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  1. I'm out too. Getting a new roof installed. Going to have to ask that this event be moved two days please.
  2. Right around the corner from you in Kville.
  3. It is seriously rippin fatties out there. Cant see and its coming down sideways. Big time blizzard! Funny, the ratios arent quite working out. I have puddles.
  4. Power outages will likely be severe today. Generally speaking, there are so many dead trees around my area in the triad, mostly diseased pines and lightning strikes, that I expect quite a few of those will find their way to a power line. Ian is certainly cementing his legacy.
  5. Flying into CLT in an hour. Should be fun confirming your observation in real time. Lol. Happy to see the rainfall forecast continues to decline this weekend across the piedmont and foothills of NC. Need rain, not floods.
  6. I'm confused with the lack of comments in this thread. We have a rather serious flooding threat headed our way and a potential landfalling hurricane within the Carolinas or Georgia. Are we just monitoring the main thread or posting updates here? Nobody wants to talk about severe flooding in western NC but we are 72 hours from that potential reality. So what gives?
  7. I'll go out on a limb here and toss out the idea that Ian's legacy (other than the area of landfall in FL and the track immediately thereafter) will be the inland flooding across GA, SC and NC. We already know what happens in the sandhills of eastern NC when you dump a foot of rain in a day. Been there, done that. A second landfall and potential re-intensification will just add to the misery. I expect evacuations of the Outer Banks to be announced by Thursday. Highway 12 already had sand all over it from Fiona last weekend. They wont take chances.
  8. I do not. Just prelim discussions should the storm track up the coast. I'm in the temporary equipment business and we get an early read on planning discussions for EMA's. I think we will know a lot more about where all of this will net out by this time tomorrow.
  9. Coast Guard has shut down all ports on the east side of FL south of JAX. Still so much uncertainty with track and intensity after landfall. Preparations are underway for possible evacs in Savannah, Myrtle Beach along the coastlines. I'm getting calls from EMA's all up and down the coasts. Ian is going to make one helluva impact.
  10. Apologies, I thought all the tracks earlier today that were showing a second landfall and eastern NC run were because the HP was retreating and allowing Ian to escape.
  11. Why would this be drawn back west headed into GA? Seems a bit odd.
  12. Anything left of Ian that transverses FL will get obliterated in the Atlantic with all this dry/cool air continuing to push thru the southeast. Not much worry about a second landfall IMO. Note, please find a blue shed near TPA on google maps. That is our LF. We all need another legacy moment with JP's narraration.
  13. The towing business in and around TPA has gone into freakout mode. Good luck finding a way to relocate your winter RV in the next 48 hours.
  14. Seeing me a couple of 59s on the weekend forecast at the farm in Stuart. I'll take any hint of fall I can get.
  15. Seeing a nice 80° and partly sunny in the foothills on the 10 day outlook. That would be a welcome break from this madness. I'm counting the hours to September at this point.
  16. Pouring graupel in Kernersville. One last gasp for winter. Wind is roaring loudly just above the tree line.
  17. Looks like a rain/snow mix on the cameras at the farm in Stuart this morning. Really needed a sunny day in the 50s today to do some ground prep for the season.
  18. That would be perfect timing for spring Fescue planting! #winteraintover #itsnowsinmarch
  19. Ground is covered and still snowing at the farm in Stuart VA. Daughter says she is driving thru a heavy snow shower west of Winston on I40. Maybe a few token flakes headed thru the Triad shortly.
  20. Traffic maps are quickly going red all over Winston and North on 52.
  21. I look at it the other way around, a big VD snow means I aint gotta take her out and she can cook me a big ole sketti dinner. I will build the fire though.
  22. Is it ok to point out that my Bengals beat Oakland....we got snow. They beat the Titans.....we got snow. So I'm really liking these day 6/7 trends so we can win the AFC next weekend! Who-Dey!!!
  23. I have always, always, always wanted to blow snow off my driveway with a leaf blower. Mission accomplished!!
  24. Very surprised at the lack of any 6+ inch reports from Roxboro out to the coast. I figured there would be several this morning. How about our Norfolk peeps?
  25. Last few flakes here in the triad. Maybe a solid .5 to .75 inch. Hard to tell, this stuff blows around with the slightest wind. Total Colorado powder. Anyway, radar is absolutely loaded for those out east. You guys are going to crush it tonight. Get out there and enjoy it!
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