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  1. Dang it @Bob Chill, I've returned my pre-emergent and seed twice now. Now I gotta go buy it again. I'll check the golf course tomorrow and make sure the range is open starting Feb 1. That Bermuda is gonna be rocking by March! This is gonna be a bookend winter. Big start, nothingburger middle, and big finish in late March. This movie looks real familiar.
  2. Right up the center line. Really narrow storm track. I expect blizzard conditions in the median with 10-12" in the fast lane, 4-6" in the slow lane and a dusting on the shoulders. Outside of that, cold and dry.
  3. Today is an absolutely amazing day. This is exactly the fall days we missed 3 months ago. Sunshine, breezy and a daytime cold front coming through blowing all the leaves off the trees. Crisp clean air, the smell of fires and burning leaves. Football on Sundays, great grilling weather when you dont sweat to death. Unfortunately I have no grass to mow or leaves to burn....they all rotted in place from record rainfall. I cant enjoy the sunshine in my yard because I would sink 2 inches into the mud if I tried. I cant enjoy watching my team play because, well, my team sucks and they dont play in January. Yeah, thanks Mother Nature and Old Man Winter for ganging up on me. I'm not bitter........ 42° on the way down quickly.
  4. And this thread has officially devolved into a Blue Devils forum. Tells you everything you need to know about a crappy winter here in the south. I'm buying pre-emergent tomorrow. Somebody has to jinx this thing into a snowy pattern!
  5. I wouldnt be cashing any checks quite yet. If we end up with a quick flip to arctic circle-like conditions for a couple weeks (supression city storm track) it could flip right back to warm and wet just as fast. We could be sitting here shivering under crystal blue skies on Feb 1st looking at indices calling for an early March warmup. Timing of systems during those transitions are likely our best bet. I mean really, how often to we get sustained blocking anymore?
  6. Yeah, I'm just yanking Bob's chain, but I wonder if this is a case of extremes to the point that the models simply go wonky not knowing how to handle it? I've never seen anything like those runs yesterday in my 15 years of hobbying.
  7. @Bob Chill, paging Bob Chill, you have been invited to play a round of golf in February down in the Triad. Please delete your aforementioned historic cold posts, grab those clubs and head on down. I hear there may also be some great mullet fishing as well. Lol!!
  8. Nope. Not until the forecast includes a flash freeze and.....wolves! Yes, real live wolves running around the triad. But I agree, it kinda looks chilly.
  9. Balmy compared to the 1981 Freezer Bowl! Heck, my chili might even stay warm on my hotdogs at -44°. :-) I'd sit through that game again!
  10. I'm saving this post Bob. Won't hold it against you when I am sowing grass and playing golf in late Feb. Hope you are right!
  11. Wrapping up in Stuart but got a quick half inch or so. Everything nicely covered but will melt quick. Snow line set up about 3 miles south of the NC state line and was very elevation dependent. ~1200' and up was solid snow. Instantly flipped below that.
  12. I'll post again in the right thread. Snowing steady here at the farm in Stuart. A very nice surprise today! No sticking, but looks amazing.
  13. Not the right thread, sorry, but full on snowing here at the farm in stuart! Get ready @Buddy1987!
  14. Vodka served on dry ice! Surely anything making it down to the gulf would stay surpressed in this scenario. But with the right timing we can catch LPs riding underneath the retreating PV. We just dont get snow here when it is that cold.
  15. Amazed at how long this ice is hanging around. Usually these ZR events are gone by noon the next day. I still have the entire forest behind my house encrusted in a quarter inch of ice and branches still falling. Posing lots of issues for power crews trying to cut trees and pull new lines. Everything is still doubled over.
  16. Ok, yeah right. -15° for a HIGH temp all the way down to Lexington KY would be beyond historic. Now I did sit thru the 1981 AFC Championship Game in Cincy where we were below zero at game time with a -59° wind chill. So I guess anything is possible. But if there is any model consensus to support the GFS, even this far out, the public alarms need to be sounded. You are talking about life threatening cold for over half the nation! (For days!!)
  17. No power at the farm in Stuart. Still good here in Kernersville. Radar says this will finish up by mid morning. Looking forward to a quick melt!
  18. Even sooner than that, my point and click forecast on the night of the 21st shows MINUS 7 °??? Snow next Sunday and Monday?? Highs in the 20s!! I'm thinking that has to be some bad data.
  19. Bigtime sleet now in stuart. Transitioning to ice quickly.
  20. 2nd home, weekend farm. Live in Kernersville during the week.
  21. And unfortunately it ends just as fast. I can see lighter skies to the west. Aligns with radar pretty well. I have 1/2 a dusting if that counts. We'll see what later brings.
  22. Pouring snow here in Stuart. Not cold enough to stick to anything but metal. And even that melts after a couple minutes. Maybe we're going to avoid the ZR after all. Might be too warm later today! Edit - scratch that. Ground rapidly going white. Mulch almost covered.
  23. Correction, just started snowing! Moderate snow, half dime sized flakes!! About 34° here at 1400'.
  24. @Buddy1987 Working at the farm in Stuart today. Nothing here yet but it sure feels ready!
  25. Grit, this keeps getting worse every model run for the triad. You would think the mets would be screaming Ice Storm Warning on the morning update if this holds serve tonight, right? This is flat out ugly!