we will end up with at least a foot by the time it stops
  11. Well I know we got over 10, but its blowing and drifting everywhere so hard to tell. The wind is really gusting, I feel bad for anyone who lost power
  12. Guess I'm one of the few still up. I'm sitting at over 8 inch's now with a temp down to 30 degrees and still coming down hard! I got about 2 inch's in the last hour
  13. Absolutely pouring down snow now! Up to about 6.5 inch's. Heaviest rates by far of the night
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