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  1. Local forecast now dropped from 8" down to 5". Unless Benji jumps to the coast and expands the radar returns quickly, we're gonna dry slot the entire piedmont of NC and watch our chances for sledding tomorrow morning melt away at 33°.
  2. Any of my VA friends have a report from the Stuart area? Want to head back up tomorrow morning but would love to know what I am getting in to.
  3. Sitting at the mall in winston and nothing is sticking....yet. i see where this is headed. Snowmageddon during friday rush hour. As soon as the sun angle drops, about 4:30, everything will start freezing over. Tonight is gonna be a disaster as the roads have no brine, no salt, no nothing. On a cool note, how often do you get to drive 70mph down I40 in a heavy snow! What a bitchin cool effect that was!
  4. 34° is the magic number. Finally dropped here around kernersville and now sticking everywhere. Big fluffy flakes!
  5. I85 battle lines being drawn for today. Should shift SE tonight. If my drive from stuart va back to winston tells a story, the story is 34°. At 34 up in stuart everything was accumulating. As soon as I dropped back below 1000 ft in elevation it switched back to white rain. Still white rain here in kvegas at 35-36°. Gonna snow all day and not a thing to show for it until after dark.
  6. Full on wet snow here at Hanging Rock State Park in Danbury. you can barely see the top of the mountain.
  7. 99.9% of the time it probably makes sense for you not to report in the SE forum. But for today you are one of us!! Thanks for the obs and post. Happy for your white pre-christmas along the gulf coast!
  8. All frozen mix now as i head up to Stuart from the Triad. Should be all snow by the state line.
  9. Good grief.....local forecast on WU now upped....again....to 8" for the Triad. Unreal!
  10. Light snow mix in Walnut Cove.
  11. Damn, wait.....it is sleeting here in Kvegas too! Ok, thermal profiles falling in line early. Maybe Benji has some legs!
  12. Wife just texted that it is sleeting over in winston.
  13. Wow, local point and click forecast via WU is now up to 6" for the triad. Good luck with that. There better be a deform band coming thru over night Friday night cuz I dont see that shaking out today. Snow and 40° dont usually the best bedfellows make!
  14. I understand the frustration Buddy and somewhat agree. But in their defense, until we overcome these warm sfc temps it could snow all day and still be a big nothingburger of a storm. So they may not feel it necessary for a WSW to be issued. I think Danville has a WWA at least. But some commentary on the situation would be nice.