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  1. Storm watches have been posted by RAH and Blacksburg. Now up to almost 80 here in the triad.
  2. Give it a couple of hours and it will all be headed down the sewers. Storms rapidly inbound.
  3. It stayed cloud covered so long this morning in the Triad that I thought for sure we were in the clear. Now sitting in a hot sun, 76° and watching some towers starting to rise back towards winston. Could get interesting!
  4. Careful, I'm already sensing a few folks being upset with this event under performing against the models. You may start receiving incoming fire!
  5. Got down to 33 for a few minutes during the heavier precip and now back up to 36. Still snowing lightly but the end is near. No accums in the northern Triad. Impressive feat for April. Still doesn't make up for 3 months of suck. Now on to pollen and severe season.
  6. This will quickly qualify as a trace in the Triad....in April. Ugh. Friend said it is snowing all the way to King. Solid NW push with the QPF.
  7. Wow, it was hammering here in Kernersville for about 5 minutes. Now just light snow. I guess I'll eat some crow.
  8. Slushy roads, at the most, being reported in the southern areas of CLT. Usual caution, but you should be fine. Enjoy the flakes! EDIT - neighbor texted and said they just drove through town and said the roads are completely fine.
  9. Hehe...this died a quick death. Even in their last gasps of winter the models couldnt figure it out inside of 72 hours. Seriously, I hope somebody is recoding the s*$t out of some weather models this summer. This was a horrible winter for man and models alike!
  10. There's an obvious reason. This thing panning out to anything more than a minor ooh and ahh type event is one step short of powerball odds. (Ok,ok, maybe getting struck by lightning) I mean really, we're talking about Mack and Shetley getting snow, together, on the same day, in April.
  11. Just remember, whoever starts a storm thread for this has to deal with the humiliation until December.
  12. Please dont do this to yourselves. Have some dignity. Cold rain is what we shall have, and nothing more. Our December snow broke the models. The FV3 hasnt been right since.
  13. Are you guys seriously playing Charlie Brown football again??? I come back expecting to find some discussion around Apr-June rainfall expectations and found this nonsense. April snow? Sure! Happens all the time.....in the mountains. Otherwise, dont torture yourselves. The grass is green, the sun is warm and the skies are blue.
  14. Don't get your hopes up. Just go run the sprinkler. My spidey senses are telling me that a dry spring into summer is on the way. Maybe it's because my leftover leaves are actually crunching again. I think that rubber band that Bastardi always talks about just snapped back.
  15. I'm at my wits end with this weather. Too wet to seed, then it dries out and I seed, now it wont rain for 2 weeks. So now I have the sprinkler on. FML!!!
  16. I'll see your superstition and raise you, it thundered yesterday here in the triad.
  17. Dont get suckered in man. Just plant those flowers and move on with spring.
  18. Very surprised to find a full dusting on my security cams up at the farm in Stuart. Everything white but the road. 1400'-1500' elevation.
  19. Still getting some 50-50 slushy flakes mixing in here in Kernersville. Noticed them during the heavier band we are having atm. Shoulda, coulda, woulda been a good one, but so goes this winter.
  20. If you look at total accums for the Triad against average you would have to say a solid A. But the way the winter rolled out I would say a D. Forecast models outside of 72 hours were horrible, frequency of snowfall was non-existent, rainfall continues to be a major issue, and I didnt even get to open my bag of rock salt! Glad this one is all but over. But I'm nervous about how bad summer might be if the seasonable weather patterns are this out of whack.
  21. Like all of us, Wow knew it was over when we 1) had a record smashing event in early december, and 2) never got a single event inside of 72 hours on a forecast after that december event. Fantasy models delivered a perfect score on fantasy snow.
  22. Saw Matthew East on FB mentioning a nationwide cold spell for 2nd half of March, including a lock in the southeast. Dont want it, dont need it. I'm done with it. Bring me 50s and DRY!!
  23. Never thought our "bookend" would be found in SENC but congrats to you all and enjoy the day of sledding and snowballs........quickly!!
  24. Florida State Univ under take cover TOR warning!