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  1. Mack did move to Iowa and I hope he stops by the SE forum a few times to share details of his winter with us. I have a feeling he will miss the SC warmups and rue the plains winter.
  2. Clipped 80° here in the Triad. Pretty sure its all downhill from here folks. Beautiful fall so far but Delta may blow the early color off the trees this weekend. Looking forward to pegging that first freeze. I'll say Old Man Winter plays along with 2020 and go with election day here at KGSO. Everyone can freeze to death waiting outside to vote. In the meantime......
  3. Hurricane Delta - "Hold my beer and watch this" A little to early to write her / him / it off with a low intensity forecast. If Delta gets through a full ERC and accelerates a bit you could easily be dealing with another deteriorating Cat 4 storm similar to a Katrina. I hate that comparison, but its valid nonetheless.
  4. You stand a better chance of folks knowing Greek Yogurt flavors these days than the Greek alphabet. Its 2020, bring on Hurricane Strawberry Cheesecake!
  5. Jeff Petrosky.....OMFG. i swear when aliens finally decide to go public and invade, I want him narrating our demise.
  6. Asymetrical appearance......radar attenuation? . .
  7. Ok, that makes sense. I would also wager that average monthly low temp is captured predominantly from the last 5 days of Sept. But even that 46° is a bit surprising to me for the Triad.
  8. No ill will my friend, but basic statistics say otherwise. The first month of the autumn, September, is still a warm month in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with average temperature varying between 59.5°F (15.3°C) and 81.3°F (27.4°C). Temperature In Winston-Salem, the average high-temperature is practically the same as in August - a warm 81.3°F (27.4°C). The average low-temperature, in Winston-Salem, is 59.5°F (15.3°C). Or to be clear, are you saying the average historical monthly low temp is 46°?
  9. I really enjoyed the "immature" Reed Timmer who was genuinely excited about the chase and wanted to take us along with him whether the storm panned out or not. After watching the Laura feed, I absolutely cant stand him. His persona has been corrupted for commercialized purposes. The Laura chase completely exposed who he is now, constantly asking his cameraman "Chris" how he wanted to set up the next shot. We got to see his canned reactions practiced over and over again to be filmed for distribution to news outlets. I get it, thats his living and the intensity sells. But knowing what we are seeing today from Reed is total BS dramatically alters his watchability for me. It used to be passion and curiousity in the "old days". Now its "hey Chris, how loud do you want me to scream on this next shot?" Get rid of the crew Reed and just be you.
  10. This has to be the hottest 77° I've ever felt this morning. The humidity is unbelievably oppressive. Combine that with bright sunshine and ugh! Saturday cannot get here fast enough. Can I buy a breeze too?
  11. In 2020 fashion, here's to hoping the word "glacier" becomes a concern for the mountains this year. Looking forward to some of that excess snow making its way to the foothills. No hoarding up there!
  12. Hello....hello...hello.....Echo.....Echo....Echo.... Seriously, did the SE forum take August off? Fall is almost here folks! Time to spread some lime and fertilizer! Time to ready the plows Frosty! The only member I've seen in days is Burnsie and thats only because he moderated one of my posts over in the Laura thread...thanks Mr Burns. I know its the last few Dog Days, but there is so much great weather just a calendar flip away. It's almost fall.....let's do this!
  13. There ya go! Thanks Windspeed. No chance I'm on that boat.....ever.
  14. My daughter ran across some footage from a barge / tugboat company on Tik Tok. No idea how to share that here, sorry, but needless to say it was terrifying....I mean seriously terrifying. I cant believe those guys stay on the boats for the entire storm, every storm, to ensure the barges arent lost. The noises from the wind, metal and ropes creaking would fry my brain in an hour.
  15. Surprised there isnt a peep in here about potential impacts from Laura as it scrapes across the northern tier of the forum this weekend. But that still covers a lot of us. Van Denton last night had a graphic of 35mph winds. I can tell you with all the rain we've had recently combined with the broken, dead or rotting trees that seem to be everywhere this year, those winds will easily cause some power outages over the weekend. Looks like rainfall potential is limited to less than 2" for most.