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  1. Welcome Bertha! May your rains be small.
  2. We are being forced to choose between 70°, dark and drizzly for days on end or a heatwave and drought. This switch is gonna flip later in June and we'll be begging for a break. 2020 weather is about as bad as the rest of the year so far. Can we please dial up a week of 80°, sunshine, low humidity and a 10mph breeze? This current pattern is just wrong.
  3. Nailed it. Breaking out the cayak!
  4. I'm seriously going postal if it stays cloudy / rainy into next week. Look for me on the 11 oclock news next Thursday night. I'll give a shoutout to the SE forum as they handcuff me. It looked like a tornado went through my farm in Stuart last night. The amount of tree debris, downed trees and broken limbs was amazing. Dan River had some white caps on the ride home this afternoon.
  5. The persistent wind gusts are impressive. Really doing a fine job of clearing out weak trees and dead branches. Had a widowmaker fall in the back yard. Trees are bouncing on power lines somewhere close by. Where was this cutoff low in January??
  6. It'll be a sneaker, if anything. So stay alert down there.
  7. Ditto. I am hollaring at my daughter in downtown clt to pay attention. Sorry to interrupt wine and movie night......
  8. Tornado warning on #2 now. Headed for downtown clt.
  9. Dang, this really validated!! Snowing up in the VA and WVA hill country along the I81 and I77 corridors.
  10. Ok, well that was a fine wake up call in Kernersville. Whatever that was that went by just to my SW was in a big freaking hurry. Phone and lightning woke me up at the same time. There was no warning at all when these storms are moving at 70mph. Probably why FFC couldnt get ahead of the GA storms earlier this evening.
  11. Brad's driving is giving me the chills. Giving chasers a bad name and supporting an unfortunate reputation. Driving the wrong way down a 4 lane divided highway? C'mon Brad.
  12. Who's reeling this one in? Oh wait, did it already go "poof"? Thats ok, I'm getting a dusting per day right now of the yellow snow.
  13. When no one is here to see your post, its like it never even happened. You should stir the pot and start a snow thread for it.
  14. First sunburn of the season on Belews Lake today. Stunning early spring weather!