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  1. Once this weekend uneventfully passes, you guys need to seek help immediately. This winter is going to scar a lot of folks. I'm going back to my previously scheduled mild and rainy spring where the weeds are already ankle high.
  2. I think thats the first miss OTS this winter season if that verifies. Everything has either been too far north or an apps runner. I could be wrong, just dont recall anything else not making the turn this winter.
  3. Yes, you and Buddy may be the only ones in this forum with a shot. I think there may be a recall ballot going around already to remove Virginia from the Southeast. So ya' better be careful touting all that snow.
  4. TOP!! Time for pre-emergent and yardwork. I'm so over this winter. Lets all get outside and enjoy life asap. Daylight savings time be-gone!
  5. I swear to dog I cant deal with this rain for the next week. And my dogs swear they cant either. I can live with no snow. But this never ending rain is unbearable. And you know damn good and well the drought will hit come June 15th.
  6. 2% snow mix here in Walkertown. Maybe 1%, but definitely a stray flake mixed in.
  7. Its over folks. Friday's fantasy is forgotten. We dont have the storm tracks or the cold working in our favor and by the time we see the action shift to the east coast in early March we lose due to avg temps and sun angle. It will take a BIG dog to get anything at that point. Fire up the spring thread and enjoy your 60's this week across the Carolinas.
  8. Walk away folks. Take a weekend breather. Enjoy the sun. We can all meet back here Sunday night for the big reveal. And no Kevin, I'm not thirsty for more. I'm out!
  9. I've seen that movie before. Yes it may be cold in terms of departures from norms. But the problem is our norms go up 10 degrees in March. So a relatively cold airmass still puts us smack dab at 32.5° and rain. I'm over it. Too much mess to clean up and landscaping to do. Bring me dry, weeks and weeks of it. And not in June, July and August!!
  10. The 7 day forecast for the Triad looks absolutely dreamy!! Here comes 60s and a big case of spring fever. Get me through tomorrow morning with no additional zr and I'll be a very happy camper.
  11. I'll check back on Feb 26th after the late night model runs, cut whatever the clown maps show by 2/3rds, increase the the temps to 32.5° and divide all of that by zero. That is precisely what I will get.
  12. Must have just had a sleetfest at the farm in Stuart. There was nothing but some zr on the trees earlier this morning and now the ground is covered, almost fully white, with sleet. At least a quarter inch showing on the security cams. Crazy!
  13. Some awesome icicles on those cameras! But overall the highways look great.
  14. They just missed though. I have a coworker in NW Baltimore suburbs and they have 6" and still hammering.
  15. I trust you Burrell, but I'll be darned if I can recall even one mention of a dryslot on this event. The QPF forecast was solid. Only the NAM even hinted late in the game that the QPF may be lighter than expected. If I missed it I'm sorry. This is so frustrating to see so many people plan for the absolute worst over and over again for next to nothing. Because next time we know they wont prepare.
  16. So if the models are horrid due to the lack of aviation data inputs, why arw they seemingly always forecasting the higher impact solutions first? Seems like the clown maps have been on steroids this year only to come up, not only short, but in some cases empty. If lack of data is the issue you would think we would bust the other way sometimes too. Or are model biases being exposed by lack of data? I'm so far above my pay grade here, but would love to know more. For once I think the TV mets have an easy job. Just take the historical avg and roll with it. Because more often than not that seems to be the solution. We expected generational, historical, biblical.......we got a glaze. Should have put this in the whining thread, sorry.
  17. Almost looks like the triad and most of central NC is getting dryslotted! Ugh!! These models are so bad right now.
  18. Waking up to a rather unimpressive and splotchy radar and only 32° in Kvegas? Not what I thought I was signing up for but I'll take it! Barely a glaze so far unless my 6am eyes are failing me.
  19. Once again, what could have been. Radar is juicy!!
  20. Van Denton backing off for the central and southern Triad. Later onset, earlier finish tomorrow. Still more than .25 but the .5 he says will be VA border on up.
  21. Still stars and moon here in Kvegas just east of Winston. Breeze makes it quite a chilly evening. 35 and static electricity dewpoints. I think we got this one in our sights.
  22. Many of our mountain brothers are reporting temps 2-4° colder than forecast at elevation, which is roughly between 925 and 850mb I believe. Can we use this intel as a non-model indicator that the CAD is coming in much deeper than forecast? If so, more sleet would be in order on the front end of the event, yes? No?
  23. Yep, I think we're going low in the Triad. Meaning 29-30° instead of 31.99999°. Radar looks rather MOIST. GOM firehose engage!
  24. We thinking max impacts in the 2-9am range for most of northern NC and southern VA?
  25. Worst to first '21. Huge free agency year. Burrow will lead the league in passing yards. You heard it hear first!