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  1. Jeff Petrosky.....OMFG. i swear when aliens finally decide to go public and invade, I want him narrating our demise.
  2. Asymetrical appearance......radar attenuation? . .
  3. Ok, that makes sense. I would also wager that average monthly low temp is captured predominantly from the last 5 days of Sept. But even that 46° is a bit surprising to me for the Triad.
  4. No ill will my friend, but basic statistics say otherwise. The first month of the autumn, September, is still a warm month in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with average temperature varying between 59.5°F (15.3°C) and 81.3°F (27.4°C). Temperature In Winston-Salem, the average high-temperature is practically the same as in August - a warm 81.3°F (27.4°C). The average low-temperature, in Winston-Salem, is 59.5°F (15.3°C). Or to be clear, are you saying the average historical monthly low temp is 46°?
  5. I really enjoyed the "immature" Reed Timmer who was genuinely excited about the chase and wanted to take us along with him whether the storm panned out or not. After watching the Laura feed, I absolutely cant stand him. His persona has been corrupted for commercialized purposes. The Laura chase completely exposed who he is now, constantly asking his cameraman "Chris" how he wanted to set up the next shot. We got to see his canned reactions practiced over and over again to be filmed for distribution to news outlets. I get it, thats his living and the intensity sells. But knowing what we are seeing today from Reed is total BS dramatically alters his watchability for me. It used to be passion and curiousity in the "old days". Now its "hey Chris, how loud do you want me to scream on this next shot?" Get rid of the crew Reed and just be you.
  6. This has to be the hottest 77° I've ever felt this morning. The humidity is unbelievably oppressive. Combine that with bright sunshine and ugh! Saturday cannot get here fast enough. Can I buy a breeze too?
  7. In 2020 fashion, here's to hoping the word "glacier" becomes a concern for the mountains this year. Looking forward to some of that excess snow making its way to the foothills. No hoarding up there!
  8. Hello....hello...hello.....Echo.....Echo....Echo.... Seriously, did the SE forum take August off? Fall is almost here folks! Time to spread some lime and fertilizer! Time to ready the plows Frosty! The only member I've seen in days is Burnsie and thats only because he moderated one of my posts over in the Laura thread...thanks Mr Burns. I know its the last few Dog Days, but there is so much great weather just a calendar flip away. It's almost fall.....let's do this!
  9. There ya go! Thanks Windspeed. No chance I'm on that boat.....ever.
  10. My daughter ran across some footage from a barge / tugboat company on Tik Tok. No idea how to share that here, sorry, but needless to say it was terrifying....I mean seriously terrifying. I cant believe those guys stay on the boats for the entire storm, every storm, to ensure the barges arent lost. The noises from the wind, metal and ropes creaking would fry my brain in an hour.
  11. Surprised there isnt a peep in here about potential impacts from Laura as it scrapes across the northern tier of the forum this weekend. But that still covers a lot of us. Van Denton last night had a graphic of 35mph winds. I can tell you with all the rain we've had recently combined with the broken, dead or rotting trees that seem to be everywhere this year, those winds will easily cause some power outages over the weekend. Looks like rainfall potential is limited to less than 2" for most.
  12. I swear I googled Irma's landfall earlier today and it was 155 Cat 4 at landfall.
  13. I've got a burning question, might be banter, but certainly of interest here. Is there any video out there of someone that flew a drone into an eye similar to a Reed Timmer tornado chase? I think it would certainly be calm enough for a DJI to fly, just curious if anyone has tried it. The footage would be surreal. And to EDIT - the guys at HurricaneTrack on YT are setting up some amazing camera shots including cameras on Lake Charles for Cantore to use for his coverage tonight. Perfect views of the surge.
  14. If I'm inland in LA....Alexandria, Monroe and straight thru central LA I'm asking myself how many days or weeks can I survive without power right now. The lowland flooding and flying pine trees in that region are going to be devastating to infrastructure. Thanks to whoever posted the FB link from Holly Beach. That will prove valuable as the day wears on.
  15. I cant think of any other year when I didnt run my sprinkler, not even once. And my yard is an absolute wreck. My flowers dont even look good, too wet! So I agree with you about Laura. If it didnt rain for all of September I would be fine with that at this point.
  16. Precisely. A miss of nearly 80 miles or so. Not likely at this late stage.
  17. Right on cue we are at the end of August and the mid range forecasts are aligning with seasonal averages in the triad of low 80's and 60's. Combine that with a lower sun angle (more shade in the yard) and the evenings will quickly become tolerable. Almost there folks. 5 weekends until October!
  18. Can somebody provide a little hope here? Anything showing a short range trend of less than 88° and 88% humidity would be acceptable. I'm headed off to research when the avg summer hi temps start dropping. I think it might be in the next couple of weeks, thank God. At least my annual "leaves off the trees" fall countdown is now down to 13 weeks. Fall will not be denied this year! Edit - August 1st hi/lo is 88/68 for the triad. Daily averages start dropping August 2nd. By August 30th the hi/lo is 83/63. Bring on September!
  19. Wow, 2 days in a row with thunderstorms like the good old days. Huge, crackling lightning, brutal winds and torrential rains. Good stuff.....except the part about the massive tree damage, blocked roads and I still have no idea where my two deck umbrellas are. May need to fly the drone to find them!
  20. And a heated blanket or two. And a generator. Maybe a pellet stove or a solar solution for heat. You can survive the heat. You cant survive the cold, especially with no power and secondary heat source. You're gonna freeze your rocks off Mack!
  21. Or.....we all realize that Mack was the curse of the SE forum and his departure brings a 10 year run of 20+ inch snowfalls and below normal temps, including 6" of snow on Christmas eve. Meanwhile in Iowa they're playing golf in January and rejoicing in the growing season being extended for 2 months. Thanks Mack!
  22. You'll spend a lot of time up in Wisconsin. Those weekend strolls over to Madison and up to Wisconsin Dells will be amazing. Hope you like camping and fishing. Definitely an outdoor sportsmans paradise.
  23. Light snow breaking out here in the Triad. I fully expect a flizzard this evening followed by a coating of ice. #Junewinterrocks
  24. And there we go! June 9th, first real feel temp of 100° and first 90°+ for the Triad. Now lets see where the next 90 days takes us.
  25. Welcome Bertha! May your rains be small.