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  1. First sunburn of the season on Belews Lake today. Stunning early spring weather!
  2. Boring, with a touch of meh, and occasional mediocrity mixed in between the clouds. Most underwhelming winter ever and could be headed for a bland and cool spring.
  3. 50s and 60s starting Sunday will keep the grass growing all the way to the VA border. I already mowed once last weekend! So for most of the forum spring is springing, crickets may already be chirping and this winter is in the books. I saw snow twice and they were both low impact events. I would rate that a C+ on the type of winter I wanted to see and a solid F on what was forecasted for the triad.
  4. Just landed at GSO. So happy to see the snowglobe as we popped out of the clouds. I dont care what radar shows, there's a lot of snow in those clouds. I saw it! Lol.
  5. Looks like a paste job in Stuart VA. Sticking to the tree branches and flagpole. Moderate snow.
  6. Grass going white in Stuart Va. 1500'. No thermometer on my webcams (need to fix that). But still snowing steady.
  7. Getting real close to rippin' fatties status up in Stuart. Edit - full on snow now. I can see dimes falling on the security cams.
  8. All snow from the first drop on the farm webcams up in Stuart Va. 1500'. Light snow now, should pick up quickly.
  9. Sleeting hard in uptown CLT per my daughter.
  10. Go get a tan and fruity drink. This will all be a memory by tomorrow morning.
  11. I'm in TX getting ready to hop a flight back to GSO and where I was reporting steady rain for the last 36 hours straight, I can tell you the wind is RIPPING on the back side of this storm. Not looking forward to this flight as this thing is really winding up.
  12. This thread will be loaded by midnight tonight. Lotta broken hearts across the northern tier of NC coming. I have a hunch folks down east will "see" some pretty snow that is rate driven with very little to show for it. We've all been here before.
  13. I've been posting today from TX that this system is overperforming bigtime. Still raining here and has been raining for over 24 hours now. QPF will not be the issue tomorrow.
  14. 2nd report from TX, I can tell you this is an over performer down here. It has rained like cats and dogs all day. QPF will NOT be the issue back home tomorrow unless we see convection fire up to the south. I think someone mentioned that possibility earlier in the thread. If you guys find the cold, I'm sending the liquid your way.
  15. I can officially report from the heart of our storm down here in Tyler Texas.....it's VERY rainy. Now I just need to get into GSO tomorrow night before it beats me there! Still think this is going to be rate driven lollipops following I40 and HWY 264 out east. Otherwise its gonna be snow or no with the warm nose.
  16. This may end up being an event in the favored Triad areas and i40 corridor. Temps are super sketchy during the heaviest precip. Seen plenty of these snow or no events where I get 3-5" in Kernersville and nothing in Lexington or Mebane.
  17. Say it ain't so NAM! I can't be flying back into GSO on Thursday afternoon in a foot of snow. That dog won't hunt. I'm sorry, but I'll be doing my best to throw a lasso around that thing when it crosses Texas to see if I can slow it down. If it wants to wait until after 4pm I'm all in!
  18. There is nothing....and I mean nothing....that would indicate a pattern shift before March 1. And the odds for RDU / Central Piedmont drop significantly at that point. So its likely a safe bet. Outside of a freak tango of overnight cold and pop-up LP system, there really arent any ducks on the long range pond. We cant even get a chunk of the polar vortex to break off and make national news.
  19. Usually associated with summer heat, which I hate, I agree with you as long as it can be in the upper 60's and sunny for my drought!
  20. We are so far from a winter pattern it isnt even funny. You look at what it going on in the mountain west and that tells you all you need to know. Colorado is measuring every snowfall in multiple feet. Another record year out there. And here we sit relying on freak events and perfect timing to satisfy cravings. Its gonna be a rough 9 months to next November.
  21. Ground is now white at the farm in Stuart Va. 1500'. Still coming down at a decent rate.
  22. Drying up quick in the triad. Just a token snow shower. All the forum peeps downstream choked off our snow with their wails of joy! Snowing at a decent clip up at the farm in Stuart Va too. But radar looks sparse.
  23. Looks like we may have some leftovers headed into the triad. Warmed up to 40° so no sticking without crazy rates. But I'm expecting a virga storm for a while first. Looks like we have about 3-4 hours to play with here. Tracking begins now.....2:45 pm.
  24. You guys deserve every bit of it. That oughtta tie you over until next winter should we blank the rest of the way.