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  1. Outside of the occasional 1-2 day cold shot, could it be another Death Ridge for the win?? One more week of nothingburger means we are into January and crossing our fingers we nail something down in the 10 week period to mid March. The line to the cliff begins now.
  2. So much for my last minute Christmas shopping. Somebody track this day by day for the next 13 days and lets do a post mortem on just how bad this crapcast actually is. I'll go with dry and 42° for the day.
  3. I expect lots of venting too. We are on the doorstep of the 2018 December Destroyer so most of us by this time last year were already looking at 120% of our annual avg. This year we are waiting on pattern alignment, we are well into December before fantasy snow is showing up, which means we will be well into January before any real chances surface. I can see us ending up with the slightly BN temps this winter that are being forecasted, but I can also see us being on the southern edge of the storm track all winter too. It's the curse we endure. I would holster that for now or risk living here in the sanitarium this winter.
  4. I know you werent here last year James so I will remind you we banked more than this forecast in one single event....in December......drops mic..... I'm underwhelmed. Tell me 20"+ for the triad and I might perk up.
  5. I read this as we have more chances to fail. Improved storm track brings better odds at precip, but milder cold shots to work with. We always take the deep cold first down south and then see what precip we can find. Otherwise its cold chasing moisture on repeat. The only saving grace I can see here is the possibility for deepening storm systems bringing their own cold source and we get a big dog or two. But you hate to hedge the winter bet on big dogs.
  6. Another plowable December to remember?? Great, that also means golfing by February.
  7. Not going to get it done here in the triad. Cold hitched to the moisture bumper this time, but its still the back bumper. Non event. Hopefully the wind picks up and dries the roads quickly.
  8. I am checking the security cams at the farm in Stuart Va and it sounds like sleet. Cant see anything falling though. Too small. Down to 37° here in the Triad. Furnace is having a WTF moment trying to keep up with the drop.
  9. Temps cliff jumping in the triad. Just clicked into the 30s. Impressive cold pressing into the area! Bye bye bugs!
  10. Dang man, ya left us hanging over here in Kvegas! Now its just me and TarheelWx. You go to Reidsville?
  11. Early November and we are acting like rookies instead of the seasoned veterans we are. C'mon team, don't let Lucy yank that ball away again. Walk away with your heads held high. Don't be Charlie Brown and look over your shoulder to see her little smiley GFS loving self sitting there holding the ball. It's November for Pete's sake....now act like it!! So how far is that field goal Charlie Brown?
  12. Right back to the drought. Time to fire up the sprinklers. Grass growing season extended for another 8-10 days!
  13. Let it be noted that Josh M is the owner of the first official "BOOM!" of the 2019/2020 winter season. Marking Nov 3rd as the date. Congrats Josh! You now own the winter. Its on you friend! Only JBurns can remove that curse from you but he wont until he receives at least 1 Big Dog and snow Christmas Eve. So get busy.
  14. Yo-yo month ahead for temps according to GooFuS. Should be some pretty wild swings even beginning this week into next weekend. Brrrr.....
  15. Down 24° in 4 hours so far here in the triad. About 15° more to go before morning. Trees falling everywhere in the neighborhood. Can we please stay cold now??
  16. I was just wondering the same thing....why no watches with this??? Especially on Halloween. Folks in my neighborhood are oblivious to the weather and are losing their minds about Kernersville moving to tomorrow night. You would think RAH or Blacksburg would err on the side of caution here? Edit - I stand corrected. I see the Tornado Watch issued for border counties north. I'll assume RAH is evaluating.
  17. We really need to get some met commentary in here. Radar is showing a much stronger front thump developing with (maybe) a look of a few discrete cells out ahead of the main line? Somebody posted the HRRR forecasted rotation tracks earlier and this event could get out of hand really quick if that proves true. Way above my pay grade here. Would love some pro comments as folks will be headed outside as soon as 3 hours from now. (Stubborn folks that balk at moving to Friday but think they will walk their 3 year olds in a driving rain) Grrrr....
  18. Looking at sun now in the triad and up to 76°. Not a good precursor for an already unstable situation later today. Mountain folks talking flurries on the back end tonight. Some big changes ahead in the next 8 hours or so. Edit - 78° sun doing the dirty work.
  19. We just had about 10 minutes of sun here in the Triad too. Got real uncomfortable and Julyish real quick. Hoping we dont end up with more of that this afternoon. Does anyone have the forecasted Capes across NC for trick or treating hours? I need a mobile friendly link if available.
  20. This weather sucks. Cant believe I am saying that on a bright sunny October day.
  21. Vanilla "Ice, Ice baby" on the car this morning in the triad! Now we're getting close. Old man winter is approaching the door. Will he knock? Or ding dong ditch us again like the crotchety old bastard that he is??
  22. Wont stop the yootoobers from using it for clickbait though. Halloween is looking a bit nipply though and I think the GFS at least has that cold shot right.
  23. Bank on it. Snow on the wedding day is abundant good luck!
  24. Holy cow! 39° in the Triad! Perfect day off work ahead. Fall in full swing now!
  25. Man, this is really gonna make all those yootoob hypers look silly. They might lose a few subscribers over this!