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  1. What does the threat look like in eastern NC as these storms climb north into much cooler air? I'm so late on this one. I saw the severe thread started but didnt even given it a second thought. Just goes to show how incredibly different our weather can be across this subforum. Awful day!!
  2. Moving on......pre-emergent goes down after work tonight. Spraying winter weeds tomorrow morning. Trailer load of mulch this weekend. This winter is DONE! How can the ski resorts in NC even manage to stay in business??
  3. Technically our Dec snow was in the fall, so we never really had a winter to begin with. So I think WINTER FAIL might be more appropriate.
  4. Let me put this mildly, it is beyond obsurd that Blacksburg hasnt issued flash flood warnings yet for at a minimum the border counties. I just drove back from Stuart and the Dan River is out of its banks around Danbury. The surface water flowing across roads is crazy and there are already trees uprooting, and it hasnt even got windy yet! This has the makings of a severe power outage event if it gets even slightly windy tomorrow.
  5. This rain is really doing a number on all of us. Now a major landslide is reported across I40 at the TN state line closing ALL lanes. Detours are 200 MILES around. Hope they get that cleared soon but the weather wont help. Probably some very unstable ground out there. Edit - they wont be doing an assessment until sunrise. They tried to clear some of the slide and had rocks falling down on them. So at least a day or two at minimum. Good luck mountain peeps.
  6. Already has. Very light rain now and everything has melted. Now we await 32° overnight.
  7. Everything covered and white on the security cams in Stuart Va. Meltage here in Kernersville. Only shot for accums here will be under heavy bands or ZR in the morning. Yuk!
  8. Literally everything is falling. Rapidly switching to all snow here in Kernersville.
  9. Local mets advertised this as an overnight 6-9 hour event. So it either thumps heavy early or this will underperform for snow and IP. A few hours of light ZR gets you .15-.2, which is exactly what the WSW and WWAs are calling for. Hope for the frozen stuff but expect the wet.
  10. Agreed. Or up I81 from there if you get really ambitious. But your time may be limited unless you like chasing at night. Wednesday morning might be better.
  11. I was focused on Patrick County and the Stuart area which under a WSW, but yes, everything just east of there along the border is WWA. Either way, Patrick County is so fickle with the elevation changes. So I wouldnt expect to see much snow until you hit Hwy 58 from Lovers Leap to Galax.
  12. Blacksburg out with a more refined WSW for southern VA and western VA for up to 3" snow and sleet and a minor icing event. Sounds more reasonable but rates will have to overcome the warming of todays 60°.
  13. Yep, I see that now that I am back at my PC. Didn't realize it was a broad advisory that stretched all the way to DC!
  14. WSWatch up for southern and SW VA elevated areas. Just saw the post for stuart and it says "up to 7" of snow"...!! I'm going to assume that means the elevated areas of Patrick County and not Stuart proper. Anyone have a Bufkit for ROA that might show what elevation will see heavy snow?
  15. Eagerly awaiting my droopy branches and mostly rain. Not on board with this one for snow even though Emily Bird just popped up an inch for the triad on her 11pm forecast. She'll regret that graphic!
  16. Winter over on March 21st. So it has exactly 1 day to accurately forecast winter this year. It's either gonna be all right or all wrong for 2019. Such suspense!
  17. Hey guys, got a new phone so I am searching for any new recommendations on weather apps. Who likes what and is it free or paid? TIA.
  18. This thread should be closed, locked and burned. Start another one for the second half of Feb. Otherwise it should be renamed the "mid to long term between posts" thread. This is so pathetic for winter. I bet we are easily on pace to set records for the fewest number of events tracked, fewest posts for winter and fewest cliff jumpers....we never even climbed high enough to jump! I'll come back in 24 hours to see the next post. Maybe by then the models will show something better than an icy mix at 300 hours.
  19. Ok, I'm just going to put one more hundy in the machine and then I'll quit. Those wheels are bound to line up on jackpot soon baby! I've been playing for 3 hours and lost my ass so I'm way overdue! House odds, we lose.
  20. Just go with a warm bias, for any model, cuz we all know that verifies more often than not. You need consensus across at least 3 models just to hitch the horse to the wagon. That still doesnt mean we mount up. So was the GFS model extended? I thought it was slated to end in late Jan / early Feb?
  21. Well it would be Valentines Day. Mother Nature and Old Man Winter may be getting together for a quick fling. And I do mean quick cuz there isnt any sustained cold on the horizon. Sun angle coming into play and after this warm week ground temps will suck. So its going to have to be the real deal as far as cold and I'm not seeing it here. Temps around freezing wont get it done.
  22. If I get 8 weeks of sunny and 50s/60s here in the Triad on top of my 14" of snow in Dec, I would give this winter and A++! I was so incredibly annoyed that we lost our fall weather. So to have a shot at redemption here is A OK with me!
  23. Its over now despite what the models say. Our groundhog friend said so. I'm going with Phil. #teamphil #groundhogwx #g-hogsloveridges
  24. Is 6" of snow every third Thursday too much to ask for in a winter? But this is a bit ridiculous. I'm not a fan of endless nuisance events or multiple big dogs because it just gets old. If I wanted that much snow I would move north. So yes, I love my 50's and 60's this next week and I'll get a ton done in the yard this weekend. But the fact that we are going 10 hours at a time between posts in here is just nuts. I honestly can't remember a winter this empty on the models, and certainly such a contrast to the wet year we just had. That rubber band that JB always talks about is getting really wound up.........