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  1. You may want to double that 3.8" for Winston before this mess is over with. The downstream flow is unreal!
  2. Dangerous storm / Tornado Warning eastern Guilford, northern Randolph. Looks legit.
  3. Large hail near Uptown CLT according to my daughter.
  4. Dont think anything happened. I was livestreaming when the line came through. Got real windy for a few minutes but thats about it. Looks like the worst went north out towards Concord.
  5. I'm livestreaming with my daughter in downtown clt and the line is blowing through now. Wind just picked up tremendously on her video.
  6. If this large windfield of 50-60mph winds mix down to the surface the power outages are going to be enormous.
  7. Tornado Warning Forsyth County....out around Clemmons area
  8. Tornado Watch Triad and surrounding counties. And some lightning nearby too! Over-producer in progress!
  9. High wind forecast tomorrow will put the icing on this cake.
  10. WSFCS releasing 2 hours early today. Smart move to get ahead a worsening situation.
  11. Majority of the precip setting up west of the 85 corridor until later today. Feel sorry for our mountain and foothill peeps this morning. Its gonna get ugly quick.
  12. I'm really hoping we dont end up with a late spring pattern shift that results in a stormy / severe pattern. Its been a while since we had widespread spring severe outbreaks and I cant deal with this rain every other day. I'm really hoping for a pattern flip, but be careful what you wish for.
  13. Wrapping up quick now. I'm officially on the board at the farm in Stuart with a trace but cant say I measured anything more than a visual trace here in Kernersville. Who knows....maybe Fab Feb has something up its sleeve.
  14. Huge flakes in Kernersville. I owe somebody an apology I'm sure.
  15. Ground already white in Stuart Va.
  16. Well I stand corrected. There are indeed a few pellets mixed in here in the triad around downtown winston. Doesnt really count, but they are there. Edit! And now flakes!! Second edit - now 50/50 on I 40 east of winston!
  17. Negative. Warmed up. Shifted to elevation dependent event. But I agree with your assessment. This would have been fun at 3am. I do see flakage beginning on my security cams at the farm in Stuart. 1500' elevation. I'll have to enjoy that cuz its all I'm going to see today.
  18. Trying to bait us all back in with a mythical Valentine's Day storm huh? Not having it!! I'll enjoy my 44° and mostly cloudy.....which is a helluva lot more likely to verify this winter.
  19. Still in the 50's thru 240 and no obvious pattern change in sight. I'm talking polar vortex lobe breaking off and crashing into florida and killing the orange crops kinda pattern change. Thats pretty much what its gonna take right now. So I'll leave this here and spend the rest of winter in the sanitarium. Stick a fork in this winter cuz its well past done. Time to spread the pre-emergent.
  20. The most truth ever spoken here. I predict a cold and rainy spring transitioning to a very nice May followed by 2 months of dry, followed by an August and September where it rains every weekend.
  21. Moderated but delayed winter coming, bank on it. Meaning we'll have 40's and 50's out to the end of April. The only unknown is whether or not we can still squeak out a Fab Feb special in the second half of the month. It only takes one storm to make a winter. But that D10+ pattern shift is elusive for sure. Until that is HERE, and not 72, 240 or 300 hours out, we dont stand a chance at winter weather. Enjoy your sun today!
  22. Yes, the forecast on todays (non) event has been atrocious. Majorly missed the mark at 72, 48 and 24 hours. Honestly I am starting to be more irritated with the inability of our forecast models to predict a crappy winter month, week , day, hour than I am the actual weather. This has been a horrible streak of inaccuracy the last 2-3 winters.
  23. It's a damn fine day down here in Jax FL. I appreciate you fine FL peeps bringing out the sun and almost 80°. Now back to my NC mudfest.
  24. Foothills up in Stuart VA. Got the lawn ready to lime like crazy, kill the moss by March and overseed into April. Mother Nature is doing a fine job right now. None of us will suffer from the winter blues and we may still bank a couple of storms in Fab Feb.
  25. I'll take the under for $500 please. 70° patterns in January dont give up that easily. I'll ride the mild air until I see the Pac ridge lock in for more than a day or two.