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  1. If accurate, this is not flash flooding. There is water intrusion from an unknown source. I dont want this to be a Katrina scenario. But damn if it isnt eerily similar.
  2. Purely looking at the traffic maps the evacuation looks pretty anemic. Usual backups on I-10 but thats about it. I really hope these folks know what they signed up for.
  3. Ah yes, Professor Burns has entered the chat. Thanks for imparting that wisdom Burnsie! Regardless of flooding, part of the reason you evacuate (beyond death and destruction) is the lack of ability to provide basic services, food, water, gas, electricity for extended periods of time for large populations. Nobody needs to drown to have storm related misery, riots, death and destruction. As someone supplying emergency services equipment and support during my day job, I can tell you the disaster services industry is in a huge pickle right now and is lacking equipment because the gov't just sucked it all up for Afghan camps in the last 96 hours. I have personally supplied Quantico, Goodfellow AFB, Fort Bliss and Fort Dix this week. These folks wont be getting much FEMA help I can assure you of that.
  4. And they have the potential to relive 2005 all over again. (I said potential) I know for sure that this is on blast all across the gulf region. Hopefully the tone of the broadcast alerts is enough to move some people out. This has disaster written all over it and folks will be waking up to their Cat 3 tomorrow morning with nowhere to go.
  5. Love the new look and colors, very clean. Still figuring out whats new....other than the humiliation of the badge thingy.
  6. GSP issuing the warnings ahead of that storm. Likely radar indicated, cant find any reports of TOG.
  7. Just about time to put this one in the archives. There's nothing left to get on the long range. Spring has sprung. The 90 day outlooks for Oct/Nov/Dec are just 6 months away! Now get out there and get those weeds people!! We may need a spring rain whining thread.
  8. Tornado warning on campus at UNCC but it looks south of campus to me. Sirens going off
  9. Tornado warning eastern triad. Rotating cell headed into Thomasville area and then out to I85 east of GSO.
  10. Wutchu talkin' bout Willis? I'll take my liquid in any form today. The grass seed is ready!
  11. Well I have a frozen mix on tap here in the Triad with a high of 60° and a low of 44°. There must be some serious government testing going on. Likely to see some of that plastic snow that wont melt and just burns like they had in Texas. As long as it shovels easily I guess I'm cool with artificial snow.
  12. Bright sunshine and 51 here in the Triad. But it sorta smells like snow, and I just mowed my yard which usually brings the snow in pretty quick. Hopefully that cloud deck rolls in soon. I'm loving my chances for some accums between star gazing sessions.
  13. No, it was the Sarcastic Method that was used. Other than that your post was accurate.
  14. Anywhere between 50° and 72° you wont ever hear a peep out of me. Ideal working conditions no matter the job!
  15. Once this weekend uneventfully passes, you guys need to seek help immediately. This winter is going to scar a lot of folks. I'm going back to my previously scheduled mild and rainy spring where the weeds are already ankle high.
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