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  1. kvegas-wx

    2018 Banter Thread

    If avg temps get any hotter than the last 2 weeks we will be looking at a string of hundies with unbearable indexes. Bring on October asap!
  2. kvegas-wx

    2018 Banter Thread

    Is there even weather anymore? Shouldnt this site morph into AmericanBanter.com? I mean normal weather would be just fine. But going from cold snaps to 90's in May to flooding rainfall to b..o..r..i..n..g is not fun. What ever happened to a good ole fashioned afternoon pop up thunderstorm?
  3. kvegas-wx

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    Its actually worse than heat.....its called humidity! And it sucks. And it promotes weed growth in my weed lawn.
  4. kvegas-wx

    May 2018 Obs

    We never had a spring. Probably the thing I hate most lately about living in the Carolinas. Spring has been almost nonexistent the last few years. We went from 40's to 80's in 3 weeks. And now 80's with insane humidity. Gonna be a long sweaty summer. On a bright note, the grass is green and the ponds are full. Plenty of wet thus far with more on the way this week.
  5. kvegas-wx

    2018 General Tropical Discussion

    Hoping it ends just as calmly. Another season like last year and there wont be any Carribbean Islands to visit. I'd vote for weak systems that toss a little rain up here about once a month.
  6. kvegas-wx

    APRIL 2018 OBS

    34° and getting ready for 2" of snow......as i land in Chicago. Ugh!!! The winter that wont die. I guess this is better than the 2" of pollen that was on my truck this morning.
  7. kvegas-wx

    Apr 15 2018 severe weather thread

    Sirens going off at UNCC. Any ground reports?
  8. kvegas-wx

    Apr 15 2018 severe weather thread

    Thoughts on tornado watches being hoisted today across the elevated risk areas of NC?
  9. kvegas-wx

    spring snowstorm 4/7 -4/8

    Snow mixing in here in Kernersville but precip is all but done. Thankfully!!!
  10. kvegas-wx

    spring snowstorm 4/7 -4/8

    RAH looks the other way.....and can you blame them? "Historic" means it doesnt happen very often. And climo says this shouldnt happen.
  11. kvegas-wx

    spring snowstorm 4/7 -4/8

    Ground temps well into the 50s and no prolonged cold air in advance of the system scream for nothing more than the slushfest we had in the triad last week. And thats if and only if the cold press verifies. Be careful with latching on to historic events. Especially when we havent been NAM'd yet.
  12. kvegas-wx

    spring snowstorm 4/7 -4/8

    Really, we're threading 10 day snow fantasies in April?? Now thats hardcore, nevermind Mother Nature. I'll take climo for the win.
  13. kvegas-wx

    March 24/25 Overrunning Disturbance

    Drove up to Stuart early this morning past Hanging Rock and up HWY 8. The tree damage was horrendous. Crews must have been out all night last night. Multiple trees had fallen across the roads and branches everywhere. I think I'm done with winter now.
  14. kvegas-wx

    March 24/25 Overrunning Disturbance

    3.9" at the weather station in Stuart. Sounds like everywhere NW of there is getting slammed up the mountain if Wytheville is reporting a foot. These March storms do seem to come outta nowhere dont they?
  15. kvegas-wx

    March 24/25 Overrunning Disturbance

    WSW Triad for 1-3" with 4" lollipops! I love me some lollipops.