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  1. I was at the farm in Stuart this morning and getting the very light flurries but noticed the radar really filled in nicely with the heavier returns just east towards Martinsville. Glad you got a surprise!
  2. Very light flurries up at the farm in Stuart Va and in Kernersville. Maybe a teaser for Magnificent March!
  3. Ugh....the silence is deafening. Its either Winter Cancel, or everyone is playing out their deepest superstitions by not talking about it. Either way our winter is two days away from being half over. (I view anything in March as icing on a very rare cake) We're gonna need some serious halftime adjustments because our first half ended by dropping the ball before we crossed the goal line. The fans are restless.
  4. I've been watching this board for many years now and I honestly cant recall a storm modeled like that. I'm gonna say that doesnt pan out quite that way.
  5. I was happy to see my dusting and got some cool drone footage flying in the snow. But I invested waaayyy to much sleepy time in Katherine. Lesson learned when we dont have a reliable cold source. We easily had the QPF for a 3-5" storm in the Triad. But relying on the boundary layer to win the day for us was just delirium. Wont fall for that again.
  6. Got the drone up! First time flying in the snow. That was cool. May try to film later once everything is fully coated. If only.......
  7. LOL. My daughter lives in Noda and is freaking out. She's like Dad, its circling me but it wont snow here!
  8. You're about to change your tune my friend. Maybe only for 30 minutes, but it's coming.
  9. you can watch the pivot happen right around Boonville and East Bend on radar. Precip moves NNW and then stops and starts filling back in moving ESE. Should be a fun afternoon for many.
  10. Likely so. I've been watching the radar like a hawk the last hour and sure enough the northerly movement of the precip around the triad has just about stopped. Starting to see some precip heading ESE out of the mountains now. I love my chances at a full afternoon snow at the farm in Stuart now. It's just going to set up camp right over my barn! EDIT - temp has dropped below freezing now too. Sticking like crazy!
  11. Starting to get a little excited that the farm in Stuart might end up near the pivot. Radar looks quite robust back to the WSW and as the day progresses all of that moisture looks to swing thru. I'm quickly headed for a half inch on the security cams, but stay tuned, this could get interesting real quick. For you too @BornAgain13 and @Buddy1987
  12. Full dusting now in Stuart Va. Still coming down at a good clip. Maybe squeeze out a half inch or so?
  13. Dropping the hammer at the farm in Stuart VA. Will easily give me a dusting there over the next 30 minutes. Big ole flakage. EDIT - coming down in buckets now, ground going white quick. Too bad I have to watch through my security cams.
  14. I expected to be taking this photo here in the Triad. Thanks for giving me that visual @Disc. I needed closure.