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  1. This event may end up with more flash flooding damage than tornado damage. Seriously heavy precip amounts in populated areas while the tornado damage is "mostly" in rural areas as of now.
  2. These guys are nuts. Driving on dirt side roads that are already wet under heavy rain bands. If there is something real coming out of that Childress storm there's going to be a lot of folks stuck in the mud.
  3. Nick Busby is teed up nicely on the Childress storm at Livestormchasing.com.
  4. Chaser saying the Paducah tornado is a long rope tornado (now 2 funnels) 75% down to the ground.
  5. Bob Pack has a wall cloud on a storm around Paducah, TX. Livestormchasing.com.
  6. TOG on the Tornado Tech live stream mentioned earlier. Video and audio active on the stream.
  7. Tornado Tech chase team is on that cell now over at Severestudios.com. EDIT - I mean REALLY on it. Heading north up TX70 and look to run smack into it if it drops. Great position for the first intercept of the day.
  8. I would not want to be in Paducah, TX right now. Anywhere along Hwy 287 is likely to see some action shortly. Cells maturing quickly.
  9. Should be a rather predictable day for chasing. Just don't get run over by a northeasterly track. Nothing sketchy about direction (El Reno). But the trade-off is real. You'll never catch anything from the south today. Decisions will have to be made in minutes, if not seconds.
  10. Storm crossing I40 west of Amarillo is looking nasty. Just went storm warned.
  11. Severestudios.com also has a few chasers live this morning. Specifically Ken Engquist is in a great spot heading to an area just east of Amarillo as things begin to explode. This will be an amazing day with endless hours of chase video to review in the coming weeks.
  12. KOCO also have live streams for multiple storm chasers. They are already active on their site.
  13. I see the head of a two tone young cow. The grayed out snout is east of SC, then the eye with the white striped forehead just to the west of the eye, and then the ear is the little loop just to the east of where the forehead stripe ends. On another note, I need brighter security lights up at the house in Stuart VA. The only lights in that half of VA is in Roanoke!
  14. I know this isnt covering the Triad, but dang it sure feels like a thunderstorm kinda day. I just need some rain.....cant believe I just said that.
  15. Sprinklers...activate!! I'm not losing my yard this year, period. Its the best it has looked in a decade on the heels of last year's monsoon. Bring on the rain.
  16. As long as it crushes any SER and keeps my yard from turning crispy this summer I will happily accept a few early storms.
  17. Theres an additional line back around Greenville, and even another after, that may bring severe conditions thru CLT. You are not out of the woods quite yet.
  18. Its go time. Storms inbound for the Triad. Rain picking up quickly. Be safe! Edit - STW for Triad area.
  19. These dozens of cells crossing the state line from CLT to Myrtle Beach are going to go ballistic when they hit those sunny and warm areas across the sandhills. Sun is still peeking in and out here in the Triad. 77°.
  20. MODS - Can we lock one of these threads or merge them into one please?
  21. Cant find any significant ground reports under these TW storms and it appears they are just radar indicated at the moment. Lots of rotation with all these cells, but as conditions become more favorable (very soon), its going to get nasty.
  22. Emily Byrd focusing on rotating storms on Fox8 already this morning. Not going to take much to turn this into a high impact tornado event. Ugh. Edit - TW Alamance County. Edit - TW Stokes County. Here we go!
  23. Yeah, my concern level is high. My daughter is supposed to fly into CLT at 3pm and I am driving down and back from the Triad to get her. So I think I'll get a good sample of everything up and down I85. It's not gonna be a good day. Warm and humid for an April morning here in the Triad. Conditions are ripe.
  24. Tornado warning yadkinville NC. Hope this isnt the start of a long afternoon.
  25. Dang Jeremy, you're famous!!! You made national news and the DrudgeReport front page with these pics! Hope there are some royalties with that. You just received hundreds of millions of impressions!